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How to update the Bluetooth drivers? Step by step guide

How to update the Bluetooth drivers? Step by step guide

As long as computing and technology continue to evolve, there will always be new ways to communicate between users and between devices. As wired connections have been losing ground in favor of wireless, much freer and increasingly powerful and robust, Bluetooth has positioned itself as one of the main standards in countless installations due to its reach and the speed of data transfer it allows.

This name, which comes from a Viking king , is the one used to refer to wireless communication technology that, through short-range radio waves, seeks to facilitate contact between apparatus for sending and receiving information. Thus, is currently used when transferring files between terminals or even when connecting devices with peripherals without using cables . Wireless headphones, to name a case, are the best example of this that we explain.

Its importance is such that, currently, it is rare to run into a computer system or even a smartphone that does not have that capacity. All those who have it, in addition, should always be up to date in terms of reviews to solve any possible problem. In fact, knowing how to update Bluetooth drivers or drivers is essential to make the most of its capabilities.

Steps to update Bluetooth drivers

In this guide we explain everything you should do if, indeed, you want to renew your Bluetooth version on your mobile phone or on your PC . We break down the entire procedure on any of these devices so that you have no problem and can do so without complications.

As we said, most current devices have the Bluetooth protocol to connect wirelessly with peripherals and other devices. But in order to ensure that it works properly, it is necessary that the device, be it a computer or a smartphone, always has the latest update of the Bluetooth controller, since there are always margins of improvement or failures of any kind may appear.

In the following sections we will explain all the steps to install and update the Bluetooth drivers on any of the most commonly used devices. Whether you are a PC or smartphone user, this will help you to always be up to date.

On Android and iOS mobile phones

Updating Bluetooth drivers on Android and iOS mobile phones is a procedure that is carried out through new versions of the operating system. It is not necessary to search for a specific driver on your smartphone, or even any of its other components. However, it is important that your OS is up to date so that it can work.

Next, we will proceed to explain the update method on both types of phones:


Buscar actualizaciones de Bluetooth para Android

  • Make sure your terminal has a high battery level or, otherwise, is plugged into the power with its adapter.
  • Search for the icon with a cogwheel and click on it, you will enter the “Settings” menu.
  • Within this configuration screen, you must descend to the bottom, until you reach the “Update software” section. When you have it in front, click on it.
    * Note: in some terminals, once inside the settings, you must click on” Phone information ”and then in “ System updates ”.
  • At that time, the phone will start searching for updates of Android . If it does not, you can click on “ Check for updates ” to force it.
  • If there is a new version available , so you just have to click on the installation button to start the process automatically. After a restart, the operating system and Bluetooth drivers will be with their newest version available .


  • Before doing anything, make sure your terminal is connected to the power with its charger and also also connected to a Wi-Fi network with good signal quality.
  • Now, take your iPhone and press the ” Settings “ button to enter the smartphone settings.
  • Within this window, click on “ General ” and, just after, press the “Software update” field. If there is any pending, a number will appear next to it.
  • After this, you just have to click on the “Download and install” option for iOS to update and, therefore, also the Bluetooth driver .
  • Once the download is complete, it is likely that delete an app to have enough space , you can proceed by pressing the “ Install ” button to start it now, or press “ Later ” to do so later.

On your Windows computer or PC

Actualizar los controladores drivers Bluetooth para Windows

There are several programs that are responsible for keeping up with all the drivers , including Bluetooth; however, there is the option to do it through Windows without using software. We explain below how:

  • First, click on the “Start” button and, within the search bar, type “ Device Manager .” Click on the first result that appears. You can also right-click on the «Computer» or «My Computer» icon on the desktop, and click on ” Properties ”to reach this panel.
  • In the hardware list that appears, look for the one related to Bluetooth (you will see the blue icon with the white symbol inside). Click on it to open the drop-down.
  • A single device will appear inside it . Right click on it and then click on “ Update Driver ”.
  • In the pop-up window, you can choose any of the two available options , although it is recommended that it be automatic, which uses the internet. In the case of using Windows 10 , you must press “ Find automatically updated driver software ”.
  • Let it scan networks looking for Bluetooth driver reviews and, if found, just continue until the procedure is finished.
  • When you finish downloading and installing all the necessary files, you just have to restart your computer so that the Bluetooth drivers are in the latest available version. Done !.