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How to send anonymous WhatsApp messages without using your phone number? Step by step guide

How to send anonymous WhatsApp messages without using your phone number? Step by step guide

WhatsApp remains one of the most used instant messaging applications worldwide , it is characterized mainly by offering a high quality service to each of its users, where in just Some seconds can communicate with each other.

Due to the importance of this messaging application today we are going to show you how you can send WhatsApp messages from anonymity without the need to use your phone number . This will allow you to communicate with other users anonymously either to protect your security or simply to prevent others from saving your number.

An ideal way to prevent other unknown people from taking your number, either when you want to consult a product or price through WhatsApp . In this way, here we show you some methods to achieve this.

Is it possible to send anonymous WhatsApp messages?

It is currently possible to start sending WhatsApp messages from anonymity , this is mainly used for those moments where we want to prevent people unknown Take our phone number or just to play a joke on a friend or relative.

This can be done through third-party applications that will make your message go without a sender thus preventing other users from knowing the number or the person who sent that message.

However, all actions carried out from anonymity can reach be penalized according to the laws of each country , since this type of functions could be used to carry out out illegal acts . Therefore, it is recommended to be very careful when using this type of anonymous messages.

Basically, the applications responsible for carrying out this will allow you to send messages, voice memos, photos, videos, files, emojis and location all this from anonymity thus preventing the receiver from knowing the origin of that message.

Steps to send WhatsApp messages without anonymous mobile number

Very surely at some point in your life you wished you could write to someone hiding your identity, either because you don’t want that person to discover your number or just finding out some product or service with a stranger.

In this way, here we explain some methods that you can carry out to send WhatsApp messages from anonymity:

Without adding the contact to the calendar

One of the main limitations that we find in WhatsApp when we want to communicate with another user of the application is that we must have your number registered in the mobile phone to be able to write to you >. This becomes very tedious especially when we just want to find out something especially with a stranger through this medium.

Due to this, there is a trick with which you can send messages from WhatsApp without the need to add the contact to your phone book .

To do this follow these steps:

  • To start you will need to copy the following link in your Smartphone’s browser: . In this case the Xs are the phone number you want to write to without having to add it to your address book.

Sin añadir el contacto a la agenda

  • Please note that you must enter this number with the telephone code of the country, in the case of Spain is 34 . For example, it would be:
  • Once copied you will only have to press the search icon and it will automatically be sent to WhatsApp , there you will be asked for permission to send a message to the phone number that you entered.

Sin añadir el contacto a la agenda

  • When it is accepted you will see a chat of the application with the phone number you have entered. This way you can start writing to another user without saving their number in the terminal .

Sin añadir el contacto a la agenda

With Google Voice

Con Google Voice

When we want to communicate with another person incognito basically what we are looking for is to be able to write from another phone number that nobody or almost nobody has. In this case we can use the Google Voice tool, it is responsible for giving you a completely free phone number which you can use to make calls, send messages and chat with people you want.

However, it is important to mention that the Google Voice service is not enabled worldwide. In the case of Spain this is restricted, therefore, to use this tool it will be necessary to use a free or paid VPN .

Another advantage that we find at the time of using Google Voice is that it is a multiplatform tool, which is available for Android and iPhone mobile devices >, as well as for desktop computers . A simple and quick way to start sending your messages from WhatsApp in anonymity.

With an IP number

We can also send messages to another WhatsApp number with a new IP number . For this it will be necessary to make use of the website , it provides its services completely free almost anywhere in the world.

This way you can start sending your messages from anonymity to other users of instant messaging. However, it should be borne in mind that this type of message can be illegal and dangerous depending on the use that you want to give it. Taking into account that you can send texts, voice messages, images and videos.

In order to start sending these types of messages from anonymity, we simply have to perform the following steps:

  • The first thing will be to access the website on your computer or mobile browser . There you will have to choose what type of message you want to send, whether it’s just text, voicemail or a multimedia file.
  • Once selected, we enter the recipient’s phone number. In this case we omit the country code , since we will have to select the recipient’s country later.

Con un numero IP

  • As you can see the message will be sent anonymously or emergency. Therefore, your identity in it will be completely protected.
  • Before sending the message it will be necessary to fill in the checkbox, there you simply have to perform the operation Mathematics that appears on the screen. Finally, we click on «Send».

Con un numero IP

  • When the message arrives at the recipient, it will be done through a foreign number.

Con un numero IP

As you can see through Wassame you can start sending messages from anonymity and with another IP number . However, being a free program on many occasions you cannot send messages because the service is saturated, in these cases you just have to try later minutes. In addition, as you can see Wassame it also has commercials.

With an external application

Another way we can find to start sending messages from anonymity through WhatsApp is by using an external application . In this case we present the GrooVe IP application , it is available for both Android and iPhone devices.

This app aims to offer an extra and free phone number to start make calls, send messages and even use it for WhatsApp , but nobody will be able to detect our real number. To be able to do this simply follow these steps that we explain below:

Con una aplicación externa

  • To begin, we need to install the GrooVe IP and WhatsApp app on the Smartphone.
  • In the case of GrooVe IP, we will have To wait for the application to be verified , this process usually takes a few minutes. While this is going on we leave the WhatsApp application in the background.
  • With WhatsApp in the background, enter GrooVe IP and click on “Ger Started”. At this moment the registration in the application begins, there we will have to enter the Google email, password, eda, sex, date of birth, among others.
  • The following will be to select a valid phone number for WhatsApp. In this case we click on the option of “ Number Selection ” and add any three digits and click on “ Search ” there will appear a list of phone numbers.
  • Once the list appears on the screen, the following will be choose a random telephone number and test if it is verified and approved by the messaging application. In the case of giving error it will be necessary to take another number and repeat the step until it is approved. In that case, click on “Next”.
  • When the number is verified we must select in “OK”. However, before carrying out this action it will be necessary to enter GrooVe IP and select the number that has been verified to do so click on “Select Number.”
  • Now we return to the messaging application and press ok to have the number verified.
  • We return to GrooVe IP and click on “Call me” and get the activation code of WhatsApp . This number will need to be inserted in the messaging app.

Con una aplicación externa

  • After this your new “Wasat” will be ready with the number assigned by GrooVe IP . It is recommended not to delete this application because you can only register once in it for mobile device. In addition, you must use it constantly to avoid losing the line.
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