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How to update Instagram for free to the latest version? Step by step guide

How to update Instagram for free to the latest version? Step by step guide

Instagram has broken into our lives with force as a new social network in which to upload photos and videos. In addition, it can make direct , publish small videos with filters and bright colors. You can follow your friends and acquaintances and learn about the reflections of those famous people from any social field. You can also enable notifications to let the app notify you when your contacts upload new posts.

If you already have the application, all you have to do is update Instagram for free to the most current version on the device you use to check that app daily with all its news. And if you also like other social networks like Facebook , Twitter or Flickr , you’re in luck because it also allows you to share your posts on these. Initially it was created for iPhone and iPad at the end of 2010 , but in 2012 the version for Android mobiles was published and in 2013 for Windows Phone, so that it reached the public; And so it has been! .

There are many applications associated with this social network that you can download at any time to be able to apply additional filters in your photos, integrate new effects into videos or simply contact other Instragram enthusiasts to know news about the application or participate with your opinions in forums.

Update Instagram for free on Android with Play Store

Como actualizar instagram telefono Android

Also, if you like to know a little more about the life of your famous people you can locate their official accounts . When they confirm with Instagram that they are who they say they are, a tick validation that recognizes the officiality of your accounts. In this way, you can follow their live shows, publications and watch their videos.

As an Android device user you can test the updates using an application in alpha version called Instagram Alpha Program . This way you can have the updates before the rest of the users. But, obviously, you also expose yourself to having more mistakes. To make you Instagram tester user keep reading below .
At this point I will explain how to make updates officially for Android phones. Below are the steps to follow:

Update my Instagram on iPhone phones

Nuevas actualizaciones Instagram IOS iPhone

If you use iOS devices , the application will be very simple to improve, using the App Store where all the applications you have installed on your iPhone smartphone or iPad tablet appear.

Follow the steps I show you below:

Update Instagram for free on Windows Phone

It was the last system to receive updates for this app. If you wish, you can do it from the Windows store .

Follow the steps below:

How to be an Instagram tester user and be part of the Alpha program?

HAzte beta tester Instagram Alpha Program

As we have said, there is a program called « Instagram Alpha Program » which allows us to test and learn about the new features and updates that the developers of this social network launch. It is obvious that the released versions are not entirely stable, that is, they may contain bugs, but if you want to be the first to know the newest of Instagram , follow these steps:

Download and install the free Instagram APK

This is a option widely used by users who want to update Instagram without having to connect to your application store and without having internet at the moment you decide to do so. You must follow the steps you will find below:

Download APK Instagram latest version