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How to set the objectives of your marketing campaign on Twitter correctly and realistically? Step by step guide

This social network has been one of the most used for many years, all this has led it to become an excellent platform to generate advertising, key and quality content following digital marketing strategies . And it is that Twitter has become a very versatile platform that will allow you to carry out different types of activities from there.

During its beginnings it was only a platform to write tweets, upload images or videos, but all this changed as users became aware of all the scope they had . This is how it has currently become one of the best options to generate high quality content through marketing strategies .

However, in order to create a successful Twitter marketing campaign, it is very important to be able to know how each of the objectives should be established for this, trying that everything that arises is mainly something realistic and within reach . In accordance with this, here we are going to show you how you can start to set your campaign goals on Twitter correctly, for this follow in detail everything that we will teach you next in the post.

Why is it important to set goals for my strategy on Twitter?

Without a doubt, being able to carry out a marketing strategy from Twitter and being able to be clear about the objectives to be traced is very important , since the success of any process is based on the objectives that are established , mainly that these are the correct ones and quite realistic. It must be remembered that being able to carry out these marketing strategies from a social network such as Twitter will allow you to protect your brand identity on the network .

Preventing third parties from using your name to try to affect the reputation of your brand. Therefore, in order to carry out this process satisfactorily, it is very important to be able to set clear and concrete objectives. In this case, the first thing you should ask yourself is what do you want to achieve in the social network?

Here you must consider that the most important thing is not only to gain followers and that your list of followers increases , but to have a clear objective that allows you to take full advantage of this platform , otherwise you would simply be wasting all the resources available there. It should be mentioned that Twitter facilitates the humanization of the brand, the frequency, how it is spoken, the tone, the form of communication between users.

Lets establish an affinity. Thanks to all this, Twitter has managed to create its own style of language and identify each of the members of the community. Therefore, the content is fundamental for all this, especially that it allows to create an interaction with the followers and all this is possible to achieve only when the objectives are completely clear from the beginning .

Learn step by step how to set realistic goals for your Twitter campaigns

Learn step by step how to set realistic goals for your Twitter campaigns

Keep in mind that Twitter campaigns are not created by themselves or are maintained without any effort or action on it. For this, it is important to be able to carry out an elaboration of a project that contains realistic objectives that allow it to function correctly . Currently there are many reasons why choose Twitter for your marketing campaigns, and that is that this social network has more than 320 million monthly users.

With more than 6,000 tweets per second , it has also been proven that users of this social network follow three times more brands than those of other platforms. In accordance with all this, it should be mentioned that a good strategy will always depend on the development of correct objectives that will allow you to achieve the desired results .

This is how we teach you how to set realistic objectives for your campaign below:

Adjust content strategies

The first thing to do is adjust the content strategies , here you must bear in mind that your business in this case is your own identity, so this will be reflected mainly when you start creating your own content.

But to make all this much easier, the following strategies can be applied:

  • Conversations: A key factor in all this is being able to establish constant conversations with your followers , either through private messages or through tweets . This is a very good alternative so that you can be clarifying your doubts and concerns .
  • Traffic: It is a very good option to insert links that allow your audience to go to the official page of your business , whether for a web page, a blog or another social network that you are managing. All this will allow the client to know much more about your brand and what you offer.
  • Sales: The main purpose of your publications should always be based on being able to improve your sales, for this you must make them attractive and capable of attracting anyone’s attention . It is always recommended to add text accompanied by original images or a video .

Identify your target audience

It is important to be completely clear that your business will not like everyone and everything you write will be well accepted by everyone . That is why in these types of cases the most important thing is to be able to identify your target audience, that is, those who are really interested in what you offer. For this, your strategy must always be directed towards the public that is really interested in your product or service .

You should also keep in mind that not everyone who follows you is because they are really interested in what you offer. But taking into account that this is a key factor for the success of your brand , there are some ways that will help you to comply with it , in this case it is about creating a list for your audience , through them you can see what type of content they like .

This can be done through the following procedures:

  • Check the hashtags : Hashtags have become one of the most key elements for this type of strategy, which is why it is always recommended to use them and create hashtags that are fun and easy to use. This will allow people to find your products through them.
  • Follow and participate : For this you must use tools such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, this will allow you to import your Twitter list in two columns , this will make the process of following your list and interacting with your audience much easier for you.
  • Search for your brand’s keywords : The procedure to find what your keywords are can be done through programs such as Socialbro, which is paid, or through free programs such as Followerwonk, either of which is responsible for analyzing and searching. the target keywords .

