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How to sync your phone contacts with your Outlook account? Step by step guide

Synchronizing the contacts of the email account with the phone book is possible, either with Gmail as many users do or also with Outlook, the mark of Microsoft, this regardless of whether we are using the operating system Android or iOS.

Synchronization of contacts allows access to data from any location, facilitating communication and improving productivity, since although social networks occupy an important place in today’s life, email is an ally in our daily tasks.

If you are a permanent Outlook user and you don’t know how to synchronize, keep reading this course, because we are going to focus on two basic aspects related to contacts: on the one hand link them with the mobile and on the other the appropriate way to import and export data from the phone book.

Learn how to synchronize your mobile contacts with Outlook

By having an account of Outlook, is can be added to smartphone to sync contacts to be kept in the mail with the phone book.

The steps you must take to link on Android and iOS we will tell you now:

On Android

Outlook Has many advantages when synchronizing contacts, because it allows doing it with accounts related together with the calendars.

Here we are going to show you how to link our phone book:

  • On your Android device go to “Setting”.

Access to Android Settings

  • Then enter “Applications and notifications”.

Access applications on Android

  • Search the application of Outlook.
  • Head up to “Permissions”.
  • When opening, go down to contacts and move the pin to the right side for activate it.
  • Now, you go to the application itself of Outlook.

Enable permissions in Android apps

  • When you enter, look for the section “Setting”.

Allow Outlook to Synchronize Contacts

  • And you touch on “Synchronization of contacts”.

On ios

There are different ways to Synchronize mobile contacts with the iOS system.

In this case, we will explain how to do it with Outlook in a very simple way:

  • In “Setting” search “Outlook”.
  • Now tap on “Contacts”.
  • The switch indicating the update should be marked green.
  • Opens the application of Outlook for iOS.
  • In your account settings, you activate “Synchronization of contacts”.

So you can export or import contacts from Android or iOS to Outlook

This section is based on the task of bring us the contacts from Outlook to the device or on the other hand, take the content of the agenda for the email account.

We are going to teach you in a practical way how to do both:

to import

In these lines we are going to explain how bring contacts from Outlook account to the phone book of your device with Android.

Just take care of doing the following:

  • Opens your account and reaches “Contacts”.

Synchronize contacts on Android

  • In the section “Archive” Mark “Import and export”.
  • Choose “Export a file “ and click on “Following”.

Add contacts from Outlook to Android

  • Now choose “Export to SD card”.
  • The file will be saved in external memory.
  • From there You can copy it to the phone or send the file by mail to an account Gmail to configure it with the service Google.

Now we show you the route you must follow to import the contacts that you have saved on your iOS device:

  • On mobile, get to “Settings” and then to “Contacts”.
  • Being in “Contacts”, we seek “Accounts” and “Add accounts”.

Steps to sync contacts on Android

  • You choose Outlook and proceed to enter your account details.
  • There are the contacts that we are going to import to device.
  • It will show you four options, select “Contacts” to copy them to the device.

To export

This time we will see how to transfer the contacts that we already have stored and added on the mobile device to the Outlook email agenda:

  • On the phone, search “Contacts”.
  • Opens the menu.
  • Choose the function “Import or export.”

Export contacts from Android to Outlook

  • Tap on “Export to SD card”.
  • Copy the file that you saved in the previous step.
  • Run “Import or Export vCard” to send the file to Outlook.

Steps to export contacts on Android

  • Mark the first task installation wizard.
  • Select the contact folder to import from Android Y choose a location.

Export contacts to internal storage

  • Configure the following window according to your priorities.
  • And click on “Finalize” to run the import.

Now, we will make a backup copy of the contacts saved in iOS, to have them backed up in email and be able to use them on any device:

  • Connect the device to a computer via cable USB.
  • Launch the iTunes application to perform the procedure.
  • Now click on the information icon on your device, press “Synchronize contacts” after which you must mark the option of “Outlook”.
  • In the next window, press “All contacts” if you want to back them all or select the ones you want to send.
  • After you select, click on “Apply” to finish syncing.
  • Now, enter your email Outlook using your credentials and You should already see all your contacts exported from the mobile device.