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How to unlock a Samsung phone for unlimited use? Step by step guide

How to unlock a Samsung phone for unlimited use? Step by step guide

In general, all telephony brands have some limitations for their users, they avoid in some way that devices can be used completely free, performing any type of activity on them, as is the case of using them with any telephone operator.

It also has a security system that is becoming increasingly sophisticated, thus preventing these devices from being used by third parties without the authorization of their owners. To this offers blocks through the fingerprint, facial recognition, PIN, patterns, numeric keys, among some others.

Each of these tools prevents third parties from accessing another person’s mobile easily. In the case of Samsung it has different types of locks, as well as different security methods . With all this in mind, here we are going to show you a little more about how to unlock your Samsung mobile .

What are the types of locks a Samsung phone can suffer ?

In the case of Samsung and most Android devices , these have two types of locks , as is network blocking and the security lock, being the most used by all users and which is mostly applied on the mobile screen , thus preventing third parties from being able to access the terminal menu without the consent of the owner.

With this in mind, here we are going to show you these two locks that you can get in any Samsung device .

Security lock

In all or almost all Android devices , especially in the Samsung brand, security locks can be performed in order to provide greater protection to all information stored on the device by the user. This type of lock is responsible for requesting a password or any other method in order to enter the system menu .

In addition, it has a very high level of protection , that is, it is only allowed to enter a certain number of times the possible correct answer , of otherwise, the system will automatically prevent access to the equipment for a few minutes, and in some cases permanently until the owner requests security deactivation.

Therefore, this security system is the most used on all mobile devices, as it becomes the main privacy tool for all users, preventing other people from accessing the personal information contained there .

Network lock

The other type of blocking we found is the network blocking , this is a bit more advanced than the one mentioned above. Usually, each time a mobile device is acquired, it is already associated with a mobile company, and in turn has a PIN assigned in order to work with that operator.

But, on many occasions the client for some type of personal or work motive has to change operations loves and needs to change the telephone network . This is where the network block is located, it prevents the device from connecting freely to another operator’s network , so it is necessary to perform a Unlocking the smartphone so it can be used with the desired network.

What security lock methods are implemented by Samsung mobiles?

¿Qué métodos de bloqueo de seguridad implementan los móviles Samsung?

Android devices often have different security methods available on your system, this offers a variety of locks to each of his clients, thus allowing him to choose the one with which they feel most comfortable. It is also important to mention that the variety of them will depend on the smartphone model, taking into account that the newest ones have more current blocking system as is the fingerprint .

According to this, here we are going to show you what are the main security methods that you can get on a Samsung device to protect your data and private information:

  • None: In the mobile home screen appears directly the power button which you just have to press and slide to one side of the screen for it to unlock.
  • Swipe: In this case there is no security , just slide your finger on any part of the screen so you can enter the system.
  • Pattern: This consists of joining different points that appear on your home screen to some extent Type of figure or drawing. It is currently one of the most used, available in almost all Samsung versions .
  • PIN: has a medium level of protection / high where the user has to enter 4 numeric digits to unlock the smartphone.
  • Password: Considered as one of the safest methods , thus having a high security type . It consists of having to enter a large number of number and letters combined to unlock the screen.
  • Fingerprints: One of the highest protection measures offered by smartphones, it is only available in the latest models launched on the market. This consists of placing the fingerprint on a specific part of the mobile and when it is recognized, the screen is unlocked.
  • With the face: Another method that is only available in the latest versions of these phones is unlocking through the face . To do this, the terminal system activates the front camera and analyzes your face , if it matches the one you have previously programmed you can access the device menu.

Steps to unlock your Samsung if you have forgotten the pattern and PIN Security

Pasos para desbloquear tu Samsung si has olvidado el patrón y el PIN de seguridad

As we have already mentioned in the post, these methods to block access to the terminal are very important, since they prevent anyone from freely accessing the data stored in the smartphone . However, on many occasions the user forgets the PIN or pattern that is set for access.