Research the competition

This point is very important, here you must first identify who your competition is and then investigate it. This is done in order to be able to strengthen the weaknesses of your competitors and in this way to be able to offer more than them and thus be one step ahead of the rest.

One way to do this is as follows:

  • Start following your competitors: Keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to follow them directly, but if you can make a list of the accounts that compete with you privately and constantly be visiting them to see their content , what they offer and how is their interaction with the public.
  • See what he shares: As mentioned, it is essential to see each of his publications and especially what response his audience is giving him.
  • Monitor the commitment of the competition: You must always be aware of what your competition’s customers think , if they seem to have a good service or not . It is also important that you detail how these brands respond to the public .

Determine what is the best time to publish your content

Although it may seem insignificant the time at which the publications are made are very important, it must be borne in mind that not all people are connected 24 hours a day on social networks or on the Internet. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to know what are the best times of the day to upload content to the social network. For this you must know when your followers connect , this will undoubtedly allow your tweets to have a greater reach.

For this, there are different programs that allow you to determine these types of aspects, in this case we are going to show you three of them that you can start using:

  • Tweriod: It is responsible for analyzing each of your followers in order to show you a report with the times with which they are most frequently online. According to all this, it will give you an average to know what time is the most appropriate to upload content.
  • Socialbro: Its main function is to analyze the timeline of your followers and based on that offer you a result that allows you to know what is the best time to make your tweets.
  • Hootsuite: A very popular software that is characterized by offering a large number of very interesting functions , one of them is to analyze the best time to publish content on Twitter . It also allows you to schedule tweets for 30 days, with this it will ensure that a publication of your brand is made every day at a certain time .

Have clear ideas when generating content

In order to create quality content that is capable of attracting the public, it is necessary to have very good ideas .

That is why before posting on Twitter it is recommended to do it as follows:

  • Enter keywords: Being able to introduce them in your business sector is very necessary, especially since there are always events, discussions or articles of interest that may be related to your management . All this will allow you to know what is in trend and what is really what your audience is waiting for .
  • Give a quick response to problems: It is very common that some type of problem is always being generated with the audience , either because a doubt or concern has been presented. This means that you must always be attentive in order to offer a quick response and be able to clarify said doubt.
  • Attend to the followers : It is possible that several of your followers constantly ask you the same thing, either about how a product works or what benefits it brings , among other questions, what you should keep in mind is that if this happens the best thing is to make a publication or a video tutorial explaining all the doubts of the followers .

Choose what you share with your audience

Keep in mind that whenever you publish content, it is varied and attractive , since this will undoubtedly help you to get more attention from other users. It is essential that each of your publications have text, images, videos and above all links , this in case you have a blog, website or have your brand content on another social network .

Promote your content

When you know how to use all the tools properly, Twitter can help you get all the necessary traffic , but keep in mind that not everything consists of uploading a publication and placing a link for other members of the social network to click on it. . In these cases it is essential that you make an effort to get their attention and above all to motivate them to want to access this link . For this you must be quite creative when creating the tweets .

To make this task much easier, here we show you how to attract the public and have them click on your link:

  • Publish short tweets: Try to ensure that each of your published tweets does not contain more than 100 characters, here you must be precise and direct with the information, it must be attractive and striking enough so that they want to access the link you have left there.
  • Include statistics: If the information you are publishing requires it, then you can add statistics , this will give more seriousness and reliability to your publications.
  • Quote your message: Quotes in messages are always a very good alternative to give it a touch of elegance.
  • Take advantage of hashtags: As already mentioned in the post, hashtags are an excellent alternative to take advantage and be able to reach all the users who use them. One way to be on the road to success.
  • Request to be retweeted: Not always asking for something is bad, in these cases you can ask your followers to retweet your publications, this will help you have a greater impact and in turn create more publicity .
  • Promote your tweets: to be successful your tweets must reach many more people, perhaps more than thought, for this you can promote them through a low investment . But in these cases it is worth promoting them from time to time as the results will be very positive.