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How to surf the Internet anonymously and stay hidden online? Step by step guide

How to surf the Internet anonymously and stay hidden online? Step by step guide

With so many dangers currently on the internet , the best thing to do to keep us completely safe in the real world is to navigate anonymously. You may think that this is enough to open an email with an exotic name like «ElbelloXXX», but the reality is that you will need more than that .

Both our computers and our internet connection have an IP code that would be like the fingerprint of this. This code is registered in each and every one of the web addresses we enter, making it very easy to track us through it . So no matter how many anonymous accounts you use, you will always be discovered over IP .

However, this does not mean that you really cannot navigate anonymously. In this article we will show you all the methods you can apply to do it . So keep your identity secured and your integrity risk free.

Methods and measures to navigate anonymously over the internet and have hidden all your data

Returning to what has been said, there are multiple ways to surf the internet anonymously to keep you 100% safe in everything you do. Next we will show you which are the most reliable and successful today , so that you can select the one you like best.



The TOR network is a project of the US naval militia that was launched to hide communications between ships, so that their signals cannot be intercepted and tracked by their potential rivals.

This works by creating a layered routing that misrepresents the connection between our computer and the server we want to connect to , causing it to bounce back in a gigantic re of users worldwide. In fact, this was the one that inspired P2P download networks.

This technology was disclosed in the DEEP WEB and made available to users through the browser Browser TOR , which It allows you to be part of the network and navigate with it to keep your communications in total anonymity. However, this has its disadvantages and is that the members of the network if they can know your IP and track it, as well as the fact that the speed of your connection will be adversely affected, becoming slower than normal.


The Invisible Internet Project is an excellent alternative to TOR . Both networks have many similarities, such as the fact that they use layered routing in a network of thousands of nodes, but the first one is simpler, so it does not affect the speed of your internet connection. What it does is that when you connect, randomly choose two of the thousands of nodes to create a tunnel of entry A and exit B

What the hell does this mean? Well, when you try to enter a website, instead of making the request directly to the DNS server on call, you do it to one of the nodes, this in turn sends it to another and it is the latter that makes the request to the DNS, making the original completely incognito.

Among the advantages, in addition to not interfering at all with the speed of your connection, is the fact that your IP remains anonymous even for network nodes , which guarantees you a plus confidentiality. In addition, in this network an active participation of the members is obtained, something that does not happen in Tor, reason why many prefer it over this one.

VPN networks free of registration


The VPN or Virtual Private Networks are, regardless of redundancy, private networks that encrypt communications between your computer and a server to offer you anonymity when downloading, especially illegal ones over P2P networks or similar, or just to skip geographic blocks. These work by sharing private addresses of their servers in all parts of the world so that not even ISPs can track traffic.

However, these networks were not created thinking about anonymity, but about privacy , so with them it is possible to locate you if there is a court order in between. In fact, multiple VPN companies have been sued for revealing information about their users, especially those that claim to be free.

To be completely sure, ideally you would use multiple networks, which can be expensive since those that are really reliable are paid and require a subscription of 9.99Eur . Imagine how many Netflix accounts and fees you would stop paying for it.

Decentralized operating systems or Live OS

A Tor or I2P browser can keep you anonymous when browsing and downloading programs, and even avoid annoying advertising. A VPN network can give you privacy. But none of them can guarantee 100% anonymity Why? Because there are multiple applications that remain active in the background that constantly send data through your internet connection.

In fact, there have been cases in which authorities have tracked people using Windows or MacOS error reports . If you really want to be 100% anonymous, you’ll have to Change operating system! Yes, it sounds extremely drastic and unexpected, but this is the reality of things, that’s the world you live in. .

Large centralized companies have to be accountable to the authorities , and if to save a problem they have to create one you will not hesitate for a second. That is why you will have to start using a decentralized OS.

However, this measure is not as drastic as it sounds. In fact it is not necessary to uninstall your Windows , since there are systems that can be stored from a USB stick or a CD in ISO format that you can start on your computer or laptop to do what you have to do without affecting your original operating system.

