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How to update the Nintendo Switch console to the latest version? Step by step guide

How to update the Nintendo Switch console to the latest version? Step by step guide

Launched to the world market on March 3, 2017; Friday, as the vast majority of video game launches; Nintendo Switch is the latest video game console from the Japanese giant Nintendo . This company, which has been in operation since 1889 and since 1983 focused on the field of electronic leisure, has once again established its innovative and experienced position in the sector with a system that can be both portable and domestic console.

A game console with removable controls that you can connect to your TV or carry over to play on long trips or small breaks. Like all current, has an operating system that requires going through different revisions from time to time , or what is the same, download updates with which to polish its operation , improve its performance and, incidentally, incorporate more possibilities for the user. Thus, for example, you have implemented a video saving system or even improved the ability to send content to social networks.

It goes without saying that its installation is mandatory and essential to avoid possible problems, in addition to connecting to the internet. If you have to do it, but you don’t know how to update the Nintendo Switch console , this guide will give you the answer you need explaining step by step what you should do so that the version of the operating system is always the most recent and so that, in passing, your controls are also updated. Because yes, those known as Joy-Con also receive updates.

Steps to follow to update the Nintendo Switch console

In the following sections, we will also explain what the most important improvements that have come with the newest versions of the console firmware have been. Each time one of these updates lands, its users come across more and more new features that serve to take advantage of a wide range of possibilities.

Despite being a console that has been on the market for a short time, Switch has already received several firmware updates that have served to improve its performance and incorporate more and more new features. In most cases, these are small modifications to fix errors that are here or there, but in one way or another they end up being mandatory installation so you don’t restrict access to the eShop , the multiplayer and, ultimately, its entire online component.

Therefore, we will explain the steps to follow to install the latest firmware version of the Nintendo Switch manually . Although you have the option to do it automatically, you may not detect the available updates correctly, if that is your case, follow this procedure:

Como actualizar Consola Nintendo Switch paso a paso ultima version

  • First, turn on your Nintendo Switch console .
  • Once you have loaded the operating system and are in its main menu, go down to the list of options at the bottom of the screen, go to “Console settings” and press the A button or touch it to enter, it is the penultimate available.
  • Now, go down through the different sections on the left side until you reach “Console” . Again, enter by pressing A or by touching the option. You will be moved to the right side of the screen.
  • The following is as simple as clicking on “Console update” . When you do, if there is an update available it will appear on the screen and you will be asked if you want to install it. Accept and let the game console take care of the relevant download and installation . When finished, you may have to restart to apply the changes.
  • Repeat all the previous steps until you are in the “Console Settings” section.
  • Now, go down until you reach the section ” Controls and sensors ”. As we have said, you just have to press the A button or touch to access.
  • Within its settings, keep going down until you find “Update commands” . Click there so that, in case there are updates ready for them, they are installed and are the order of the day.

If you follow these two procedures, in addition to having your console renewed with the newest version of its software, you will also ensure that your controls are at the same height.

What improvements does the latest update of the Nintendo Switch incorporate?

Nuevo update nintendo switch para descargar

Although in most cases Nintendo just mention “stability improvements” or “minor fixes” when talking of the updates released for its most modern console, the latest updates have included significant improvements for both the system and its hardware.

The latest update of the Nintendo Switch , a minor that installs the version 5.0.2 , has included the following improvements:

  • Fixing problems with motion control for games that will use that function.
  • Repair of the error by which the friends’ icons recommended did not appear correctly.

There are few, however, the last major update of Nintendo Switch , which installed the update 5.0.0 for the console operating system, it did indeed include changes important:

  • Connect with Facebook or Twitter friends , and can also be added as friends within the console system.
  • Use new icons for your profile user . A total of 24 new releases from recent releases ..
  • Improvement in the download speed of apps or games whose purchase has been made through the PC or smartphones.
  • >

  • Restriction of stored videos based on the age rating of the game from which they were extracted, controllable through the Parental Control implemented.
  • Better representation of the controls connected to the console in the detection section of these.

All this, added to the corresponding bug fixes detected in the system and different fields of the system, in addition to other better modifications, are the most notable improvements of the last major update of the hybrid console . Therefore, do not leave much time until installing the new updates, otherwise you will be missing many surprises that the giant of the videogame world has prepared for us !.