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How to speed up your Android mobile phone to the maximum and have an extra fast smartphone? Step by step guide

How to speed up your Android mobile phone to the maximum and have an extra fast smartphone? Step by step guide

Surely you find yourself with the great annoyance that your Android device does not work as fast as when you bought it, or it happens to you that in some applications and games, the mobile is stuck, does not respond or goes so slow that you It creates stress waiting. This is something very common that can happen on different devices, so it is undoubtedly due to many reasons that gradually take away your computer’s processing capacity.

One of the main causes is usually due to the deterioration of the components and errors that may be generated, such as the mixture of stored information, which, although they are deleted, remain in this, thus occupying much of the memory. In this case, you can accelerate or improve the capacity of your Smartphone using different procedures, each of them can help you or simply not make any changes to your mobile device. Remember that the model of your current device can greatly influence when optimizing it.

Although Google and its developers have constantly worked to improve its speed more and more, it is still a very controversial issue, as this, as we have said, is due to various factors. That is why in this tutorial we will explain step by step how you can improve the processing capacity of your device, in order to obtain a much faster device, almost the same as when you were using it for the first time. You must follow each method carefully, as some have a higher level of difficulty and can be a bit complex to follow for an inexperienced user.

Steps and tricks to improve Android phone performance when slow

There are currently many ways in which you can improve the performance of your mobile, each of them can be very effective, ineffective, or not generate any effect. Since this depends on whether the mobile equipment is of high, medium or low range, because at a higher level of quality the device will have more processing and storage capacity.

Remove or deactivate applications

Some applications such as games or services of the telephone company are pre-installed on some Android phones and tablets, they can be deleted or if you do not succeed, they can be deactivated. If you have a low-end mobile, this option can help you improve the performance and storage of your device.

To do this you must do the following:

  • go to “Settings”.

ingresar en configuración

  • Click on equallyApplications•.

elegir aplicaciones instaladas

  • Find the applications you are going to remove or disable .

elegir apliación para eliminar

  • Press the app and choose the option that is available, deactivate or delete it and confirm the action.

eliminando aplicación

Do not use animated backgrounds or Live Wallpaper

The “ live wallpaper ” are very striking and interesting, but what you don’t know is that they consume a lot of processing capacity of your device if you do not have a computer with high performance, so it is better that these wallpapers do not install them.

Especially since they generate even increased power consumption, which translates into a shorter battery life.

Remove unnecessary widgets

They are very versatile and useful tools on Android, but these can generate a consumption of the processing capabilities on your device by slowing it down. Therefore it is recommended that you eliminate those widgets that are not strictly necessary to enjoy best of your device.

Free the cache memory

Clearing or cleaning the cache memory is very useful in almost any device, since, if it is saturated, some functions as basic as seeing a WhatsApp status will become an impossible task. By that is necessary to empty or clean it on a recurring basis, especially in those low-end devices.

To clear the cache you must do the following:

Enter “Settings”.

  • Press the optionStorageª.

ver el espacio ocupado de la memoria

  • Choose “Internal shared storage”.
  • Scroll down until you get the option “Data cached.”

limpiar memoria caché

  • Click on it and confirm that you want to delete the data located there.

confirmar eliminación de memoria caché

  • The procedure may take a few seconds or a few minutes, depends on how much information is stored and the data processing capacity of your mobile device.

Update your Android device

Keeping your Android device’s operating system up to date can be very useful to have or improve performance. If you have a relatively new device or belonging to the mid and high range, it is possible that the manufacturer regularly makes updates that improve the operation of the device.

If you have a low-end phone or with somewhat older Android versions, you can think of performing an operating system update by installing a new Rom, (using a version of Newest Android).

  • Enter accounConfiguraciones†.
  • Scroll down to the “System updates” option and tap on it .

actualizacion del sistema

  • You will choose the “Check for system updates” option.

buscar actualizaciones del sistema

  • If there is an update available you will see a box telling you if you want to install it.
  • Press manuallyInstall it.
  • The system will start with the download and then with the installation of the update.
  • The computer may ask to restart, or otherwise restart automatically to complete the installation . This task can take several minutes just wait until the phone turns on as usual and you can use it.

Control Android startup apps

There are many applications that, even after they have been closed, continue running in the background, consuming more or less of the processing speed of your telephone equipment.

For this there are different tools that can help you with this problem on your device. One of them is Advanced Task Manager, that will allow you to manage your device efficiently.

Advanced Task Manager

Free RAM space < / h3>

The multitasking function is a great tool, because it allows us to change applications without closing any of the others, but this procedure generates consumption and occupies space in our RAM, which when viewed saturated with data causes the computer to run somewhat slow.

On some devices there is a function to close them all at once or individually. Clearing used space in RAM is very useful in low-end devices.

opcion multi tarea

Synchronize photos and videos with the cloud

Store your data as photos and video in the cloud, either directly in Google Photos or in other applications for the same purpose, you will find it very useful to increase the storage space on your device. Once the data is saved you can delete it directly from your device.

  • To do this, just go to “Settings”.
  • Choose the option before Storage †.
  • Click on < Internal shared storage ”.

ver el espacio ocupado de la memoria

  • Then press ► images images.

eliminar archivos de la memoria interna

  • You can select the folder where the images you want delete or delete them one by one, or else select them all.

Deactivate the animations and dynamics on the screen

This will allow you to increase the performance of your Android smartphone. To do this first you must have activated the programmer function to be able to make the necessary changes. Remember to only change the parameters that we indicate.

In order to activate the programmer functionality you have to do the following:

  • Enter accounConfiguration†.
  • Scroll down the screen until you get the “About phone” option. Click on it .

informacion acerca del telefono

  • Now you will press multiple times on the “Build number” option. Until you get a warning message telling you “You’re a programmer!”.
  • Go back to the previous screen, there you will see a new option called “Programmer” . Click on it.

opciones de programador

  • You will navigate between the different options until you get the clearlyDrawning.
  • You will choose the following options to deactivate : “Window animation scale”, “Transition animation scale”, “Animator duration scale”.

eliminacion de animaciones de pantalla

Restart your phone every day < / h3>

A fairly simple trick is to restart your phone on a daily basis. This allows you to close and update the processes, so that they return to work correctly. As well as eliminate those procedures that are unnecessary in your phone, but they remain active.

Use your phone’s internal storage

If you have a mobile phone with an internal memory greater than 16 GB it is better to use it to store all your applications in it, instead of a micro SD card, since the they work with an average speed of 24MB / S of data transfer compared to the 100-300MB / S of internal disks. This difference in data transfer generates slowness when using your applications.

Therefore it is recommended that use your external memory or micro SD as a storage device for photos, videos and music.

Factory restoration

If all the above options have not taken effect, the best thing you can do is a factory restore on your device. This option will allow you to have your device as the first time you bought it. Before doing this, make a backup copy of all the data that you think is important.