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How to share an Internet connection with other devices easily and quickly? step by step guide

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Converting our computer or even our mobile device into a modem that can transmit the Internet through WiFi signals is a huge advance in technology that was impossible until a few years ago.

In this article we will talk about how we can convert, in different ways, our devices to be able to share the Internet with those other mobiles or computers that we authorize.

In addition, we will show you the best programs that exist for both PC, Mac, and cell phones with either the Android or iOS operating system. We will tell you each of the most important features that these software have.

What methods exist to share Internet connection from mobile and computer?

What methods exist to share Internet connection from mobile and computer?

When we want to share or transmit the Internet from our mobile device to another, we can do it through different tools. The same thing happens for our computer, we can turn it into a modem to transmit an Internet signal.

For this to happen, the different tools that we can use, each of which have different characteristics, but the function is the same, to transmit the Internet to other devices, we will have to detail each one.

Next, we list the methods that exist:


Also called network tethering, it is the mechanism by which we can convert a device into an Internet transmitter, serving as an intermediary between the network and the devices authorized for the connection.

In this way we will turn our mobile or computer into a “WiFi access point”. It is a very practical way to share the Internet with people who are close to us through this alternative.

We will simply configure our mobile device or PC, regardless of the operating system that each one has, so that it is an access point for the WiFi network.

USB tether

This mechanism consists in using a cable that we connect between our mobile device and the PC. In this way our phone will become an Internet signal emitter for our computer or vice versa.

The advantage offered by this connection is security, since being cabled considerably reduces the risk of our signal being intercepted with your password.

With an external program or application

With an external program or application

Another very practical way to be able to share the connection to the Internet network and turn our computer into a modem is through the application or a program that we will have to download.

What these software do is make the configurations that we can do manually, also offering other benefits. For example, changing passwords periodically.


It is another way to share the Internet between mobile phones. In order to establish an Internet connection through a mobile device, we can follow this guide that we detail below.

The first thing we have to do is connect via Bluetooth so that both devices are paired.

Once we have completed this stage we will have to go to the device that will emit the signal and we will follow these steps:

  • We look for the option “Settings”
  • We’re going to “Plus”
  • We select “Wireless Connections and Networks”
  • Next, we choose the “Share Internet and WiFi hotspot”
  • And finally “Share via Bluetooth”

When we have already configured the sending mobile, we will have to configure the receiving device.

We will have to do it this way:

  • We select “Settings”
  • We turn to the option “bluetooth”
  • we seek “Setting”
  • We select access to “Internet”
  • And finally we accept by clicking on “Ahead”

What hardware component must my device have in order to share WiFi?

One of the most important advances that technology has had in recent years is the integration of the WiFi board or also wireless network callthe internal components of a mobile device and also of a computer or PC.

Thanks to this hardware we can receive an Internet signal and we can also send data files through it, if this did not exist in an integrated way, our devices could not function as a modem or router.

Steps to share your internet from your mobile or computer to any device

Steps to share your internet from your mobile or computer to any device

As we said before, we can turn a mobile or a computer into a device that can share the Internet.

For this, it is necessary to carry out the steps according to the different situations with which we find ourselves:

With Windows Tethering

In order to share, we will carry out this procedure that we detail below:

  • We go to the bottom left of our screen and select “Start”
  • Next, we look for the option “Setting”
  • We select “Internet network”
  • we seek “Mobile wireless coverage area” which is located on the left side of the control panel
  • We choose the option “Share my Internet connection with other devices”
  • We write the name of the network that we want to assign, as well as we choose the password that will be necessary to be able to enter the network that we are setting up
  • Once both concepts have been chosen, click on “Save”
  • In this way we already have our computer configured to transmit the Internet to the different authorized devices.

Needless to say, if our PC does not have an Internet connection, all this configuration will be useless.

With mobile tethering

If we need to share the Internet through our iPhone, we will follow these instructions:

  • We’re going to “Setting”
  • We select the option “Cellular Data” or in some mobiles with the iOS operating system it may appear “Share internet”
  • We activate the option “Share internet”

In order to configure a mobile device with the Android operating system, we will carry out these steps:

  • We select the option “Settings”
  • we seek “Plus”
  • We look for the option “Wireless and networks” and we click on it
  • We select “Share Internet and WiFi hotspot”
  • Next, we select “Create WiFi Access Point”

In this way we have configured a WiFi access point, but it is open to all the people who are near our mobile device.

What we have to do next is create a password so that only people authorized by us can enter the wireless network.

