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How to shorten a URL and make money by shortening your links easily and safely? step by step guide

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Today there are many forms of power make money online, some more complex than others. In this case we are going to talk a little more about url shortenersconsidered today as one of the the best tools to get money online.

the urls we can see them all the time we enter the Internet, in general, they are characterized by being mostly long or a little sprawling. Although on many occasions without realizing it through a publication or any content shared on any social networkl met a shortened URL.

Although we use them almost always, they still exist many people who do not know about them. Therefore, here we are going to explain a little more about all this and how you can increase your income.

What is a link shortener and what are its main uses?

Before wanting to start working with these shorteners it is very important to know very well what are they and what are they for. In other words a shortener is a tool that is responsible for converting a long web address into a much shorter one, that it is easier to share and that it is just as you want it.

This type of tool is also known such as link shorteners or link reducerswhich provide a service that facilitates the action of cut said link by giving it new characters and making it much shorter so that it is easier to handle and to insert anywhere.

An example of this can be the following url in normal condition:, it will be inserted in a website to shorten these links and it will end up becoming something like this: being a lot shorter, easier to use and learn.

All this is ideal to insert in documents, files, publications for use by other users.

Main advantages and disadvantages of shortening your links with online tools?

Like any other tool, link reducers They also present a series of advantages and disadvantages that it offers to each of its users. Although it is important to mention that it is more of the positive than the negative in these cases. This is because these web address shorteners were created in order to provide a greater comfort and safety for people.

Therefore, here we present the main advantages and disadvantages of this entire function:


Can shorten a web address is a very important factor for all of us, since he himself will offer us a great amount of advantages how can move from a long and tedious address to a short and easy to understand link. All this is very important especially for when we make use of social networks which has a character limit on each post.

Therefore, instead of consume 20 or 30 characters in a linkwe will be using only 5 or 10thus achieving a significant saving of characters to be able to Add other information of interest. In addition, they are extremely important to carry a logging of analytics eventswhich will allow you measure the amount of clicks your website is receiving.

Bearing this in mind, here we mention some of the main advantages that all this offers:

  • allows you to use fewer characters in text boxes on social networks.
  • You may measure the amount of clicks your link receivesthis will allow you to know how many people access your website daily.
  • it’s a tool completely free.
  • You may customize each of the links to make them shorter and more understandable.


Although it seems that web shorteners have no disadvantages, because their operation is almost perfect for human beings, we must say that they do present some problems. It can be said that the biggest inconvenience of this is that they end creating perishable web addressesthat is, it has a time of life.

Being a tool that has Date of Expiry, over time it ceases to be useful for users, since it can be closed or if the website changes address it will be lost.

Here are the main disadvantages of these link reducers:

  • They present a Date of Expiry therefore, they will cease to be active over time.
  • the redirect will make it a lot slower the time it takes to load the platform.
  • As usual, emails and some web pages are considered as SPAM.
  • On some occasions these reducers do not provide the necessary confidence to customers.
  • For now, we do not know if this Does it affect SEO in its entirety or not?.

List of the best URL shorteners currently available

Having all this information already clear, and knowing the importance of these websites, then we are going to show you what they are best url shorteners currently available and with which you can start getting excellent results for your page. That way we can start increase your earnings.

We provide you with a list of shorteners:

With Google Shortener

Google Shortener

Service Google Shortener became one of the best, where it offered a fast url conversion managing to carry a long and complex address to a shorter and easier to understand. However, a short time ago the company Google announced to all its customers that the end of this service was coming and that’s how they decided close their doors.

All this news was given through its main page where announced that the closing would take place on Friday, April 13, 2019where unregistered users to date they could not use this service anymore. But final closure from it is generated the March 30 of the same year. All links that had been created via Shortener would be automatically removed.

With TinyURL

This is others of link reducers that we will be finding available on the net, it is also important to mention that this is one of the oldest and safest of today. With it you can start carrying out reducing any link safely and quicklywhere with just one click you can start this whole process.

TinyURL gives you the possibility to know all the basic statistics of your addressesthis will let you know how many times have they clicked on it per dayas well as wearing a record of how many times your page has been visited. Also, unlike other sites that provide this same service, with Tiny you have the opportunity to customize your address yourself.

Currently is one of link shorteners more advanced, it has been Developed by the creators of Hootsuite, which is currently part of one of the most popular social media managers in the world. All of this gives you a great endorsement to this platform which will give you a reliable and safe service. has been created mainly to offer users a quality and safe service that allows them to reduce each of your addresses to be added to the different social networks. In order to register on this site you must sign up for Hootsuitewhere with the free plan you can make use of this reducer. has become one of the most popular and important shorteners of recent times, Today it is one of the most active users. Because of this it is very common to be Surfing the web And get us in the different different texts links with this ending. All of this has helped him gain the trust of new users that you want to start in this world of URLs.

Therefore, It is a very good option for shorten any web address and in turn start make money through them. Note that whenever a person click on it and last at least 5 seconds inside the link this will generate some cents of earningswhich over time can become a extra monthly income.

To complete this list we present, others of web shorteners currently most popular. With him you have the opportunity to monetize each of your links, as well as view visitor statistics from each of them. today it is considered one of the best tools when wanting generate money through these links. It can be inserted in any social network, blog, or online platform. It can be said that this reducer is a simple tool that works like a web page which you can Add Google Extensions and WordPress Plugin that will help you improve your experience.


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