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How to upload my podcast to the Internet so that everyone can listen to it from day one? step by step guide

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One of the priorities when creating a new podcastregardless of whether it is personal or business, is to choose the hosting platform that allows you to get the most out of it.

There is a countless number of podcast hosting platformsand although platforms like Spotify either soundcloud are the most popular each one has different features that may serve your purposes more than others.

Next, We will teach you everything you need to know about the most popular hosting platforms on which you can host your podcast.. You will also learn how to upload each episode on the most used platforms and some useful tips on how to increase the audience of your program.

Learn how to publish a podcast on the Internet

The most popular podcasting platforms today are Spotify, SoundCloud and Ivoox. Each of them has its own characteristics and procedures, in addition to most of the tools that a Podcaster may need. Although they are similar in many respects, each has its own series of steps to publish podcasts.

Next, we will explain the procedure in each of them:

on spotify

Spotify is the platform most popular streaming music and podcast nowadays. It has a large number of hosted podcasts and very useful tools for measuring their content, making it an excellent option to publish your first podcast.

It is necessary to highlight that you cannot directly use the Spotify app or website to publish your podcast. You must upload the audio to a platform that handles content distribution and one of the best known and most useful is, which is related to Spotify.

If you want to publish the first episode of your show to Spotify from Anchor, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the website of and click “Sign in”if you have an Anchor account, just enter your credentials, otherwise click “Sign up”.

Anchor website com

  • Fill out the formsolve the captcha and click the button “Sign up”.
  • Once logged in, click the button “Go to podcast setup”to define the podcast information (name, description, category and language). Then click on “Go on.”

Start registration at Anchor com

  • Select your podcast cover. You have the option to search for an image online, upload one from your computer, or select it randomly.
  • crop the image and click “Go on.”
  • Select the color theme of your podcast, as well as its layout and source. Then select the button Update cover art.

Once your podcast settings are defined, it’s time to load the first episode of your podcast:

  • In the Homepageclick the button “NewEpisode”.
  • Open the folder on your computer where the podcast audio file is saved and drag it to the box marked as “Your Episode”. Then click on “Save episode”.

Upload new episodes via Anchor com

  • Enter the title and description of your first episode, set the date and time your podcast will be published.
  • Define the episode number of your podcast. If it is the first one you load, it will be “Season number: 1” Y “Episode number: 1”
  • click in “ScheduleEpisode”. When the popup appears, click Publish.

The first episode of your podcast will be available on the Anchor and Spotify platforms. Once the procedure is finished, you will have the option to add platforms like Google Podcast or Apple Podcastfor which you must enter Anchor linked with these platforms.

on SoundCloud

soundcloud is one of the most popular spaces for artists and podcasters who are starting their career, since your hosting is completely free, and has a variety of tools that allow you to improve your content. Unlike Spotify, the platform account allows its users to upload contentso you don’t need to use external platforms.

To post a podcast to SoundCloud, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your SoundCloud account with your user credentials. If you don’t have an account, you can create one through your Gmail or Facebook email from the corresponding button.

Soundcloud website com

  • click on the button “Go up”, located at the top next to your profile picture.
  • open the folder on your computer where the podcast audio file is located and drag it to the section “Drag and drop tracks and albums here.”

Create a SoundCloud account

  • enter episode details: cover, title, genre, tags and description. You can also define the privacy of your podcast, so that only people with access to the link can access it.
  • click in “Save”.

One of the main advantages of SoundCloud as a podcasting platform, it’s the ease with which you can upload and publish your audio tracks. The platform profile works in turn as a Podcaster profile, so each new episode is configured individually.

In iVoox

Ivoox is one of the most popular podcasting platforms, through which you can upload and broadcast your episodes for free and quite simply.

To create a new podcast and upload your episodes to this platform, you just have to follow the steps described below:

  • Go to the Ivoox page and log in. You can do it through your user credentials, or create an account very quickly with your profiles. Google either Facebook.

Ivoox's website

  • Confirm your account with the verification email that you will receive in your email.
  • Once you have logged in, click “+New program”.
  • Fill in the details of the new podcast. Enter an attractive title, an eye-catching description and a personalized cover and fill in the subject fields, language label.

Start registration in Ivoox

  • Enter the folder where your podcast audio file is hosted, and drag it to the corresponding box.
  • Fill in the fields corresponding to the episode. Add a catchy title and description that capture the attention of listeners.

