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How to update Netflix for free to the latest version? Step by step guide

How to update Netflix for free to the latest version? Step by step guide

Netflix is becoming an essential leisure alternative For many of us. With just one monthly payment, adapted to almost any pocket, you can enjoy a lot of streaming content from any of the devices you have in your home; whether it’s a smart TV, a smartphone, a laptop or desktop … Due to its popularity, we often believe that this application is automatically updated, but that case is not always the case . Some of the devices require manual action to achieve this. Do you want to know how we can update Netflix free latest version? . Keep reading

Netflix was founded in 1997 by Redd Hastings , but it started to offer its subscription-based service in 1999. It is a platform that is used to offer a webcast or by mail * (service only available in the United States) of a unlimited number of series and movies as well as documentaries and other premiere audiovisual specials.

The correct functioning of this revolutionary leisure platform is prepared for almost any type of ISP provider, although as for any reproduction via the web, the faster the network, the better image quality and the less interruptions in reproduction will occur. Since February 2016, Netflix uses servers that are in the Amazon AWS network , what for us could be the cloud between the clouds. This allows customers to have an availability rate of almost 100% .

Update Netflix for Android devices

Pasos para instalar y actualizar app Netflix en Android

We emphasize, among many other aspects, that R. Hastings cares about all users. To do this, it has created two different modes of reproduction. We find the normal mode, which includes content for adults and young people where the most popular are the suspense, science fiction and most current movies category. On the other hand, there is the Netflix Kids mode, of later appearance, which is exclusive for children and families, where the most watched are the animated series and children’s films and where, of course, you are not going to find explicit content of any kind.

As we have commented, Netflix not always It is automatically updated , so below we will explain the steps to follow to make this update on smartphones and tablets that have Android operating system . You will see that it is very simple and very fast.

An alternative way to do this is to:

Update Netflix for iPhone devices

This application can also be updated manually on our Apple devices. You must follow the steps below to update Netflix on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad :

Update Netflix for Windows 8 and 10

Actualizar e instalar Netflix en Windows 10 y 8

If you have a computer whose operating system is Windows 8 or Windows 10 and you need to update the Netflix application you must follow the steps I indicate below.

For Windows 8

First, we will offer the steps to update the application in Windows 8 :

For Windows 10

If, on the other hand, you have a computer with Windows 10 operating system , then you must follow these simple steps:

Update Netflix for my Samsung, LG and other Smart TV

Actualizar Netflix en una television Smart TV

Each TV has a different app store . But, in the vast majority of brands, the Netflix application is available to download . Usually, it is updated automatically when you access the Smart Hub , but if this is not the case, you must proceed to download manually. We present these steps to make it easier for you.

Download and install new APK version of Netflix for free

Netflix has joined this installation trend, so you can enjoy its services outside Google, so you don’t lose detail. One of the clear examples in which download the APK of Netflix It is when they update their list of compatible devices but this is different from the software permissions. In this case you will not only be able to install Netflix from Google Play, but the app won’t even appear. There is no choice but to go to the long-awaited APKs that are compatible with all devices .

The steps to do this are as follows:

Download APK from Netflix for free

How to update the payment method and information on Netflix?

Pasos para actualizar informacion pago en Netflix

The payment information we have indicated in our Netflix account may need to be modified at any time. To do this, the creators of the platform offer two ways to do it quickly and easily . It can be done both through your mobile phone, through the application, and by accessing the web from a PC.
We will first explain how you can update payment information on Netflix to through your mobile device:

If you prefer to make the modification from your computer, follow these steps:

From now on, the platform fee will be charged based on the new information entered.