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How to uninstall Linux and install Windows correctly like an expert? Step by step guide

Definitely, Linux is still not gaining ground in the desktop computer market. Microsoft claims that it has more than 1.5 million users in the world, while barely 20 or 30 million PCs have a Linux distro Is it possible that so many people are wrong?

You should know the reasons why Linux has a much lower quota than Windows Y MacOS, the worst thing is that there are no lights for them to start doing things that have a favorable impact for them.

We will tell you step by step how to uninstall any Linux distribution and start using Windows, which is more end-user friendly and this is one of the reasons that tip the balance in its favor.

What are the benefits of using Windows instead of Linux? Is the change worth it?

Windows 10 interface

It is more likely that people move from Linux to Windows, what of Windows to Linux. Although this migration depends on the type of user and their purposes with the operating system.

The truth is that the difference between the total number of users that both have is immense and it is due to the following reasons:

  • Easy to use: Linux lovers like difficult things, which are not imposed on them what to do, that is why they stay with this distro, because Windows is a closed system in which people receive the simple functions in their own way.
  • There are more developers: It is not a secret that Windows is the Android, but of computers. There are millions of people working on programs to meet different needs and the main development platform is Windows, then MacOS.
  • It is aimed at end users: This is one of its strongest points, because most people like things easy and Windows is an expert on this subject. Microsoft tries to make the learning curve in its environment smoother, so in each version of Windows we do not see many changes at the same time.
  • It has better graphics: programs in Windows are better developed to wow people with amazing graphics, whereas this is not the case in Linux. But, contrary to popular belief, it is actually MacOS that cares the best about this issue.
  • It is a standard: one of the advantages is that Windows is a single operating system that has changed over time. Instead, there are so many distros on Linux that people feel at a loss as to which is the best option. Each variant of Linux meets the needs of a specific sector, while Windows tries to cover everything.
  • Solution power: Whether you buy third-party technology or its own developers do the work, Microsoft takes it upon themselves to be the first to offer a solution to people, although sometimes they are not the best. The update cycles in Linux are slower and with less advance.

Learn step by step how to uninstall any Linux distribution from your computer correctly

For this example, we are going to consider that you are an end user (a developer would know what to do) and it will be taken into account that you must have installed both the Linux distro that you want to remove, as well as the Windows 10 version.

Go for it:

Before starting

Windpws login at the end of the installation

If you wonder why you should have both operating systems installed, it is because if you only have Linux and you want to put Windows, all you have to do is install Windows and it takes care of formatting your PC and remove Linux completely.

Both Linux and GRUB they will be eliminated, so the method that we are going to use will only leave Windows as a single operating system. You must have a stable internet connectionso Windows can make some adjustments during installation. Also, the version Windows 10 Synchronize all the settings with your email account.

Backup copy

Data backup with Pendrive

If there are files you don’t want to remove from Linux, You must extract these materials with a pendrive, a removable disk or a Micro SD memory and keep them off your PC. Although in the Windows environment there are no risks, it is better to carry out this process with the files safe, in your hands. It does not hurt to make this clarification to avoid incidents and losing important information by believing that backups are done by themselves.

Uninstall any Linux distro

Find the System Symbol in Windows 10

The uninstallation will be done from the Windows environment, so you will not know about Linux from this point on:

  • Log in in Windows 10.
  • Go to the internal search engine and type “Symbol of the system”.
  • A new window will appear, select “Execute as an administrator”.
  • Write the command “DISKPART”.
  • Then write “List disk”.
  • In the GTP section, there should be an asterisk, that indicates the type of disk being used.
  • Go to windows symbol on your desktop and click the right mouse button.
  • Choose “Disk management”.
  • Partitions that are not recognized they are usually those of Linux.
  • The partitions that say “NTFS” Y “FAT32” They are the Windows ones and you should not touch them.
  • You will see a box with lines in each partition, select the right mouse click and select “Remove volume”.
  • You should do it on all partitions associated with Linux.
  • One time do it in partition, you go to the next phase.