Upload new program to Ivoox

  • If you wish, you can upload a cover image for the episode that more accurately reflects what it is about.
  • Link your accounts Twitter and Facebook to Ivoox, so that your podcast is spread on your social networks.
  • click in “Post”.

Tips to increase the audience of your podcast

Create and publish your podcast it is only a part of the process, since for it to be successful it is necessary that get as many listeners as possible.

For this purpose, there are several strategies and tricks that you can follow:

Create valuable content

This is a general rule of creating quality content. Every podcast you are going to create must have the ability to add value to the userby conveying your message clearly and holding the listener’s attention. A particularly important point for podcasts is the audio qualityso some production is a good idea before posting each episode, along with investing in a quality microphone to record your content.

find your niche

How to find a niche market

A lots of podcasters use the policy “create content for everyone”. This is a mistake because, firstly, it’s a near-impossible task to create content this varied, and secondly, listeners will lose interest in a podcast that lacks structure.

To avoid this kind of errors, You need to define the theme and niche of your podcast, offering content for a particular audience. The more specific you are, the easier it will be for you to identify and capture a listener base. Find your niche and focus your content on it it also allows you to improve the content of your podcast, since having your audience identified allows you to know what kind of content they want to hear.

Create a community

Creating ties with your listener base is a very important step once you have managed to identify it, in order to form a community that goes beyond the podcast platform. One of the best ways to interact with your audience it is through the creation of social networks to chat with them about the content of your podcast. Make sure you are present in the most popular communication channels, as this will allow you to have a greater reach and achieve a more optimal diffusion of your podcast.

Work on the branding of your podcast

Creating an eye-catching image that grabs the attention of potential listeners is one of the most important points to consider if you want to increase your podcast audience. since it is the first impression that the user receives from your program.

For it, you should work on aspects such as the name, the theme and the description of the podcast in general, in addition to all the individual aspects of each episode, in order for the podcast content grid to project the correct image so that it attracts the attention of the target audience.

Be consistent with your posts

Be consistent with your posts

While listeners have the final decision on when to consume the content, it is the responsibility of the Podcaster to establish a publication plan, spread it among your audience and follow it religiously, giving your audience a sense of order and structure in the content.

For it, one of the best strategies is to organize your time to record some episodes beforehand, make a plan of the content you want to share in advance and organize them in a way that the same topics are not repeated. It is understandable that there are periods in which you are not motivated, or some unforeseen event arises that prevents you from recording new episodes, so it’s always a good idea to have content done in advance to keep your program up to date.

Best platforms to upload and host your podcast

One of the advantages of podcasting as a means of online communication, is the fact that there are a lot of platforms that we can use to host our content, and that will allow you to distribute it on streaming platforms.

The best podcast hosting sites you can find are the following:

Caste's website

It is a podcast hosting platform with which you can do grow your audience through the publication of public programs and the monetization of private podcasts. It has a series of interesting tools, plus seamless integration with WordPress, via the Seriously pluginwhich allows you to manage your feed and update your episode grid directly from WordPress.

website of blubrry com

It is a podcast hosting service that operates from the United States, with which users can have access to a wide community of podcasters, as well as create content, earn profits and access accurate statistics on your audience numbers. bluberry has been active since 2005 and has hosted the content of more than 100,000 podcasters, both new and experienced, with its accurate statistics and its compatibility with WordPress, among other things. website

It is among the most popular hosting platforms, Podbean provides its users with a plethora of tools at fairly hefty addition to very convenient usage plans for content creators.

Their plans range from limited uploading for up to five hours for free, to unlimited uploading starting at $9 per month, which includes features like custom domains, a website, detailed statistics and much more. It has its own application for mobile devices at iOS Y Android, and an Alexa feature where you can listen to your favorite podcasts just by using voice commands.

captivate fm website

It is one of the best and most popular hosting platforms, which has an extremely experienced team that has been running it for years. It has a large number of tools and features that make it one of the best options for content creation.

It has a large number of very interesting tools for podcasters like batch uploadwith which you can load several episodes simultaneously, or integration with WordPress through a plugin of the platform. For the price of €19 per month you have storage space to host an unlimited number of podcasts, with access to a dynamic workflow that is constantly improving thanks to the feedback of its community.

fm transistor website

It is a relatively recent platform focused on podcast hosting and analysis, that has the direction of a great work team. It is focused on hosting for brands, although personal podcasts that are taken seriously also have a place on this platform.

