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How to send videos through Outlook mail? Step by step guide

One of the main attractions of mail services like Outlook, is the ability to send messages with attachments, and among the most useful and descriptive, we can highlight the videos.

However, sharing videos via email can become very tedious since, depending on the size of the file, Outlook attachment weight limit may cut off the transfer process.

Next, We will explain step by step how to send videos through Outlookfrom regular and acceptable size videos to heavier video files via alternative media.

Learn how to send videos through your Outlook account

Outlook has several methods to send video files natively through emails. However, for it to be admissible in this way, it is necessary that they meet certain characteristics. For starters, the overall size of the video files sent must not exceed a limit of 33 MB.

Multiple video files can be sent as long as the total weight of the message stays below this limit:

As an attachment

The first method to send files by Outlook, is by inserting it as an attachment in the body of the message.

This is the most common procedure, where you will only have to select the file from the browser:

  • Log in in your account Outlook.
  • click in the frame “New message”.

Compose new message from Outlook web

  • In the message box, click “To attach” and select the option “Examine this computer.”

Upload and share attachments in Outlook

  • Choose the video file you want to send, select it and click “To open” in the computer’s browser window
  • Wait for the selected file to load and click “Send”.

This option works with any type of file, and allows you to attach multiple items in a single email. But nevertheless, it is necessary to be aware of the maximum file size, to be able to send the mail without problems.

As video note

To send a video note via Outlook, the most viable method is through our mobile device.

From there, we will only use the camera application and the Outlook application, as follows:

  • Open the camera application of your mobile device and record a video note. Make sure that do not exceed 30 seconds, to keep the size within the limits of Outlook.

Share files in Outlook from Android

  • When the note is recorded, select the option “Share”
  • From the available applications, choose Outlook.

Attach Videos in Outllok from Android

  • Enter email address to which you want to send the video note.
  • Press in “Send”.

What is the maximum weight to send a video through Outlook?

The maximum allowable weight to send attachments by Outlook is not determined individually in each file, rather, it has a joint limit, and this total can be made up of one or more files.

With this in mind, Outlook allows us to upload multiple videos to send by mail, with the only limitation that the total weight of the files must not exceed 33 MB. Otherwise, Outlook will not allow you to send email. In this case, the best option is to reduce the size of the videos to be sent by means of a compression tool such as, for example, WinRAR. A file, or a compressed set of files, can more easily be sent attached to an email.

How to send a heavy video by Outlook?

On many occasions, it may be the case that the video file is so big that, even compressed, exceeds the limit of Outlook allowed. In cases like these, the best option is to use a hosting service.

The procedure for this basically consists of uploading the file to the cloud of your preferred storage service, and simply sending the link by email, so that the recipient can access the file simply and quickly:

By WeTransfer

WeTransfer is one of the heavy file transfer services More popular, that allows free sending of files with a joint weight of 2GB. To share videos through Outlook from this platform, this volume is more than enough.

The process to send WeTransfer files through Outlook is carried out through the generation and transfer of a link, which will take the receiver to the folder in the cloud that contains the desired videos, as follows:

  • Enters to the website of WeTransfer via this link:

Select the option to upload files in Wetransfer

  • You can choose between create a free account, or purchase the WeTransfer plus service. However, if you only want to use it once, click “I just want to send files.”
  • Once you log in, click “Upload files” marked with icon “+”.
  • Select the video file you want to send, click on it to mark it and click on “To open”.

Send emails by Wetransfer

  • Wait for what upload the file and click about icon “…” to open the options.
  • Select the option “Get link and transfer.”
  • Click on “Use link.”
  • Select the option “Copy link”.

Once the WeTransfer link is copied to the clipboard, the next step is to enter your Outlook email:

  • Enter your Outlook email and click on “New message”.
  • Enter the recipient and, if you wish, subject and body of the message.

Paste links in Outlook mail body

  • Paste the link what did you copy from WeTransfer.
  • Click on “Send”.

To the send the video file in this way the receiver will get a direct link to WeTransfer from where you can to download Y visualize the video file simply and quickly. You will also have the ability to copy the transfer link to share the file with another recipient if you wish.

By Dropbox

The Dropbox cloud service has a greater advantage in terms of popularity and use, since, while WeTransfer is a transfer service, Dropbox also provides cloud storage.

Dropbox has the ability to generate links and share files stored in the cloud through Outlook, through the transfer of said link attached to the email.

  • Access your Dropbox account.

Upload files from Dropbox to Gmail

  • click in “Load” and select the option “Archive”.
  • Select the video you want to load from the browser.

Get file links in Dropbox

  • Wait for the upload to complete and select the icon “Share”, described as a rectangle with an arrow pointing up.
  • Click on “To create” and then select the link “Copy link”.

You already have the file read link, which will give the recipient access to it from the Dropbox cloud. Now, we just have to access our Outlook account and send it.

The best cloud storage services to send heavy videos by Outlook

Since Outlook imposes a size limit for the transfer of attachments by mail, the best way to work with large files and folders, such as videos, it is through links of cloud storage services. In general terms, All these services have the link sharing function, so any user can see the documents sent.

Therefore, any of the hosting services mentioned will now work perfectly in conjunction with Outlook:

Mega service interface

It was launched in early 2013, and intended to function as the successor to the Megaupload page that was closed the previous year. This page was improved and optimized, to the point where it has become the most widely used data hosting service.

It is one of the safest hosting platforms on the market, and offers its users a base storage of 20GB at no charge. It also has one of the highest download and upload speeds, making it one of the best alternatives for sending data via email.


OneDrive web interface

It is Microsoft’s native cloud file hosting service, and that it is included in your Office 365 business application suite. Basically, it offers 5GB storage for free.

It gives the user the possibility of uploading up to five files at the same time, as well as allowing him to integrate a tool called ActiveX, which allows you to upload an unlimited number of files from your computer. We can access OneDrive from its web platform and its applications to Windows 8, Windows 10, iOS Y Android.

Google drive

Access Google Drive from the web

It is Google’s native hosting service that supports 15GB storage for free. Allows itself to create folders and files of various formats that can be downloaded and transferred through a link. It is a particularly useful tool for students and entrepreneurs because, in addition to document management, we have the possibility to work online and access all its functions quickly and easily.

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