Adjust bootloader

Activate the System Symbol in Windows 10

Technically there are no longer two operating systems, but your machine doesn’t know.

For this reason, we must make several more adjustments:

  • Run the “Symbol of the system”.
  • Write to the console “Diskpart”.
  • You should also write “Sel disk 0”.
  • Now, you need to select the IFE partition. Writes “Sel part 1”.
  • Assign a letter, for example “Z”. You must write “Assign letter z:”.
  • Finish the setting with the command “Exit”.

Repair your PC boot

For the machine to turn on without problems, we must make one more change from the command console:

  • Write the command: bcdboot c:windows /s z: /f all.
  • At the end of the process, the console should say “Boot file created successfully.”
  • You must also enter: bcdedit.exe /enum firmware.
  • Find the UEFI entry of the distro that was in that PC.
  • If he “Path” says the name of the distro (“/EFI/Ubuntu/”, for example) then you must write down the “Identifier” of that section.
  • Write the command bcdedit.exe /delete identificador anotado.

If instead of GTP, the disk type is MRB, you just have to open the Windows command console again and type:

  • bootsect.exe /nt60 c: /mbr

Once you complete this step, Everything will be ready for you to restart the computer and you will immediately see the Windows startup logo, instead of the GRUB.

Discover how to install Windows 10 on any computer in the fastest and easiest way

Installing Windows 10 is very easy if you have a CD with the ISO image original and legally acquired from Microsoft.

But it is unlikely that you have it physically, so you must create an image that you can use for the installation:

Create USB with ISO Image

The first thing you should do is lean on another computer to make the legal download of the Windows 10 ISO image and be able to place it on a pendrive, portable hard drive or an SD memory:

  • Go to the web Y download the image official of Windows 10.

Windows 10 download site

  • Save it in an easily accessible folder.
  • Download the authorized application “Windows USB / DVD Download Tool”.

Windows interface USB DVD Download Tool

  • Comply with installation. Run the installer and follow the wizard.
  • Opens the program.
  • Choose “Examine” and choose the ISO image that you have downloaded.
  • Press “Following”.
  • Select the type of unit, if applicable “USB device”.
  • Choose the device of your preference.
  • Choose “Begin copying”.
  • It will ask to format the pendrive or removable disk, select “Erase USB device”.
  • Wait for the copy reaches 100%.

Install Windows 10

Now is the time to complete Windows installationFor that you must keep the pendrive or removable disk connected to the computer with which you are going to work.

Even if you have Linux installed, when installing Windows 10, the distro you had will be eliminated:

  • Turn on your PC and press the key “F8”. This is how the BIOS appears.
  • Choose what do you want tear From a USB device.
  • Press “Save and exit”.
  • Your PC will restart and the wizard will start Windows 10 installation.
  • Select the “Language to install.”

Change language in Windows 10 settings

  • Choose the “Time and currency format”.
  • Check the type of “Keyboard or input method.”
  • Press “Following”.
  • Check the button “Install now.”

Install Now as part of Windows 10 configurations

  • Add the license number.
  • Since you don’t want to have partitions, select the hard drive that appears and press “Following”.
  • Wait for what the installer reaches 100% and is done.

Configure OS

To do these steps correctly, internet connection is required.

Although you can also skip these steps if you do not have access to the web:

  • Choose whether or not you want the assistant “Cortana”.

Cortana settings in Windows 10

  • Press the country Where are you.
  • Log in with your Windows username and password, it can also be the mail.
  • Mark the services sync you want.
  • Choose if you want or not make a backup.

Backup during Windows 10 installation

  • Press “Finalize”

Once you finish, wait for the Windows 10 desktop to start up completely and wait for the updates to take place automatically of the operating system, the security system and the applications that come by default with the first installation.

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