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How to update Amazon Kindle eReader software for free? Step by step guide

How to update Amazon Kindle eReader software for free? Step by step guide

For those who don’t know him, Kindle is a digital book reader electronic . It allows you to buy, save and read books that have been purchased through a specific virtual platform; in this case, Amazon . But, like any electronic device, you have to go improving the features of your software to verify its correct operation. Thus, this post is aimed at those users who are looking for how to update the Kindle eReader software for free .

Kindle works through the mobile phone network or a wireless connection Traditional Wi-Fi . In this way, you can download the content so you can enjoy reading anywhere. In addition, it allows you to access Wikipedia , without such access generating traffic charges with any operator provided it is done from the user’s country of residence; so you will not lose your much desired data to be able to consult the meaning of any of the words that appear in the narration. Some devices also bring the option of being able to read some newspapers and magazines ; so it will also help you stay informed of the news.

The Kindle device more updated has improved , especially , its processor, the size and quality of the image that is emitted by the screen and its internal memory. In addition, certain applications are already included that may be of interest to you and what is even better, the price has not increased exponentially , since it has always been maintained within certain canons, so that It is, of course, an element that has improved its performance over time.

Guide to update the firmware of your Kindle manually

Tipos y modelos actualziados de Kindle

Some of the most interesting features that the Kindle eReader brings are the following : It can be put into the water for an hour without any problem, the size of its screen has been enlarged to make the letter look sharper and thus facilitate reading, it has an ambient luminescence sensor to that the brightness of the screen adjusts itself to the environment in which it is located, some also bring a small lamp attached to select the level of light intensity you prefer to read to your liking. Do you want more? Then follow the tutorial to be able to install the latest update of your software here .

In order to make this guide it is convenient to have your Kindle by hand, to go doing the steps as you read them. Before performing the manual installation of updates, make sure you have everything we discuss below:

  • Kindle device charged to 100% battery.
  • This driver on your PC
  • A USB cable to connect the Kindle to your computer.
  • Software download links

If you have already read the installation guide that your device brings but you are not clear or you are looking for something simpler to update the Kindle eReader software , continue reading. Remember to have everything we asked for in the previous paragraph. Let’s go there!

Download and install the new Kindle firmware for free

These updates will be installed on your Kindle when you activate its wireless connection. All you have to do is put your device connected to the light and allow the facilities.

Download page for all versions of Kindle

You will not have to follow any process that forces the download; just wait for the new changes to appear on your eReader Kindle It is possible that sometimes it is necessary to install an earlier version than the last one available to gradually climb the updates. To prevent this from happening, our advice is that you often check for improvement packages and install them .

How to know what version I have installed on my Kindle?

If you need to know in what version the software installed on your Kindle moves You can do it by following the steps below.

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