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How to set the objectives of your brand correctly? Step by step guide

One of the most important aspects when create a company is to know what they are its specific objectivesSince this is an extremely important part that will help you Create your marketing plan for your company. This way you can get to increase your sales considerably.

As we already know, when creating a company the first thing to do is establish a trademark, this will be in charge of distinguish a proposal, I know for one company or for its products. Thus allowing the public to know a little more about your business.

In order to make sure that you're going to meet each of your goals, it's necessary that you create specific objectives that are achievable, relevant, measurable and defined over time. That is why in this post we are going to explain a little more about how to set your brand goals correctly.

What are the objectives of social media strategies and what are they for?

The objectives of social media strategies they only have one purpose, and that is to help entrepreneurs to have the clearest ideas when starting a business or when it is already established. And is that each of the brands available in the market offer your products and services, but as every beginning they find a market where consumer confidence is low for their products, which makes that budgetary constraints are high.

And is that being able to stand out before all the others Branding the market is not an easy task, nor is it enough to make a few promises. For this it is necessary that you have well defined goals. In this case you must know exactly that offer your company to the publicThis will be what will make you different from all your competitors.

This way you will have to elaborate your goalswhich should be achievable, measurable and defined objectives over time. Keep in mind that you gain nothing with set yourself goals that are impossible to achieve or without an expiration date.

To capture each of these goals, you need to consider these two factors:

  • Functional: It is essential that the goals that you set are functional, with this concept you can measure success. That is to say, that here the purposes that the company has for make a profit to your customers.
  • Intentional: This point is mainly based on what is success and ability what do you have for make money and bring something positive to the world.

Why is it important to always set my strategy goals?

Basically you can say that Any business without goals is like a person who does not know where he is going for his life. And is that setting goals is something necessary perform all the time either for business life as personal, since without them you will hardly be able to get everything you want. Therefore, it is very important that you always stay inspired and with ambitions to achieve everything you set your mind to.

But as already mentioned above, it is essential that each of these goals have a limited time to complete. Since if not you raise them in a period of time just with the passage of time you will not know where you are, which can lead you directly to failure.

Taking all this into account, it is essential that each of your objectives comply with the following aspects:

  • Aspirations: The first thing you should ask yourself is what you aspire to achieve with your brand, you must write how you want your business to be within one year, 5 years and 10 yearsIt is important that you do not limit yourself to dream, but you must also capture things that are real and that are possible to achieve. This will help you stay focused and focused on everything you're looking for.
  • Business: Here you must consider how you want your business to be in the field of money, that is, the profits you want to have in a time of 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. You can do this by generating more sales, creating promotions, increasing profits, among others.
  • Marketing: It can be said that these are one of the most important objectives, since thanks to them you will be able to achieve business goals. In this case, these are specific actions specialized in attract and retain customer. This can be accomplished by increasing the level of engagement between the public and the brand on social media, wearing traffic to your websites, getting better the scope of your posts, among some others.

Learn step by step how to set the goals of your social media strategies

Learn step by step how to set the goals of your social media strategies

Considering everything mentioned above, you are surely wondering What are the steps that need to be taken to establish the objectives of your strategies in social networks.

That is why below we will teach you this process step by step so that you can reach the success of your business easily:

Define what are the differences between the main goal and objectives

The first thing to keep in mind is what are the differences between what is the main goal and marketing objectives. Keep in mind that the goal is in itself the last thing you want to achieve, in this case would be the success of the business, while marketing goals are those that must be achieved little by little until the goal is achieved.

Keep in mind that all these objectives must have a deadline, this will allow you to say that in a approximate time of 12 months you want to see your business in such a way. An example of this may be the following: the main goal is to bill at least 10,000 euros a year.

For this you must consider the following objectives:

  • You must have one production large enough which can cover what they are medium and large stores located in different parts of the country.
  • You must retain at least 40% of all new customers, thus achieving that they carry out a second purchase in a period not exceeding 60 days.
  • You must get that daily sales reach at least 70 euros in each of your stores.

This means that the only way you have to reach your goal is that know your own business very wellas well as making a study of the market and all the competition. In this way, thanks to each of the objectives set you will be climbing until achieving the final objective that you have set yourself.

Make your goals meet the SMART rule

As mentioned above, when creating these approaches it is important that they follow the SMART formula, this means that they must be specific, achievable, measurable, relevant and limited in time.

