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How to set up Outlook in Thunderbird from scratch? Step by step guide

Email is no longer the place where we only receive and send information, to become a true virtual assistant that facilitates many things. For this reason, many tools have been created that have been perfecting this idea, and that’s the case with Thunderbird.

Thanks to this element, the email service offers another dimension, it is something more comprehensive, and of course Outlook He could not stop having this tool and offering it to all its users.

In this article, You will see below what Thunderbird is about and its advantages, What set up a client in Outlook, as well as the best alternatives to this email client.

What is Thunderbird and what are the advantages of using it?

Thunderbird interface on Windows

It is an email client available for various platforms, among its functions it offers news, chat, calendar, social networks. It is Open Source and completely free, its configuration is easy to execute, in addition to customizing it however you want. On the other hand, it is a very safe application, as it has anti-fraud protection and spam detectionIt also has an integrated graphic corrector, extension support and various search engines.

Among its main advantages we have:

  • It’s found available for more than 50 languages about.
  • You can use it together with Outlook and other email accounts.
  • Owns a address book that automatically registers contacts to which you send some information or emails.
  • Tea saves memory space thanks to the option to compact the folders that it has.
  • Offers the filter tool where you can search for long-standing emails in your inbox.
  • Thanks To the calendar option, you will manage to manage your schedule and pending tasks.
  • Can add your own electronic signature, and thus personalize everything you send.

Learn how to configure Outlook on the Thunderbird client

Can use Thunderbird on all mail platforms, and in this way exploit the resources that the application offers. However, you should pay attention when setting it in Outlook, since it is a simple process where you must be clear about the account data for its correct execution.

The steps to add the Outlook account on a Thunderbird client are as follows:

Install the program

Thunderbird download site

As a first step you need to have Thunderbird installed on your computer, in this way it will facilitate things at the time of synchronization with Outlook.

To download it follow these steps.

  • Download the app through its official website
  • On the main screen you will see a green link called “Free download”And you click.
  • It will automatically start the download, and once done you can enjoy this program on your device.

Registration and configuration

How to make first registration in Thunderbird

In this step it is very important that you record the email details properlyBoth the password and the user must not have errors as this hinders the configuration process.

This point you must execute it like this:

  • Once downloaded Thunderbird, You must access the application, and you will automatically see a box to enter the account information.
  • Then register your name which will be the Outlook email to use, and the email address, in this field repeat the name of the account.
  • Later you must include the password, this must be registered without any type of errors.
  • Press the key “Continue”And expects me to process the information.
  • By last, you must make sure that the mail configuration is correct, and how much the incoming server (IMAP / POP) as outgoing (SMTP) they are in accordance with the mail domain.

Message setting

Message settings in Thunderbird

One time configured the Outlook account in Thunderbird, You need to adjust the amount of messages you can store on the server, since you run the risk of them being deleted if the stipulated limit is exceeded.

Go for it:

  • Within the platform, go to the section “Account settings”.
  • Then click on the option “Server configuration”, there a menu will be displayed on the right hand side.
  • Now, go to the section “Leave messages on the server”And mark the accent mark that accompanies it.
  • Now you will have the option to select the two alternatives to leave the messages in your tray, “Delete messages from server after”Placing the days in which you want them to remain until they are automatically deleted.
  • And as a second option you can choose “Until I erase them”, Here only you will be able to execute this action manually.

Best Thunderbird Alternative Email Clients

Thunderbird is an email client that brings many benefits to all users, this platform has innovative functions that, among other things, enhance email from Outlook. In this sense, Thunderbird It is not the only one in its style that shows all these potentialities of which we have already spoken, there are several high-quality alternatives that you can also use that perform similar tasks.

Next, you will see what other options you can have in terms of email clients:

EM Client Download Site

Is a free email clientIt also has an attractive and very simple to use interface, it has a paid version where you can manage an unlimited number of emails, while the free version can only configure two different accounts.

Main features:

  • May used with Outlook and other platforms.
  • Has instant messaging, allowing you to send attachments in conversations.
  • It has postal translator.
  • It allows encrypt stored information.

Postbox download site

Allows you to work with different email accounts, on the other hand, it has a reliable security system where the information used will be fully protected, it can do multiple functions, presenting a performance at the height of what is needed.

Main features:

  • Dispose of various tools that enhance and improve email functionality.
  • It is available for both Windows, such as MacOS and Linux.
  • Can use multiple Outlook accounts with this client.
  • Its design is striking, with the addition that it allows you to use emojis and other labels.

Mailbird download site

It has the option to customize its appearance through new colors and designs eye-catching in all its functions, it can delay receiving emails and replying to them when you’re fully available, it’s a relatively new and easy-to-use manager.

Main Features:

  • It allows sync it with social media.
  • It allows manage multiple Outlook accounts in the inbox.
  • The setup is simple and easy to execute.

Inky download site

Manage very efficiently the organization of emails and information in the inbox, It is originally designed to be used with personal email, however it does not prevent it from doing all the functions that corporate email needs.

Main features:

  • Has great capacity to filter emails leaving only the most important ones in the inbox.
  • Organize all the information properly.
  • Customize the interface your way.

Zoho download site

Is an email client whose management and configuration is simple, it has a pleasant and very attractive interface for users, it is very safe, ideal for use of communications within the company.

Main features:

  • Encrypts the messages.
  • It has all the functions such as calendar and agenda, among other functions.
  • It allows manage multiple Outlook accounts on your platform.