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How to update the firmware of my Samsung device? Step by step guide

How to update the firmware of my Samsung device? Step by step guide

Samsung is a true international titan . This Korean company, known in recent years especially for its work in the field of mobile telephony and its continuous competition with Apple , has been extended by many different branches , being one of the most present firms in the homes of any country. Televisions, speakers, media players, telephones, watches and even appliances fall into their product catalog.

All these devices have evolved over the years and, currently, enjoy a series of previously unimaginable functions. In fact, the vast majority already has a circuitry inside that provides them with many additions. They have an operating system, options and settings menus and even the probability of setting child locks or even having alarms, a whole great pack of features .

These possibilities are due to the firmware updates that the company is slowly launching for its devices. Knowing how to install and have the latest firmware updates for your Samsung device is, therefore, a data of special interest to improve the operation of any of these company products. And with these updates you can get improvements before impossible.

Install and update the latest Samsung firmware version

In this guide we will explain everything that needs to be done not only to use the most modern software revisions for Samsung, but also to know what the current version of the device is that you want to improve. In this way, you can check if it is necessary to install a new update or not.

In the field of mobile telephony, this company makes it easy enough to update smartphones . By just waiting for the operating system to notify you of the availability of a new version, the user can accept and start downloading it to install and use it in minutes.

However, Samsung has a vast amalgam of devices that can have software reviews. Next, we will explain what you have to do to install the latest Samsung firmware version on that device that needs it:

Seleccionar el tipo de hardware para actualizar el firmware de Samsung

  • First, we will have to access the official Samsung download website from here . Thus, you will enter the download center for all Samsung devices .
  • Once in it, you have to click on the type of product and model you want to update. You have several options to choose from:
    • “Tvs & Home Theater”
    • “Mobile”
    • “Computing”
    • “Home appliances”
    • “Camera”
    • “Smart Home”
  • When you click on any of them, you will have to specify the exact type of Samsung device, the family to which it belongs and the model you have . To be clearer, we recommend checking your device to find out the specific model and then returning here to make no mistake.
  • Once you have duly specified by clicking on the corresponding options popping up, you will have to click on the blue button « Confirm «. Several options will be shown before you, from the possibility of downloading the software by clicking on the “ Download ” button, downloading the legal documents of the product, or even downloading the instruction manual, which in many cases you can do it in your language.
  • After this, a message will appear indicating that Samsung is not responsible for any improper use of the download. Click on “ Continue ”.

Descargar nueva version software firmware dispositivo Samsung

  • Now, you have to accept the privacy policy and the license agreement. Check the blank box and click on “I Accept”.
  • Once this step is finished, a file will start downloading (normally in “. zip ”) format. Let it finish downloading into your PC’s memory.
  • When it’s finished, take an empty USB stick and connect it to your computer. Now, extract the files you just downloaded and unzip them inside this storage device.
  • After this, disconnect from the computer and connect the pen-drive to the Samsung device whose firmware you want to get better. Make sure it is the only one connected in case there are more USB slots available on the device in question.
  • Using the control of your Samsung device, go to the options and look for the updates section When you enter it, what remains to be done is to use the option to use the USB and let it take care of the rest . It is likely that it takes a few minutes while reading and installing the files.
  • When finished, you will have to renounce the device and it will already have the firmware renewed . You may lose some configuration parameters that you will have to readjust, although with the newer versions a previous backup is made to avoid these problems.

How can I know the firmware version I have installed?

This process is extremely simple. Although it varies slightly depending on the type of device you want to review in order to choose the update to install, we will explain the answer to the question about how to know the firmware version you have installed on the device in question.
There are only four steps you should follow to receive all this information and use it properly when you go to the official website of the company for updates. Next, we explain it to you:

  • Using the available buttons (panel or remote, depending on the device), enter the main menu of your Samsung device .
  • Once you are on it , you have to scroll through the options until you enter the help section , usually has a question mark icon or something similar to this .
  • There, look for the device info section or, if you can’t find it, one that says “Contact with Samsung” . Although its purpose is to provide the information to contact the technical support team, it also usually includes more details about the device in question.
  • Take a look there and look for the fields “ model code ”and “ software version ”. The latter is the one that serves to know what version of firmware you currently have installed.

With these details, you can go to the previous section and follow the whole procedure to get a more modern and current review for your television, your media player or even for your fridge.