We will follow this guide to configure our mobile:

  • We will go to the option “Austes”
  • We select “Plus” and click on this option
  • We click on “Wireless Connections and nets”
  • We look for the option and click on it “Share Internet and WiFi hotspot”
  • we choose “Set up Wi-Fi hotspot”
  • We activate the option “WPA2PSK”

With USB anchor

In order to share the Internet through a USB tethering with iOS and MacOS operating systems, we are going to perform these procedures:

We connect, once we make sure we have the latest version of iTunes, our Mac the mobile device with the cable that came with it.

If you ask if we trust this PC, when we don’t trust a Mac, we’ll hit “Trust”.

To connect an Android device so that it broadcasts the Internet to the PC we will have to configure it previously and then connect it with a cable that has a USB input and on the other side MiniUSB.

The steps that we have to follow to be able to make this connection are the following:

  • We go on our mobile to “Settings”
  • We select the option “Plus”
  • We choose to click “Connections”
  • Next, we select “Shared Internet and modem”
  • Later we will click on “Shared Connections”
  • In this way we will enable our option to share the Internet

With an external program

They are tools for Windows and MacOS operating systems. We will take as an example the program “My Wi-Fi Router”which is available for Windows 10. With this application we can create a network access point and turn our PC into an ordinary modem.

The configuration it has is very simple, so with a few clicks we can establish a secure connection. It has stipulated a filter through different MAC addresses and foresees the change of access password periodically.

Download My Wifi Router Windows

With a mobile app

We will use the app “NetSpot for Android”. Thanks to this application our mobile becomes a perfect modem, being able to connect up to 5 devices at the same time.

It has a battery saving function for the sending equipment, as well as a MAC address filter, so that intruders cannot connect. Its steps are simple, we only have to open the application and follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.

NetSpot - WiFi analyzer for
NetSpot - WiFi analyzer for

List of the best applications and programs to share the Internet on computer and mobile

Below we present the best applications and programs to download on our devices and computers:

The best applications and programs to share the Internet on computer and mobile

Super Wi-Fi Manager

This tool is available for android and has different advantages that we can obtain through it. It allows us to create a WiFi network but the way, since we can transmit the Internet under certain privacy characteristics.

It offers us the option, that through a QR code, to be able to deliver the key to the people of the devices, if we do not want them to know what the password is.

Super Wi-Fi Manager
Super Wi-Fi Manager

Wi-Fi Manager

With this tool, also available for Android, not only can we transmit the Internet in a very easy and simple way, but we can also control the speed that exists on our network or on our device thanks to its speed test.

With this application we can generate random passwords that will be deleted every time a device is disconnected from our network.

Fing – Network Scanner

Thanks to this application, one of the most downloaded in the Google Play Store, we will be able to find a powerful from speed As well as it will allow us to know who is connected to our network among other things.

With this tool we will be able to transmit our internet signal to the devices that we indicate based on strict security standards.

Fing - Network Scanner
Fing - Network Scanner
Fing Limited

WiFi HD Wireless Disk Drive

An excellent application that is available for phones with iOS operating system. Its steps are so simple that with a few clicks we can generate an internet transmission in a safe and simple way.

It also has tools with which we can know who is connected to our network and we can also get notifications when a new person connects to our mobile.

‎WiFi HD Wireless Disk Drive
‎WiFi HD Wireless Disk Drive
Savy Soda

AccessAgility LLC Wi-Fi Scanner

Application for our computer with MacOS operating system. Thanks to this software we will be able to transmit our WiFi to all those people who are close to our Mac.

Our computer will become a very simple modem to configure and at the same time it has features that reinforce our security.


Give Wi-Fi 5.0

This program is designed for computers with a Windows operating system with which we can easily create wireless networks and share our connection through the computer.

Download Give WiFi 5.0 Windows

Connectify Hotspot

When we need to create an Internet access point, this application is ideal for this job, we will only have to establish the key and password to be able to configure the wireless network

It has a system that allows an unlimited number of devices that we can add, it also offers the option that when we turn off our computer, the devices connected to our computer will no longer have access to the Internet.

Download Connectify Hotspot Windows

Virtual Wi-Fi Router

It allows us to share our Internet access with the devices that we authorize thanks to the configuration of filters and password creation.

With this tool we can also have an analysis of the Internet speed that we have and also the steps that are needed to turn our computer into a WiFi access point are very simple. Available for Windows operating systems.

Download Virtual Wi-Fi Router Windows