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How to update all the applications on my Windows 10 computer automatically? step by step guide

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When it comes to our electronic devices and more specifically the applications we have on them, we want to always be at the forefront and We always seek to have all our apps in optimal condition. But in general, we do not have enough time to carry out this task, which can become a torment if we have 30 or more installed.

That is why these types of tasks are already predetermined to be carried out automatically without the user’s attention, except to accept or cancel it, at least that is the case in terms of Android devices or iOS devices, but what about Windows? More than once we have realized that we are using practically obsolete versions of applications, that could have been updated some time ago, but as time is short and we live involved in our daily activities, we simply do not realize this.

If you feel identified with what you just read, this article is for you, here We will teach you step by step 3 methods with which you can solve the update problem of Windows 10 applications, so that you have your computer optimized to the maximum and you can take full advantage of it in your day-to-day activities.

How to update all my applications in Windows 10 automatically?

It is very possible that the new Windows 10 system of our computers comes with certain flaws that prevent Microsoft Store or Windows Store apps from updating automatically, so the first method is as follows:

semi-automatic method

With this we are basically going to “force” the system to update the applications:

  • Open the store, for this you will press “Start” and you will select the icon of the “Microsoft Store” in the list of applications or in the entry of “Start”. You can also find it in the task search bar located at the bottom.

Microsoft Store

  • Now you have to look for the updates, once with the store open you will click on the 3 points in the upper right corner, and then you will select the first option that says “Downloads and Updates”.

Microsoft downloads and updates

  • Then you are going to force to update, in the new screen displayed you are going to press the button that says “Get updates.” This will show all the apps that are installed, but need to be updated.

get updates microsoft store

  • You only have to start the downloads that will be made one after the other, without stopping, as long as you are connected to the internet. At the end you will have all the applications updated to the latest version perfectly.

microsoft app update download queue

This method must be performed periodically to avoid delays, but if you don’t have enough time or you simply forget to do it the second method is for you then.

automatic method

We will activate this option so that the updates are made automatically without having to perform them.

So that when there are new versions, they are done quickly:

  • Open the “Microsoft Store”just like the previous explanation you can find it in “Start”in the application list or on the taskbar.
  • Go to the “Setting”you will select the 3 dot button located at the top right of the screen and this time you will select the second option from the menu that says “Setting”.

Microsoft store settings

  • Automate updates, on the screen of “Setting” You will see that the first option that comes out is “Update apps automatically”, It’s probably disabled. To activate it, you are only going to click on the pin to enable it.

 automatic updates store microsoft store

With this second method fulfilled, your computer will update the apps automatically every time a new version is released. But It is very possible that some of them are not updated with the previous methods and for that we have the third method.

Patch my PC Updater program

This program has left us speechless and it can’t be better than it already is, because it is responsible for updating and also optimizing your entire computer in a brutal way. With this you don’t have to deal with any installer, because the apps and programs are installed and updated without you practically realizing it. How does it work?

Being in the Apps function, you can click below where it says “Re-Scan installed apps” to do a scan of the tools you have installed Let’s see which one needs updating. Or you can browse the more than 300 that are sorted by categories such as: plugins and accelerators, browsers, multimedia playback programs, antivirus, among others, which will surely be very useful to you.

Patch my PC Updater program

As you can see in the image the apps that appear in green color will be the ones that are updated, those that appear in red are the ones that need updating and black are the ones you need to install on your computer to optimize its performance.

Once you have selected all the ones you want to install or update, you must click on the button that says “Perform (X) Update” located in the lower right corner. In this way you will see how everything you have selected is updated.

Fix: Error updating Windows 10 apps

It is likely that even with the 3 previous methods you will not be able to update or even download the applications from the Microsoft store, because When you start downloading the update you get an error similar to this.

Error updating Windows 10 apps

This is due to a code error in Windows 10. If your problem is that you cannot install or download applications from the store then we have two more methods, which will undoubtedly solve your problem

Being able to install apps

This step it will help you install apps without errors. Many times this happens because of the location assigned to the downloads, which is why you have to change it.

  • open the “Setting” of Windows 10. This does it from “Start” and once there you must click where it says “System”.

open windows 10 settings

  • Assign the installation address in the configuration of the system. Then go to the left side menu where it says “Storage”.

assign installation address

  • go where it says “New content storage location” and make sure it is like in the picture. By default the applications should be saved in the “Disk C”.
  • Once this method is finished you should be able to download apps without errors.

Download app updates

As we mentioned above these types of errors present when we have more than one disk in our computer, That is why we must take a look at it and verify that everything is in order.

  • open the “Setting” Windows 10.
  • Move apps to the main drive and click where it says “Applications and features”.
  • Then you will go down with the navigation bar until you find the application that you need to update and you will move it to the “Disk C”as it is the default.

move apps to main drive

  • finished this They should update automatically any of the apps.

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