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How to send a fax from Outlook quickly, easily and for free? Step by step guide

Considered by many as the grandfather of communications, the fax refuses to disappear in a world where the internet has taken over the lives of citizens and there are applications that allow you to perform similar functions with simpler equipment and without many complications in connection.

Fax services continue to present novelties, especially by including cloud storage features and fully digital tools. According to recent information, there are computers that come with integrated printers and scanners, pleasing a wide market that exceeds 400 thousand users, depending on the brand.

But, this time you will learn how to send fax from your Outlook email in an easy and simple way either with the mobile, on the computer or using a third-party application. Finally, You will get three practical tools to use this service in conjunction with your Microsoft account.

What are the differences between a fax and a text mail?

How to send a fax by email

Email is one of the communication methods most used today in personal and business environments, however it is not the safest way to share private or confidential information, unless it is protected. The reason is that in many cases it goes through data collection means inserted by the servers.

The above does not mean that in all cases privacy is compromised, however, they can be cyber attacked or hacked by cyber criminals if they are not protected by firewalls or antimalware software.

On your side, fax communication is preferred in government sectors, health or education because it is very safe for the exchange of files, being in many cases considered legally binding when carrying a digital or physical signature. And as for security, the data is encrypted so that it can be shared safelyIt is not at risk from spam and considering the advantages it has, it is economical, guaranteeing stability.

Learn how to send a fax from your Outlook email step by step

Before the release of Outlook 2007, Microsoft had automatically integrated faxing through the application. The most recent versions require an external service, which allows you to send the files directly from the computer.

Go for it:

From the phone

The way of Sending a fax from any device is very easy with Outlook. It is always important to clarify that it is necessary to be registered in an online service to obtain the telephone number.

Then follow these steps:

  • Access your Outlook account and compose a new email.
  • In section “For”, write your fax number.
  • On “Affair”, the recipient’s fax number must go.

How to send fax from Android

  • If there are several numbers to which you will send, separate them with a comma.
  • Attach a file “PDF” or the image you have scanned.

Select attachment to fax on Android

  • In the body of the message, specifies the header of the fax.
  • Finally, click on “Send”.

From the computer

The steps to send a fax from your computer they are very similar to those of the mobile.

Here is the explanation of how to send a message of this type if you have installed the 2007 version of the Outlook application or a higher version:

  • Once you are registered with an online fax service like Cocofax, you are going to open a new message in Outlook.

Send a fax from Outlook

  • In the countryside “For” you will write the recipient’s fax number.
  • Includes all information you want in the body of the message.
  • Finally click on “Send”.


This service has some additional advantages over other competitors, such as encrypted files, which prevents third parties from intercepting the information you are sending.

To use it, follow these steps:

  • Login to the website of Cocofax and Sign up using a Outlook account.

Access site to Con Coco Fax

  • Fill in all the information that they ask you on the portal.
  • After finishing, you will get a free trial for 30 days just like a virtual number.

Complete registration in Con Coco Fax

  • Open your email account to send a fax and you will see that a popup is loaded.
  • Write the document and enter the recipient’s fax number.
  • Check all the information and click “Send”.

Best tools for sending faxes from Outlook and other email providers

There are a wide variety of tools and applications that allow you to send your fax virtually using various mail servers, including of course Outlook.

Here is a selection of three that you can start testing now:

RingCentralFax Access Site

Different types of files can be sent from this web portal to fax numbers around the world. One of its main characteristics is that it sends alerts either to the mobile number or to email, when a new message is received. Due to its interface, the platform is easy to use.

Secondly, has an excellent online support service, which has allowed it to easily penetrate the market. The free trial is 30 days and then, if you wish, you can contract one of the premium services. It can be used with a variety of servers, including Outlook.

EFax Access Site

This company allows sending faxes from mobile devices as well as on its web portal. All you need to do is scan the document or take a picture of them to send them.. It has plus and professional plans that can be contracted according to the available budget.

They point out that its storage capacity is unlimited, counting on a technical support from which the doubts of the users are answered. What you should do is compare the price with respect to other services to see if it suits you.

Hellofax access site

In this platform you will find most of the characteristics necessary for sending faxes. Features a practical design that is easy for novice users to use. It can be sent to several contacts at the same time and has a phone number that is integrated into Outlook. Using the mobile web browser, fax messages can be sent from the mobile and text and audio storage is also unlimited.

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