If this happened to you and you don’t remember the password to enter your smartphone again , here we are going to teach you two methods for this, one is about doing < strong> a mobile reset where all the data stored there will be lost, being this the most effective method , and as a second option we have a method that is performed via email with the Google account offered by the Samsung.

Therefore, here we show you these methods so that you can have access to your mobile again if you have forgotten the access password .

Unlock your Samsung with a hard reset

You can say that this is the most effective method since it always works, but it is also very drastic since it prevents users from recovering the information they have stored on the computer. It is important to mention This process is very simple and quick. Here you will delete all the information you have there except those of the SIM or Micro SD card , also known as the external memory.

To perform this method you need to follow these steps:

  • The first thing will be turn off the device.
  • Now remove the SIM and external memory .
  • Then press the power button and press turn up the volume simultaneously or the power button and turn down the volume until the terminal turns on and enters the “Recovery Mode”. Keep note that the sequence of the buttons will depend on the equipment.
  • When you have entered this mode you will see a completely different screen than the one you always see when you turn on the mobile.
  • With the help of the volume up and down buttons you can move between the menu. There, look for the Wipe Data / Factory Reset option and press the power button to “Accept” the option.
  • < / ul>Desbloquea tu Samsung con un hard reset

    • Here you will be asked to confirm the process that you want to do, with the volume buttons select “Yes” and accept.
    • < li> Here you are going to start the restoration process , you must wait for it to finish. When this happens on the screen you will get a new menu with the option of “Reboot System Now” which is selected.

    • After this, the system will automatically start to delete all the information and it will turn on.
    • Finally, you must perform all the terminal configuration as the first time you bought it, you must enter the language, your name, location , among other questions that will be asked for configuration.

    Unlock the mobile with the help of Google mail

    Another way that we can use to unlock the smartphone is through Google mail. In this case it is about using the account login feature from Google offered by Samsung . However, it is important to mention that this method is only available for the latest versions of these phones , and that very scarcely have other brand equipment .

    Therefore, here we show you how to carry it out:

    • The first thing will be to be connected to a WiFi network or that the smartphone has mobile data .
    • Now enter the pattern as many times as necessary until you get a warning on the screen with a message that you have to wait a few seconds to re-enter your password , this usually appears at the 5th time .
    • Under the pattern area you see an option like Forgot the pattern? And click on it.
    • A new window opens where you you have to enter your email and Gmail password that you have associated in your team.
    • Once you have filled in these fields press on the option ” Sign in. ”
    • Here you will go to verify your account.
    • When the verification process is over >, the mobile device will have been unlocked and you can make a password change .

    How to unlock your Samsung’s network and use it with any operator ?

    One of the great limitations experienced by users of mobile devices are the restrictions that they present for use with any telephone operator different to which they originally belong. Although many of these devices are now released to work with two or more telephone companies.

    However, knowing that this is one of the major problems that most customers have, here we will show you how you can unlock your smartphone’s network and start using with SIM cards from other operators , to do this follow these steps:

    • To perform this process you will have to enter the “Settings” of your device.
    • There look for the “Biometric data and security” section .

    Cómo desbloquear la red de tu Samsung y utilizarlo con cualquier operador

    • Now with the help of your finger, scroll down the screen until you get the option “Other security settings”.

    Cómo desbloquear la red de tu Samsung y utilizarlo con cualquier operador

    • Here you will see the “SIM card lock” section and click on it.

    Cómo desbloquear la red de tu Samsung y utilizarlo con cualquier operador

    • Here you see the SIM you have on your mobile and the option of “Change PIN”. If you want to change operators, simply click on “Change SIM card PIN” and then enter the PIN of the new operator you want to use.
    Cómo desbloquear la red de tu Samsung y utilizarlo con cualquier operador

    Please note that this procedure may change depending on the device model. However, they are all very similar.