This will be the only way that helps you truly achieve each of them:

  • Specific: When it is said that it must be specific, it is that they must be as concrete as possible. This means that you must define if you want your stores are big or smallif he wants you commodity distributed throughout the country or only in one part, among other important details.
  • Measurable: You should also measure all marketing objectives, this means that if your goal is to build customer loyalty, you must specify a number since this will facilitate you to complete it successfully. If you want build customer loyalty in 100 stores and to know when they have made a second purchase, you must retain loyalty of at least 40% of new customers and in turn achieve sales of 70 euros.
  • Achievable: It can be said that this is one of The most important points, and it is essential that each of the objectives set are achievable, real and not that you pose challenges that cannot be met. An example of this is: During the past two years have you billed 100 euros, and to the new year you consider billing 10,000 euros As you can see, it is something that can hardly be achieved.
  • Relevant: It is essential that each of these approaches provide you with something important for your business, of what It helps you create objectives and meet them if in the end they are not generating anything important. Keep in mind that they are created with the sole purpose of leading you to meet the final goal that you have set. This means that they will be used as a sort of ladder to reach the highest point, where each objective will be a step that must be climbed.
  • Limited in time: Finally, you must place a deadline in each of them, since if you do not do them they can lengthen a whole eternity and never end up being fulfilled. This means that if you want retain 40% of your new customers you must do it in a within 60 daysthis will force you to comply with this approach within this defined period of time.

Plan the necessary strategies that allow you to reach your goal

When creating a goal it is essential that it have a planBecause if you don't have a plan, it will simply be a I wish more in your life. This is very easy, when you want traveling somewhere by car the first thing you do is define which route you are going to go, choosing the least elapsed and the fastest.

The same goes for marketing goals, once you have it defined you must establish a plan to get it quickly. It is because of that marketing strategies are usually based mainly on SEO / SEM, content, email marketing, social media, public relations, among many others.

Specify indicators of success

Indicators are performance keys that they will allow you measure the success of each of your strategies and actions carried out. Therefore, it is essential that you can define what are the indicators of success, which are much easier to pose if you have already raised SMART marketing goals. To carry this out you must indicate what are the numbers you want to achieve.

For what indicators of success are successful you will not only have to define the final figures you want to achieve, the most favorable for these cases is that you break down those figures for different months, in this way you will be able to see if you are going fulfilling your goal or not.

List of the best online tools to set goals on social networks

You can currently find one lots of online tools that they will help you set your business goals on social media. This will allow you connect with the customer in an easier way.

Therefore, below we show you the three most effective tools that you will find today to carry out this marketing process correctly:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Undoubtedly Google Analytics It is one of the best analysis tools what can you currently find on the web. It is used today by many companies that do not yet have enough budget to hire the services of a much more complete payment tool. However, despite being a free tool It has a large number of elements that will allow you to have a very good handling of all analyzes necessary that you require your networks.

In this way you will have the opportunity to know where each of your visitors come from, the behavior within the web, page revenue, best-selling products and what content is most searched by visitors.

Getting to know each of these data you will have the opportunity to know how is the structure of your website and in this way we can offer you a best user experience. In addition, you will have the opportunity to know with what keyword the user found you, which will allow you to develop content with said words and thus achieve that there are even more users who can find you.

Ahrefs "width =" 800 "height =" 500 "srcset =" 800w, 720x450.jpg 720w, 768w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px "src =" https: / / "></p>
<p><strong>Ahrefs</strong> is another of the most important tools currently for what is the <strong>positioning of your website or social networks</strong>, for what you will get <strong>very high quality backlinks.</strong> In addition, it has become one of the most used today in the world, where small and medium-sized companies make use of them.</p>
<p>Here you will have the opportunity to <strong>analyze everything related to your business,</strong> letting you know if <strong>your website works well or not</strong>. One of its main advantages is that you can <strong>compare results with 5 more sites at the same time</strong>where each of <strong>records and statistics</strong> they will be updated at every moment. However, it should be mentioned that it does not have a <strong>free version</strong> so you will have to <strong>pay a monthly fee to make use of it</strong>.</p>
<span class=

GTMetris "width =" 800 "height =" 500 "srcset =" 800w, 720x450.jpg 720w, 768w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px "src =" https: / / "></p>
<p><strong>GTMetris</strong> It is mainly characterized by not only offering you <strong>statistics of visits and positioning of the web,</strong> but you will also have the opportunity to <strong>measure the charging speed of it</strong>especially since this is one of <strong>the factors that most affect its positioning. </strong>Note that <strong>the loading time greatly influences the user's stay on the website,</strong> Nobody likes to navigate a site that is slow and does not load quickly.</p>
<p>So, a portal with a <strong>very low loading speed</strong> will simply make the purchase of <strong>customers don't end up making</strong>. It also has a <strong>specialized WordPress plugin</strong>, this in case you have an established in this <strong>CMS</strong>. So you can have everything you need to <strong>work professionally in your business</strong>. In addition, it has a <strong>free and paid version,</strong> In both you will have the best digital marketing tools.</p>
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