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How to upload my first video to YouTube and start my career as a professional Youtuber? step by step guide

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YouTube has become a platform used by many people worldwide, there are about 100 million visits dailywhich means that to create content in it, a professional level production must be done so that you can be accepted.

However, YouTube also represents a business option since through the videos you can monetize and obtain good benefits, for this, certain elements must be met that every youtuber must take into account if they want to be successful on this website.

In the following article, you will know what are the formats accepted by YouTube for their videos, in addition, you will learn to upload a video from scratch, to schedule the publication of your content, and tips for making videos more attractive.

Formats accepted by YouTube for your videos

Video formats supported on YouTube

The formats of YouTube videos are usually synonymous with quality, it is what allows the video to have the necessary sharpness so that it can be seen clearly by users and in this way have a large number of visits. In this sense, the platform allows a large number of formats that meet the specific requirementsIt is already up to the creator which one to use for their videos.

The formats accepted by YouTube for its videos are:

  • FLV: it is one of the most popular formats, it is used to watch video content with adobe flash player, it also supports other programs that do not have this configuration, it shows a clear signal and clear sound.
  • AVI: created by Microsoft and one of the oldest, it requires less compression for audio storage, offering high quality videos, this format is used for long videos.
  • MP4: Currently it is widely used to share videos online or broadcast through social networks, it is compatible with all devices, in addition, it allows you to use different aspects in the publication of your videos, all with great visualization quality,
  • MOV: is a format developed by Apple, it makes music, audio and text available, allowing users to have a positive experience when viewing content on YouTube.
  • 3GP: It is a format that is used for mobile devices, it stores video and audio that facilitate its exposure through these devices.

Learn how to upload a video to YouTube from scratch

It is a simple procedure, you do not need to download any type of application or extension to achieve this purpose, it is important that you follow the established steps, and that you take into account which device you will use to carry out this task to know how you will execute it. On the other hand, it is essential that you comply with certain basic requirements such as logging into YouTube from a certain account and be clear about the video you will upload, among others.

To upload a video to YouTube do the following:

in the app

To do it from this route, you must have the original application downloaded, either from Google Play or Apple Store so that in this way you can have all the necessary elements to upload the video.

Google LLC

Google LLC

To upload videos to YouTube from your mobile, follow these steps:

  • Access your channel from the official app.
  • Already in the app, go to the top right and press the “Camera”.

How to upload videos to YouTube from Android

  • record the video either select it from your gallery.
  • insert a titlehe must have 100 characters maximumwith a description of no more than five thousand words.

Learn to upload videos to YouTube

  • Use the upgradesthis element is optional, and from here you can add filters or make cuts in the video.
  • Choose “Yes” if the video is suitable for children, or “Nope” so that the content is for adults.
  • Then press “Go up”, and in this way your video will be published.

from the website

is the most used way to upload videos to the platformit is recommended to have high-quality videos, with adequate encoding to optimize their quality, high-end equipment or any prior algorithm is not required to carry out this process.

To upload videos from the web do the following:

  • Sign in to your account Youtube from the computer.
  • Then go to the button of the “Camera” located at the top left.
  • A couple of options will be displayed, choose “Upload a video”.

Upload videos to YouTube from PC

  • Next, a box will appear on the screen where you must click on “Select File” where it will take you directly to the gallery with the videos stored on your computer, choose the one you are going to upload.
  • After insert the title that you will place on your video.
  • It’s time to choose thumbnails for your YouTube videoswhich are the little boxes you see in the list of videos on Youtube, the platform offers three options, choose the one you like best.

Upload video file to YouTube

  • On the same screen, scroll to the bottom, there you will find what kind of audience your video is aimed at, You must indicate whether or not it is suitable for minors.
  • Press “Following” and indicates some elements to promote in the video, in this case the card or account number for monetization should be highlighted.
  • After completing this step, you will see the option to “Programmed” in which it will allow you to have the time and date of the publication of the video.
  • Now, you must handle the configuration of “Privacy”where there are three levels, hidden, public and privatechoosing the one that suits you best.

Description of the videos on YouTube

  • Fill in the corresponding information and click on “Post”.
  • In this way you will have completed the process from the web.


is the direct way so that your video has more diffusion and reach as many people as possible, also in this sense, social networks are of great help, since you can share the content by creating a link that will provide many views.

The process to upload the video in bulk is similar to the previous point, you just have to add these aspects:

  • add items such as filters, editing, trimming in some sections among others.
  • accept the checks corresponding.
  • click on it a “Save”.
  • Wait for the video to upload on the platformand in this way you can start broadcasting on your channel and social networks.

Learn how to schedule a YouTube video

Schedule videos on YouTube

This is an essential tool for all youtubers, since it allows you to make a schedule for your publications, giving the opportunity to promote the content, using a certain date. In the same way, This option will keep the progressive count of how many days and hours are left for the premiere of the video. every time subscribers enter your channel, issuing notifications when it is going to be published.

To schedule a video on YouTube run the following:

  • press in the option “To create” located at the top right.
  • PressUpload a video”.
  • Select the video you are going to usewith the respective name, description and thumbnail image.
  • Then look for the option “Program” and click on it.
  • Choose the day and time where you want your video to appear on the platform.
  • Once this configuration is done, press “Save”.
  • Thus your video will be published on the platform.

Tips to create more attractive videos for YouTube

The more views you have, the better the benefits you can get, that is why you must use certain strategies in order to captivate the audience and motivate them to see your content not once but many times. Well, by applying the tips that you will learn below, it has been shown that the quality of the content significantly improves interactions, and the audience increases considerably.

The tips to create more attractive videos for YouTube are:

Pay attention to comments and constructive criticism

Respond to audience comments on YouTube

The comment box is a very important tool that should be taken into account by all youtubers, and this is where people express their opinion about the content, it is true that some comments are unhealthy, but most are full of good words and recommendations that can be very useful to you.

For this reason, take your time, read the comments, interact with your followers, make a community, consider everything they tell youwhich will make your followers feel valued and satisfied with what you publish.

Create connections to collaborate with other channels

Try to connect with youtubers from your same niche, hold talk shows on a certain topic, either through streaming or recording videos, this will greatly attract the audience and allow them to be interested in the content. This is a tactic that is being used a lot, and that is having a lot of success, especially on sports channels, video games, and those dedicated to news.

Become a digital marketing expert

Digital marketing expert

Knowing about marketing in the 21st century is truly a blessing, and that is why If you want your videos to have an adequate reach, you should use this tool.. Use a good title, something that catches people’s attention, making use of key words or phrases. On the other hand, make the use of labels your main weaponas well as a good description that somehow explains what your material will show.

Create an intro for your videos that represents you

A good intro is a cover letter for your video, try to keep it short, that it expresses in a concrete way what your channel is about, in the same way, the music must be catchy and very pleasant, and a logo that identifies you. You must be very creative some use jingles, others with a phrase that resonates with your communitymaking this element one of the first details to take into account.

Break the rules

Attract more audience and video

Be yourself, do not follow guidelines, depending on the content you make, have no limits, dare to be creative, follow your intuition and keep your originality that will bring you benefits. Most youtubers have the freedom to produce what they see fitbased on the tastes of their audience, as well as things that are trending and that they can apply to their videos.