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How to solve the problem of “The Google Play application has stopped”? Step by step guide

How to solve the problem of "The Google Play application has stopped"? Step by step guide

Google Play has become the main mobile download platform for Smartphone with an Android operating system . Therefore, all users of this operating system must use it to be able to perform the different downloads of each of the mobile applications that they wish to install on their computers. Basically it is an online store where you can get any type of App either for free or for a fee.

But like any program, it is not saved from presenting errors in its operation, one of the most common for this App is “Google Play application has stopped” it is very likely that this notice It has already been shown to a large part of Android users. However, this is something that can be corrected through different methods.

Due to this and the concern of the different users when presenting this problem with one of the most important App in the operating system , here we will present some of the steps you can take to be able to solve this inconvenience of detention, which will not allow you to access the App.

Steps to solve the Google Play Store stop problem

It is very possible that at some point you have received some notification on your mobile informing you that the program has stopped , this is an error that ends up preventing the user from being able to download the applications.

It is at that moment where users ask themselves How can I solve this type of problem? It is important to mention that there is no single solution to repair this damage, but there are some steps that we can go trying to regain access to the Android app online store .

Clear the cache

One of the ways to try to correct this type of inconvenience by clearing the application cache , that way it will erase the data of the application which may be interfering with the operation of the App.

This is a very simple and quick step, for this you just have to follow the steps that we will mention below:

  • To start you will have to enter the menu Settings / Settings>

Limpia el caché

  • Next you will select “Applications”.

Limpia el caché

  • There you will look for the “Google Play Store”

Limpia el caché

  • Once inside the App, you are going to enter the section Storage †.

Limpia el caché

  • Within “Storage” you will see two options, “Delete data” and “Delete cache” there you will press on the second, once this is done, the entire cache of the online store will have been cleaned.

Limpia el caché

  • It is important to repeat this whole process with the “Google Play Services” App.

Limpia el caché

  • Once inside the services, you will click on “Storage” and there you will press on the option of “Clear cache”.

Limpia el caché

To make sure that this method has worked you must close the store completely and try to enter again. Note that if the problem persists you can try the other steps that we will explain.


Clear the data and cache

This step is essential to do first when we present some kind of problem when you want to sign in to Google Play . Usually, whenever data is deleted and the cache is cleaned, the problems with the App are usually solved , but it should be noted that sometimes this does not happen and therefore we have to try other methods.

But, in order to ensure that everything goes correctly it is important to clear the data and the application cache , all data will be deleted there including those that are presenting some kind of inconvenience for its operation.

In order to perform this action you just have to perform these steps:

  • The first thing you have to do is enter the “Settings” of the device.

Borra los datos y la caché

  • Then go to clearlyAplicaciones†.

Borra los datos y la caché

  • Once inside this section you will select the “Google Play Store” icon.
  • Now you will see the option of “Force Close. ”

Borra los datos y la caché

  • After closing the store we will select the option of “Clear cache” and “Clear data”.

Borra los datos y la caché

It is recommended to clear cache and then restart the computer. If the problem continues then it is recommended to perform some of the following steps that we will explain.

Update to the latest version

This will be another alternative that can be used when you want to recover access to the Android app online store . However, it should be mentioned that this App will always be updated automatically and silently, that is, we will never notice or receive a notification telling us that Google Play is being updated to a newer version.

But, despite this, there is also a way to update the Play Store manually , this is usually done when there is some kind of error in the App that cannot be corrected or when we simply want to have new applications that do not appear with our current version.

So, in order to perform this manual update we just have to follow these steps:

  • For this you are going to have to enter “Settings” and then consequentially Security.

Actualizar a la última versión

  • Once there you will enter “Install unknown applications”.

Actualizar a la última versión

  • Now you have to download the latest version of “Google Play” from here , it is a 100% reliable link to perform any type of download.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the Apk, you just have to search the file of the Android app store on your phone.
  • Your device will notify you when you are going to perform the update, which you will have to accept.

In this way you will be able to perform this type of update in a simple way , keep in mind that the same system will tell you when an update is available.

Other ways to carry out this update are directly from the “Google Play” application. To do this you will have to perform the following steps:

  • The first thing you have to do is access from the App icon .

Actualizar a la última versión

  • Once inside the App you will press on the Menu.

Actualizar a la última versión

  • Then you will enter “Settings”.

Actualizar a la última versión

  • Now you swipe the screen up until you get the option of the “Play Store Version”.

Actualizar a la última versión

  • You just have to press on it and if there is a new version, you will automatically see a photo that tells you that the store has been updated.

Actualizar a la última versión

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