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How to upload a status to WhatsApp to share with your contacts? Step by step guide

The Whatsapp status They are also known by the English name of Whatsapp Status and it is a functionality that includes WhatsApp for all its users. It is just a new format in which the people can share content with their contacts for 24 hours.

They are made up of images, videos or text, which are shared and viewed by your contacts. It should be noted that, as with the instagram stories, you can customize them with stickers, texts and other creative elements.

If you take a picture in the moment and share it on your whatsapp status, will be saved on your mobile. If you want to learn how to share them with other users, pay attention to our post about how to upload a status to Whatsapp.

Who can see the states that I upload to my WhatsApp?

First of all, it should be clarified that the WhatsApp states can be viewed from the mobile app, the web version and the PC version. However, the only way to create them is through your mobile device. With respect to who can observe themIt is usually the people you have in your contact list. However, within WhatsApp you can do some settings related to the topic.

To do this, you have to go to the Whatsapp status, select in the menu button (represented with three vertical points), and click on the option State privacy. There are three options that you can choose from. They will begin to apply to your new states from the moment you make the configuration, that is, your previous states will follow the privacy regulations of their publication time.

In this way, the three available options for configuring the WhatsApp states are:

  • My contacts: with this option all your posts are visible only for the people you have stored inside your Whatsapp contact list.
  • My contacts, except: here you can select users from your contact list that you don't want them to see your states.
  • Just share with: only the contacts you select with this optionThey will be able to take a look at your status updates.

Finally, if you want to know who saw your statusclick on the eye icon displayed on the screen when you play it back. The number next to it indicates the number of people who saw it. To find out exactly who they were, tap on that eye and the contact names and how long ago they did.

Types of states How is each different?

Types of states How is each different?

On Whatsapp two types of states are allowed. Each of them are used for certain purposes, so they can be edited differently.

So that you are clear about each one, we explain them below:

  • Text states: are those that are not based on a photo or video. As the name implies, are designed to write different messages or information. To create them, go to State and click on the pencil icon. As for their customization, you can add emojis, change the font and modify the background color.
  • Storie states: it is the most common state and in it images or videos are shared. This type of states can be personalized with filters, add stickers, emojis, draw, write texts, cut and rotate them.

The main difference between each of these types, is that text focuses on sharing information in writing. Added to that, the options of state customization they are not as broad as in the case of the storie states.

What are the ideal dimensions of the videos and images that we upload to the WhatsApp states?

The platform is very clear regarding the maximum size allowed for any multimedia file that is published, within which includes photos, videos and voice messages. In this way, the maximum size is 16 MB in all versions, that is, in the version Web, in the app or in the version for computer.

Specifically, the ideal dimensions to use in your WhatsApp states are:

  • Images: dimensions of 1080 x 1920 px. Maximum size of 16 MB.
  • Videos: maximum duration of 30 seconds and must not be larger than 16 MB.

Learn step by step how to upload a WhatsApp status

Learn step by step how to upload a WhatsApp status

As we explained before, there are different types of Whatsapp status that you can post. The way to do it is almost the same in all cases.

However, we detail step by step how to do it so that you avoid mistakes:


An image is a multimedia content that you already have stored within the gallery from your mobile, so you should not use the camera.

In order to upload an image in your WhatsApp status you have to:

  • Go to section state.
  • Click on the camera.
  • At the bottom are shown the most recent images stored in the Gallery of the mobile. If you don't get the image you want, click on a landscape icon.
  • Select the one you want
  • Customize it in case you want to.
  • Publish it on the lower right button.


Conversely, publish a photo in your WhatsApp status refers to the action of open the camera and take a picture and then share it on the platform.

To do this, apply the following procedure:

  • Enter the state.
  • Click on the camera icon to automatically open the camera of the mobile.
  • From there you can record a video or just take a photo. Take the picture you want.
  • Edit it as you wish, applying filters, text, emojis, etc.
  • Click on the option To post, which is shown with a green icon at the bottom right.


Before upload a video status on Whatsapp, you have to know that there is a limitation with respect to duration of the same. Regarding this, cannot exceed 30 seconds.

For its part, when it comes to how to upload them you have to follow the steps indicated below:

  • Go to state.
  • If you want to publish a recorded video at that time, tap on the camera icon, and then tap and hold the circle-shaped button in the middle.
  • In case it is a video that is already in your gallery, enter Add to my status. Go to the Gallery and select the video you want share.
  • Edit it with the available options: filter, text, drawing, emojis, etc.
  • Proceed to publish with the button located at the bottom right of the screen.


When you only need to transmit certain information, without having to accompany it with a multimedia file, it is best to opt for the Whatsapp text states.

To publish one of them you have to:

  • Enterokay in the section of state inside of Whatsapp app.
  • Click on the pencil icon.
  • to write whatever you wish.
  • Customize the text with different fonts, add emojis, change the background color.
  • Click the lower right button to publish.