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How to upload photos to Google Photos (formerly Google Images)? Step by step guide

How to upload photos to Google Photos (formerly Google Images)? Step by step guide

Google Photos is a cloud service that Google designed for its users, the same allows people to upload photos and videos without restrictions, as long as the storage limit is not exceeded.

This functionality allows different users, whether from computers (Windows or MacOS) or smart computers (Android and iOS) to synchronize their Gmail account so that can store all audiovisual or visual content in the cloud. Best of all, it will be available for any device by simply synchronizing email.

Next in this tutorial we will explain step by step, how you can upload images in Google Photos and how you can configure it to always have your content available.

Steps to upload and publish photos and images in Google Photos (* before Google Images)

There are different methods that will essentially be very similar at the time of execution. Although there are small details that differentiate them from each other and this depends on whether you are using an operating system (Windows or MacOS) or if you use a Smartphone (regardless of brand or model).

From the Windows or Mac computer

In this case the steps to follow are the same regardless of which operating system you are entering, and even from which browser you use, each of these factors is totally indifferent.

The tutorial that we will explain will be done on a computer with a Windows 10 operating system and with a Google Chrome browser. If you have another browser or operating system, you just have to repeat the steps as we explain to complete them.

Steps to upload an image and create an album in Google Photos:

  • Enter the browser of your choice.
  • Open Google and sign in to your account , (you’ll see a blue icon that says “ Sign in ”) is in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Once you have synchronized your account with the browser and Google , now you just have to go to “Google Photo”.
  • To do this you have to click on the “Options” icon , this is next to your profile picture, it is a square formed by multiple small windows.
  • Now, you will click on manuallyFotonial.

ingresar en google fotos

  • You have different options available, in case you are only interested in saving the images, you will click on “Upload”, if on the contrary you are interested in having your images sorted, you will first press on “Create.”
  • In the “Upload” option you just have to choose the images you want to upload, and they will automatically be added to the default album that It has the cloud.

Cargar imagenes a Album Google Fotos

  • If you select “Create”, you will first design the album where the images will be uploaded and then you will add all the images that correspond to this album.

crear album en google fotos

  • Another way to sort your images in a previously created album or create a new one, is from the option of “Upload” and once the image is loaded, a box will appear confirming that action. In it you will click on “Add to album or shared album”.

carga completa de una imagen en google foto

  • Now you just have to select the album where you want to save the image, or else you must create a new one.

seleccion de album para subir imagen en google fotos

In this way you can upload your files whether images or videos in order to always locate them quickly when you want to see them again.

From Android or iPhone mobile

On Smartphone using Google Photos is very simple , the only requirement is to have the app installed on your device, you can download it from the Apple Store or Play Store. Once installed you just have to make some small configurations so that your content is always synchronized and stored in the cloud.

Even so, Google Photos when it detects that new photos or folders have been created to store content, will offer you the option to synchronize that item and thus create a backup copy of it.

Which will allow you to free up space by deleting images and videos on your device, done this you can see them from the tool, you will only need access to an Internet network to download and enter.

How to activate a backup and synchronization in Google Photos?

This part will be done on Android, however, it is fully functional on other computers, for example iOS. You just have to follow exactly the same steps to successfully configure the application on the device.

Once you have downloaded and installed the application, you have to do the following:

  • Enter in the app.
  • You will look for the options button , this is in the upper left of the screen.

abrir opciones en google fotos para android

  • After clicking on this menu a new one will open, in this you will choose the sectionConfiguration†.

abrir configuracion en google fotos

In it you will have to make certain adjustments, among them are:

  • Make sure the “Backup and Synchronization” is enabled.
  • In the section “Backup of device folders” Mark those applications that you want to back up your data.
  • It is recommended that the “Backup with mobile data” section be disabled, as This can consume many megabytes of your plan. This will only be done using Wi-Fi.

configurar google fotos en android

This app is an excellent tool to save your images and videos in the cloud, in turn to always have them available anywhere and on different devices just by using your Gmail email. What It is excellent to synchronize your data and get all the information stored at the time you want.