One of its best features is private podcasting, which along with its ability to host as many podcasts as you wish, It allows you to create several public and private programs through the same account, without the need to purchase new hosting plans. It has a fairly reasonable base plan, in which you will have access to 10,000 downloads for 19 USD per month. This amount is more than enough for most podcasters, although if you need more, you can access larger plans.

Rss com website

As one of the pioneers in podcast hosting, RSS is one of the longest running platforms, creating tools to help podcasters since 2005, offering them their services for free in principle, having to select a plan only after publishing your first episode.

The most popular RSS hosting option costs €12.99 per month or €99 per year, and includes unlimited episodes, advanced analytics, a free website, high bandwidth, and moreall this combined with an ease of use that allows even the most novice podcasters to bring their content to their audiences.

Resonate's website

It is a recent hosting platform launched by Resonate Recordings, a popular podcast production company, which means that in addition to hosting, you will have access to professional editing and production to make presenting your content much easier. Nevertheless, you can use the hosting platform separately, for a price of 25 USDwith which you will have access to unlimited bandwidth, as many episodes as you want and as many podcasts as you want.

Acast's website

It is one of the leading podcasting companies in the world, through which hundreds of brands and independent content creators around the world have managed to spread their programs and locate their ideal audiences. It is fully compatible with virtually all network streaming platforms, allowing listeners to decide where they want to listen to your content, from Spotify to Alexa.

It also has the initiative Acast Open which, if you wish, will insert ads into your podcast in exchange for a monthly payment that varies depending on the number of times an ad is heard on your showthus representing a potential profit for content creators.

simplecast com website

Nowadays, Simplecast is one of the most remarkable platforms for hosting and monetizing your podcasts. It allows advanced statistical analysis with different levels of detail that adapts to whoever uses it.

It has a large number of additional tools that you can access for €15 per month, which include unlimited uploads, your own website and access for multiple administrators. It also includes great support from its community, since companies such as slack Y Shopify present their podcast using simplecast, just like many lesser caliber content creators.

buzzsprout website com

This hosting service is widely used by many people, especially beginner Podcaster, thanks to the fact that it has a free plan, which allows you to upload up to two hours of audio per month and you can use it for as long as you want. As the only downside to this aspect, the audios are only hosted for 90 days unless you switch to a paid plan.

It stands out for its simplicity and ease of operation, with one of the dashboard best-designed of the podcasting platforms, allowing you to create and upload your content more efficiently. In the realm of monetization, Buzzsprout has an affiliate market through which you can monetize your program, and the possibility of adding members to your work team with different levels of access.

Create an account on Anchor FM

Probably the best free podcast hosting platform, mainly focused on mobile podcasting thanks to its website and its application for mobile devices, available on the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store. Of course, It also has an easy-to-use web interface that allows you to create, edit and manage your episodes.

It includes a built-in advertising platform for easy monetization, very dynamic audio editing tools, and is constantly being revised and updated. Although it is one of the most used one of its biggest disadvantages is that it is not possible to change the email address in your RSS, which is used for verification of your podcast on the streaming services it is published on.

Podomatic's website

Podomatic is a free hosting service that gives you the possibility to create your own web pages or blog, adding the possibility of including attachments in this, in the case of podcasts, audio files in various formats (mp3, ogg, wav…). It has an upload speed of 500 MB to your account, with a monthly transfer capacity of 15 GB, which translates into up to 18 hour-long programs with properly saved audio.

speaker's website

It was created in 2010 and today it has some very interesting features for podcasters, like the live podcasting option, which will allow you to broadcast programs live with the possibility of interacting with your users through a chat. It has a wide variety of integration options, plus a desktop client for Windows and Mac, and mobile app for Android and iOS, through which you can record, make minor edits, broadcast live and analyze statistics.

audioboom com website

Audioboom is very focused on distribution and monetization, offering new podcasters tools by which they can grow their showsbefore giving them access to new features and opportunities. For €9.99 per month you will have the option “New Podcasters”where you can publish up to five episodes per month that will receive distribution until your show reaches 10,0009 monthly downloads, at which point, You will gain access to the network of targeted advertising and sponsorships.

Soundcloud Access Site

Although it has somewhat limited podcasting capabilities when compared to other platforms, offers enough to be quite useful and it is possible to use it as a hosting service for free, at least until you need more boost. In its free version, you have up to three hours of audio storage, while with its paid option, which you can purchase for €135 per year, you can upload up to 30 hours per week and get unlimited upload.