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How to set up my Outlook account on my Android phone or iPhone? Step by step guide

Mobile phones have become an indispensable tool for all people, since they are not only limited to receiving a call or sending a text message, these devices have the ability to perform different functions that make your life considerably easier.

In this sense, the use of emails is not lagging behind in the available functions, and it is that Microsoft Outlook allows you to manage your account from the palm of your hand, executing all the established activities, configuring the account on the phone in order to make more efficient use of the application.

In this article, you will know all the benefits of using Outlook on both Android and iOSYou will also learn to configure your account on your mobile, implementing different options, so that you have its correct operation from the device.

Benefits of using Outlook on Android and iOS

How to use Outlook on mobile

The platform Outlook brings many benefits to all users, with a modern and easy-to-use interface. The application allows you to execute all the activities in the same way that you can do it from the web version, with the advantage that this can be done from anywhere you are.

For this reason, On both Android and iOS, you will enjoy the full potential of this email service, adapted to the characteristics of each operating system, making this tool become one of your favorites when sending or receiving emails.

The main benefits are:

  • You have updates and improvements constantly.
  • Show all emails in a unified way.
  • It allows check your inbox, as well as sending emails from anywhere you are.
  • You have important tools such as calendar, contact list, and message scheduling, using them in a practical way.
  • Can attach stored files from your mobile device.
  • As in its web version, you can send stored information from the cloud.

Learn how to configure Outlook on mobile from scratch

Is important to sync Outlook to your mobile phone, since this will allow you to use the account more securely, and through this configuration you will be able to execute certain options as the backup, More than necessary element in case of hacking or loss of information. It is therefore, that you will see all the available options so that you can fully enjoy this platform and exploit all its functions and benefits.

To set up Outlook on mobile, you must do the following:

Add Account

I know makes it necessary for your Outlook account to be added to your phone mobileThis will create a support which will allow you to use the mail safely and thus avoid setbacks in case something happens.

To add the account you must follow the following steps:

  • For start you must have the Outlook App installed on your mobile phone.
  • In the applications menu, locate the icon “Settings”And click on it.

Account section in Android 11

  • Already in “Settings”, go to the tab “Accounts, sync, or emails”, And click on it.
  • A series of options will be displayed, here you must select “Add account”.
  • After you will see all the available accounts, choose “Outlook”And click on its icon.

Add new accounts in Android 11

  • Enter the password and the corresponding user, for the system to validate the information, immediately press “Accept”.
  • A box will be displayed where you will have to verify all the registered data, accepting all permission requests that you may receive.
  • Thus, you will have added your Outlook account on both Android and iOS.

Synchronize contacts

Keep your contacts up to date It is a very important condition, especially if you have to send emails to several people in a very short period, therefore, it is necessary to verify if you have this option activated.

On Android:

  • Locate the icon of “Settings”And click on it.
  • Already in the menu, you must go to the tab “Applications”.

Applications section in Android 11

  • All the applications installed on your device will appear, here select “Outlook”.
  • In the settings of the App, look for the option “Permissions”.

Outlook in Android 11 app list

  • Here all the options will be displayed, locate “Contacts:”.

Synchronize contacts in Outlook for Android

  • By clicking on “Contacts:“, You will see another tab called”Synchronization of contacts”, There move the bar on the right side for this option to be executed.

On iOS:

  • In the applications menu press “Setting”.
  • Go to the applications tab and select “Outlook”.
  • The list with all the options will appear, here you must select “Contacts:”And press the bar on the right side.
  • Then go to the installed Outlook application, and search for “Setting”.
  • Once in the menu of “Setting” of the App, go to the option “Your account“, Y “Synchronization of contacts”To complete the configuration.

Configure automatic backup

Backup on Android

The backupIt is the backup that is needed to keep all the email information safely, it can be executed at different times, according to the use you have of your account. In the case of Outlook for mobile, this option is not available at the moment, reason why you must use other options to do it.

In this sense, in each operating system you can run the backup and thus back up all the data and information stored on your mobile phone, this action does not affect the activity of your emails in Outlook in the AppTherefore, it is recommended to carry out this procedure from the web version, in a safe way and whenever you see fit.

Restore old mobile backup

This process is done every time you change your mobile phone, for this it is important that you have made the backup on the previous device, and in this way you will have all the information you need intact.

To restore the mobile backup, do the following steps:

On Android:

  • Enter the your account details Google on the new mobile.

Restore data from old accounts on Android

  • Then put the email account that you had registered in the previous phone.
  • After the system will verify all data of identity.

Do a data restore on Android

  • From that moment on, all the information deposited in the old mobile begins to be transferred to make use of it on the current device.

On iOS:

  • On your mobile phone, click on the option “Settings“, And then in the tab”general”.
  • Then you will see a list with all the backups made ordered by date and size, choose the most recent one.
  • Go back to the option “Settings“, tab “general“, Then press”Restore“, And press”Delete content and settings”.
  • Now in the menu of “Applications“, Choose”Restore a copy from iCloud”To log into this tool.
  • Choose the backup you need, and in this way the restoration process will begin from the old mobile

Use a Widget

Widgets for Outlook are tools that allow direct access to a specific application, in the case of Outlook, These fully enhance the use of both the mail and the calendar so that you can use them in a simple way.

To configure the Outlook widget on your mobile, run this procedure:

On Android:

  • Install Outlook on your mobile phone.

Install Outlook Widgeds on Android

  • Go to the applications menu, and press anywhere on the screen until you can see the “Widget”.
  • Automatically, It will take you to the section where all the available widgets are by selecting the one of “Outlook”.

So are the new Outlook Widgeds on Android

  • Click on this, action that will take you to the desktop of your phone, dropping it in the place you think is convenient.
  • Thus the Outlook widget will be activated on the Android operating system.

On iOS:

  • Install the application.
  • Go to notification center from your mobile device.
  • Press “Edit”To locate and select the widget Outlook.
  • After You can use this tool directly from the applications menu.