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How to uninstall applications on iPhone and iPad fast and easy? Step by step guide

Have a mobile device without installing third party applications It is almost impossible, since these devices have been developed basically for it, to add different apps that help the user to enjoy additional tools to those already offered by the terminal. For this there are millions of apps available in the official store of the App Store.

However, as installing an application is a so simple and fast process, it is common for users install many of these programs on your smartphones coming to fill quickly the memory of your computer. This being one of the main reasons why on many occasions you cannot add more photos to the gallery, download music from the web, install new apps, among many others, since it will simply appear that "There is not enough memory space."

If this has happened to you and you don't know how to get more free space on your mobile so I can continue storing photos, music and other files, then you will need to take a look at all those installed apps you don't use. In this way, here we are going to teach you how to uninstall the apps installed on your iPhone and iPad in a very simple and fast way.

Why should we remove the applications that we do not use from our iOS?

One of the most common mistakes people make is download a large number of applications to your terminalespecially since most of it are completely free why nothing will be lost if it does not turn out as expected. This is how according to different studies they have revealed that every 6 applications that a person downloads to the smartphone ends up using 1, while the rest continue being installed on the mobile.

Today there are a lot of programs for listen to music, edit photos, games, social networks, among many others, all of them being quite attractive for most people. All this makes users want try each one arriving a moment where already There is no free space on the device due to so many applications installed on it.

Therefore power delete the applications you no longer use on your smartphone will help you first of all to free up more space on your device's internal or external memory, this will allow you to be able store more images, music, videos or any other type of file you want. Also, by getting more memory space, your device could work Too much faster thus offering a better performance at all times.

Steps to uninstall any application from your iPhone or iPad quickly and easily

If install one iPhone application is easy, uninstalling it is even moreThis process is very simple and quick to do so you will have no excuses to start delete all those programs that you don't use on your computer. This process can be carried out in two different ways which we are going to show you next.

To do this, follow each of the methods that we will explain:

Delete an app directly

  • In this case you should find the app you want to delete on your home screen.
  • Once you find it you must touch and hold the app icon for a few seconds until a menu will appear.
  • There you will find two options, "Edit Home Screen" and "Delete app", in this case press the latter and then touch again "Remove" for this software is deleted from your terminal.

In case you have subscriptions in some of the apps you want to delete, you may see a possible option to "Cancel subscriptions".

Manual uninstall

Another form of power remove these programs from your terminal is doing the process from the menu "General", for this you must execute this procedure:

  • The first thing will be to enter the section "General" and there look for the item of "IPhone or iPad Storage" so you can see all the applications installed on your smartphone and that you can uninstall.
  • Now find the program you want delete and select it, there you must click on the option "Uninstall app" so that it is deleted from your device.

Manual uninstall

Please note that once deleted the program from your smartphone, you can search again in the App Store and install it whenever you want, simply entering with your Apple ID data.

How to uninstall preinstalled iOS apps step by step?

IPhone devices like Android, Windows computers, Mac, among others it also has a series of already installed programs factory and which cannot remove in the normal way as if done with the apps installed through the App Store. In general, these types of already installed programs are responsible for offering some function in specific of the mobile and for the which is required of your presence in it.

However, many of them are never used and end taking up space on the computer, preventing new tools from being installed or new files being added to the smartphone. Luckily for iPhone users, since the arrival of iOS 10 users can remove these pre-installed apps. For this it will be necessary to carry out the steps that we will indicate below:

Delete pre-installed app on iOS 10 or higher

In the event that you have a team of iOS 10 or higher the removal process is going to be very similar to to delete a third-party app. This is because these teams They are configured so that their users can easily remove the factory apps, To do this, perform these steps:

  • Find the icon of the app you want delete from your smartphone.
  • Now hold it down for a few seconds until your mobile vibrates. There you must click on the cross".
  • And finally select the option of "Remove".

Delete pre-installed app on iOS 10 or higher

Delete a pre-installed app in versions prior to iOS 10

In the event that your team is one lower version than iOS 10, then you will have to do a extra procedure to be able to do this. In this case do the following:

  • To start you must do a backup on your smartphone.
  • To do this, enter the "Settings", there choose the option of "ICloud".
  • In the new window that appears on the screen select Backup and connect the terminal to the computer through iTunes.
  • Here you must install the new iOS 10 update, for this enter the "Settings" and then in "General".
  • In the window of "General", you must select the option of "Software Update", Please note that the device must be sufficiently charged In order to carry out this installation, it usually takes a few minutes.
  • Once iOS 10 version installed, you can perform the steps mentioned above to be able uninstall factory pre-installed apps.

Apple apps that can be removed

It is important to mention that not all Apple pre-installed apps can be removed, some of them they are permanent and you will not be able to eliminate them despite trying a thousand completely different methods.

Accordingly, here we offer you a List of apps that you can delete on your Apple smartphone:

  • Apple Watch
  • Calculator
  • Bag
  • Calendar
  • House
  • Tips
  • Find my friends
  • Contacts
  • Maps
  • Music
  • Notes
  • News
  • Mail
  • Tips
  • Reminders
  • Videos / TV
  • iCloud Drive
  • iBooks
  • Weather
  • Podcasts
  • Voice note
  • iTunes Store

Pre-installed apps that cannot be deleted

As we mentioned earlier not all preinstalled Apple programs can be erased, there are still a small number of them that are still untouchable due to the fact that they fulfill really important functions in the smartphone which cannot be missed.

In this way, here we show you the list of apps that cannot be deleted from the iPhone or iPad:

  • App Store
  • Adjustments
  • Messages
  • Photos
  • Health
  • Clock
  • Wallet
  • Search for