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How to update Facebook Messenger Lite easily, quickly and without risks? step by step guide

UPDATED ✅ Do you know the light or Lite version of Facebook Messenger? ⭐️ ENTER HERE ⭐️ and update the APK to the latest version available

Do you need to update Facebook Messenger Lite? We all already know the new Facebook messaging application well: FacebookMessenger. As Zuckerberg likes, this is an application for all audiences that facilitates the connection by video or chat between users. This makes it require extensive resources for the teams. But, What about people with old devices, very slow connections, or no Wi-Fi?

In 2016, Facebook created the application MessengerLite Facebook Messenger Lite Icon

, which, as its name suggests, is a lighter version for places where technologies are still under development. They eliminate the famous pop-ups of conversations, video calls, games and the most animated icons. That is, it becomes more basic and allows its use in more limited devices. for now, can only be used on Android devices.

It should be noted that several functions of the facebook messenger app, continues to maintain them. For example, you can use emoji (although they only keep the simplest ones), voice calls, chats themselves and stickers.

Update Facebook Messenger Lite on Android step by step

update facebook messenger lite android

If you had already installed it on your device, continue reading that I am going to explain how to update Facebook Messenger Lite easily, quickly and safely. And if you don’t have it yet, below you can download it without any problem in its latest version.

This application is constantly updated, as is the case with Android applications in general. Therefore, you have to be very careful to always find us in the latest version and avoid both security and obsolescence surprises. In principle, if you have the automatic updates option activated, you will not have any problem. In this way the cell phone will detect the moment in which a update for facebook messenger lite Facebook Messenger Lite Icon

and it will carry out the entire process automatically, without the user having to intervene at any time.

If you have disabled this option for some reason, then you should perform the following steps to keep this app up to date on your Android:


  1. Go to the location where the Google Play Store Icon Google Play Store.
  2. Now click on the button “Settings top left, is this icon
  3. Click on the button “My Apps and Games“.
  4. By default, the first apps and games that appear are those pending to receive the update. Now you need to search for the app Facebook Messenger Lite Facebook Messenger Lite Icon. Remember that you must be careful not to confuse it with other Messenger applications that you may have on your phone.
  5. Click on the box “To update” found next to the app.
  6. At that point, the update download and installation will begin.
  7. The app will disappear from the list since it is no longer pending to be updated.

Another way to perform the update is as follows:

  1. Also go to the Play Store Icon Google Play Store.
  2. Search for the app by its name in the upper white box (seeker) and pressing “enter“.
  3. Choosing it from the search results will usually come out first in the list.
  4. The presentation screen of the application will open. This will include two buttons: “uninstall” Y “To update”. Tap the second option.
  5. The download of the additional material will start and this app will be installed on your terminal.
  6. When it is finished, the button “To update“will have become”Open”since update is no longer required.

*Note: If the size of the update is very large, it may ask you to restart your phone. This, above all, usually happens when updates are made related to themes of security policy.

Remember that it may be the case that the app needs permissions on update. A message will appear on the screen and all you have to do is confirm that you agree with what is asked of you.

Update Facebook Messenger Lite on iOS iPhone Phones

for now, the version of this application for iOS does not exist. To this day, it has not been necessary to have to use reduced functionalities on iOS phones. These terminals have enough memory, both physical and virtual, in addition to the way it works your CPU is much faster what it seems like. They have no need for lighter applications, because they have more memory and the possibility of contracting up to 500GB.

In any case, if at any time this option arises for Apple devices, then that is when we should mark that application so that it updates automatically and forget about unnecessary problems. The update could surely be done from your own app store App Store Icon

and without generating any kind of problem for the end user.

Download and update Facebook Messenger Lite by APK

If you are one of those users who always wants to have all the programs and updates first, then you are the ideal candidate for download and install the new APKs to update Facebook Messenger Lite. To find out if there are new Facebook updates, you can use the traditional way, as indicated in the section dedicated to Android. But you can also use another way. You just need to get the APK of Messenger Lite.

Remember that we always offer you download links totally trustworthy, in order to avoid malware problems. To do the installation in this way, follow these steps:

Download APK Facebook Messenger Lite latest version

  1. Download the apk file provided above and place it on your computer.
  2. Connect to the computer the device where you want to use the Lite version of Facebook Messenger and pass the file to it.
  3. Click on it; you will see how it is installed on your phone.
  4. While the program is updating, it may ask you for some kind of confirmation, read it all and click on the “To accept” either “Allow“.
  5. You may have to restart your phone for the installation you just did to take effect.

*Note: Remember that you must have the option “Third Party Installations” so that the cell phone allows you to open and install the APK.

Differences between Facebook Messenger and Facebook Messenger Lite

Differences between Facebook Messenger and Facebook Messenger Lite

You may already know the Lite apps; They are always less heavy files created for phones that may have problems getting full apps: old or low-end phones with little processor and RAM. These usually have the simplest options, but they allow you to do many of the things that the main app does.

As a summary, it can be said that Facebook Messenger Lite is a limited FB chat; however, the main application includes other options that can improve your experience, although not all that are available are always used.

Both have a similar main screen where you can see your recent conversations and contacts to start new chats. Although it will already be in this menu where you can see the great design differences that exist between the two.

facebook lite has a size of 1MB, in contrast to the 55 MB Messenger. In its initial menu, Lite has a cleaner environment with only three options, while Messenger has a series of menus at the bottom that allow the user to interact more with his friends: play minigames, send audio, video calls, links with Skype,…

But the most you will notice it will be a fluidity in Litesince the app opens in a short amount of time and you don’t have to make preloads of nothing else. You will not have the option of bubbles when a conversation enters your phone.

As you can see, there are two options that you have to try to decide which one meets the requirements you need to make responsible use and enjoy FB and its chats to the fullest. now you know how update facebook free to the latest version; you just have to get down to work and enjoy.