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How to start a conversation from a web page to your WhatsApp Business account? Step by step guide

The WhatsApp popularity does not stop and that has led to more and more companies decide to use its commercial version to conduct business. Integration with other social networks is a factor that influences sales levels and approach to the public, but if you did not know it is also possible to integrate the App with your website.

Running the integration is not complicated and today we are going to explain it to you. This will help the client with just click on a button You can start a conversation with a department of the company from your mobile device, laptop or desktop computer.

You will have various ways of create the link between WhatsApp Business and your website. Well be it for a WordPress plugin, Obtain a HTML code or ultimately resort to an external platform, which is available for free and in paid versions.

What are the benefits of integrating WhatsApp Business in the customer service of your website?

WhatsApp Business is undoubtedly one of the best tools to improve customer service, as well as to achieve direct interaction in order to achieve a conversion that leads to a sale.

Here are the main benefits of using it:

  • Wide audience: the main advantage is that most people use WhatsApp, which means that a high percentage of users who enter your website will surely be able to contact you directly through this platform.
  • Direct interaction: getting the mobile number of a user is a much more valuable lead than any other data on it, since it is a direct contact to a device to which it will always be attached, and which will always see the notifications that arrive.
  • Improve the customer-company relationship: If you are smart and share valuable content in your broadcast messages or statuses, you can create a very close relationship with your customers.

Learn step by step how to start a conversation from a website with your WhatsApp Business account

To start a conversation from your website with WordPress to your WhatsApp Business you will need a plugin. In this case we will explain how to do it with the plugin VVAme, which is one of the most used options. This requires 2 processes; plugin installation and button configuration and chat window configuration.

Let’s see the steps to follow below:

General button settings

The first thing is install and configure the chat button that will be displayed on your website interface with WordPress.

To do this, the steps you must follow are the following:

  • Go to the desktop of your administrator user WordPress and go to the section “Plugins”, once there look for the complement VVAme Y proceed to install it.
  • Now you must go to the “Settings” of the complement.
  • Once there, add phone number from which you are going to answer the queries.
  • You will also have to customize a predefined message that can be sent by those who wish to contact you, although this step does not need to be filled out.

  • Now define if you want the button to only be seen from the Mobile version of the page or if it can also be viewed from the desktop version. In the latter case when people select the button, they will be shown a window of Whatsapp Web for them to log in.
  • Other settings that you can customize are the button position, its shape and even the Colour. Once you have defined all this, select “Keep”.

Chat window settings

One time you have configured the number and shape of your WhatsApp button, it is time to configure in detail what will be displayed in the chat window.

In this sense, you can configure the following aspects:

  • Call to action: in which an automatic message is written that will be displayed as soon as the user opens the chat window.
  • WhatsApp home button: here a striking phrase is written that will be seen next to the button, such as “Talk to us, we are online!” or something like that.
  • Dark mode, warning balloon and chat delay– These fields will define the color of the window, how long it will take to display, and how you will notify customers when you reply.
  • Once you have completed all these changes, select “Keep” and ready.


The best WordPress plugins to integrate WhatsApp Business into your website and enhance it like never before

In the list that follows, you will get some of the plugins that have been created and that can be useful to integrate them to your website, thus having a chat that will take you directly to WhatsApp Business:

WhatsHelp Chat Button

It has a functionality that take visitors directly to WhatsApp and it integrates very easily with WordPress. One has to configure it on its official website from where you get a code that you must place in the plugins that you have already installed. Is completely free, although it has a paid version that adds other functions.

WhatsApp me

This plugin adds an icon in the upper left corner that turns into a live chat. With it you can customize a message that visitors can use to contact and is available for mobile versions. It is also free and is available on the official WordPress list.

WhatsApp Chat WP

It is one of the most popular to integrate it to the web. It has a free version and also a paid one. Its appearance is similar to that of a live chat and it is possible to choose to whom the message is sent from the list that has been previously loaded. Allows you to select the devices and positions for the buttons.

Discover how to manage the WhatsApp Business Leads that you get from your website and increase your database to send them ads

Users who enter your website through WhatsApp they will help youIncrease traffic but you can also add them to your contact lists to become part of your marketing strategy.

Let’s see:

  • First of all, you have to place the link that opens directly to WhatsApp and with a couple of click the contact is made.
  • Must be assign a person to this task.
  • One has to create a form that allows contact information to be recorded to be used in the campaign.
  • With this data we will prepare a base with the best possible segmentation, taking into account particular interests.
  • And so we will create a list of interested people in our services and products.

Tips to boost your sales funnel with WhatsApp Business from your website from scratch


For the process that we are going to create to be successful, you have to comply with some rules and good practices that do not bother the user, but rather attract you to the service we are offering.

So take data:

Not be invasive

Studies reveal that many people prefer block an advertising message for goods or services if it reaches them arbitrarily or without having requested it. This, in addition to affecting the client-company relationship, generates a bad image of your enterprise since it is understood that they do not respect the privacy of their users and that they do not master the correct methods to achieve empathy in an organic way.

Do not spam

No person wants to receive advertising messages on their phone every minute, no matter how interesting they are. As a recommendation, we could tell you that just sending a few a week is enough. Do not abuse this tool because you would be making a serious and costly mistake.

Don’t send messages without permission

Appearing out of the blue selling a product while being strangers is not a good idea. Messages from unknown numbers are not well regarded or trustworthy. Therefore, start your campaign with loyal customers and add new ones that are arriving on the web.

Alternate your messages

The more original and different the messages you send, they will be just as pleasant to those who receive them. Create different formats, with an educated language, taking care of the spelling and that they are entertaining.

Act like a human being

The warm and friendly communication helps break ice. Of course you have to be respectful without being informal. The receiver has to feel that you want to help him and value the texts and images that you are sending him.