Here are 3 that you can start using now:

  • Tails : This is the official OS of the TOR network, which makes all browser traffic and applications go through that network and remain completely anonymous. It is based on the Windows interface, so it will be extremely easy to use, without forgetting that you can install all the applications without problems. You can get an ISO version or install it completely on your computer.
  • Whonix : This is another OS that encrypts your communications using the TOR network >. The problem with this is that it runs from a virtual machine, which will make it necessary to have a fairly powerful computer that can run this, in addition to its configuration is complicated for someone without knowledge.
  • Kali : This is an independent project that allows you to use your computer with the assurance that you will be in complete anonymity . It has the advantage that you can use it with both the Tor network and the I2P and you can run it from an ISO image on a USB or CD.

There are other alternatives to these n birds like Qubes and ZeusGuard that guarantee you very good security. It is up to you to investigate and determine which one you want for yourself.

DNS free of registration Ventajas y desventajas de usar un DNS público en tu equipo

Another way to keep less drastic than the previous one (but less effective) is by using public DNS servers free of registration What are these? DNS is a protocol that is responsible for encoding domain names . You may not know it but the addresses you use to enter a website must be encrypted in an IP address so that the servers can receive and process them.

Internet providers often have their own DNS, which means they keep a constant record of each and every one of the websites you enter . Therefore, if you want to remain anonymous, it is best to change these addresses and for a public record free.

To change these addresses you simply have to do the following:

  • Enter the “Network and Sharing Center” on your computer.
  • Click “Change adapter settings” strong> and select the connection you are using (Bluetooth, WiFi or Ethernet).
  • Then click on ownedProperties.


  • Now select “Internet Protocol version 4” or “Internet Protocol version 6” , depending on which one you use your computer.
  • In the window that opens you must check the box “Use the following DNS server addresses” and enter the corresponding ones to the new server you wish to use.

Cambiar DNS en IPv4

  • Now click on “Accept” and voila.

There are many DNS servers that you can use to stay anonymous. One of the most used are those of Google Public DNS , although Google being such a recognized company may break a government order. The alternatives we recommend are OpenDNS, OpenNIC and DNS.WATCH.

Disposable emails

The vast majority of online services and portals require you to register using your email, a tremendously personal data that will betray you in any of the ways Do you understand now that you are caught by the beard? strong> If you really want to remain anonymous you will have to do without using your accounts, so you have to use disposable emails that do not keep any records of you.

Disposable emails work very easily. They are providers that offer you an address that will remain open only 24h (sometimes less), so you can register for the portals you need. However, in them you will not be able to receive emails once they expire. This has its disadvantages, because if in the future you forget a password linked to this email you will not be able to recover it because there will be no tray to receive the verification code.



If you want to make a purchase and keep your bank details secured, the best thing you can do is use cryptocurrencies . As you know, these are decentralized currencies that do not depend on any bank or government that keep each transaction perfectly anonymous thanks to the benefits of the blockchain network.

In addition, there are more and more shops that accept them and trade between them and normal money is very easy to do . However, for this completely anonymous you will have to combine them with other methods in this list.

Use different IP addresses

It is not the most elegant or the most effective way, but using various IP addresses can help you keep your communications short-term anonymous. To do this you would have to constantly move from a computer or by changing your network router .

The problem with this is that, unless you’re a millionaire, there will be a limited number of computers and routers that you can have at your disposal , so sooner or later you’ll have to use one of them again, which will again make it easy to track and return to the beginning of everything.

List of free proxy sites to navigate anonymously

Another way to maintain your privacy when browsing is by using proxies webs . These encrypt your IP and make it remain anonymous while entering any website. In this sense, they are similar to VPNs, with the difference that it is not necessary to register in any database.

Here is a list of the best you can use:


This is a free proxy service that has servers in the United States or Europe, although you will not be able to choose a specific location within these countries. Its operation is idiot proof. Simply enter the portal, choose the server, enter the domain of the destination website and voila , you can start browsing with the best possible privacy. Among its singularities is the fact that you can directly enter social networks such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.


This is another free proxy service that will allow you to browse any web , regardless of whether or not it is blocked in your country. The operation is very simple since just by establishing the location of the server and writing the domain of the destination web you can start browsing without problems. In addition, has excellent support that makes private browsing not affect the speed of your internet .


We close this short list with one of the favorites of the international community of Internet users seeking privacy for your browsing. In addition, has free SSL support that guarantees that your data will be perfectly encrypted and secured .

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