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How to upload videos to TikTok and post virals to grow on this new social network? step by step guide

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Nowadays, TikTok is one of the social networks that has the greatest power in the digital environment. Well, thanks to its innovative format short video, this social network has captured people from all over the world, from children and young people to adults. In this way, managed to outperform platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchatreferring to the number of downloads.

For its part, in view of its enormous expansion and the recognition it exhibits, most users are interested in making themselves known from said social media app and create an optimal online presence. This, in order to take advantage of the algorithm of TikTok which, by default, generates great virality to entertaining and funny videos.

As a consequence, after registering in the social network, such users search for the best tips, advice and recommendations to publish viral on TikTok, grow on this platform and gain great visibility. Because of that, in this post, we will teach you what you need to get many likes on your clipsWhat are the tools provided? TikTok to create quality videoshow its algorithm works, etc.

What does it take to go viral on TikTok and for my videos to get more likes?

What does it take to go viral on TikTok and for my videos to get more likes?

To get to the top in TikTok, it is not enough to make good videos and use the editing options provided by the platform. Since, in order to be viral and acquire an excellent number of likes, it is necessary to take into account other aspects and carry out certain actions that they will lead you to success as a tiktoker. Considering that, until now, there is no magic formula that guarantees this.

However, to achieve this, it is appropriate to assess certain tips that will help you boost your profile on the platform, increase the visibility of your videos and the likes they getas well as attract the attention of a large audience that can convert your content into a viral element.

Next, we point out what these basic ingredients are necessary to gain recognition on TikTok organically:

  • Make your target audience identify with you: For example, you can choose to create videos where you expose situations of your daily life or express your emotions, so that create a valuable connection with your audience and get them to identify with you.
  • Define your niche and stick to it: By default, on TikTok Different niches have been implemented that show success (humor, dance, challenges, gastronomy, make up, digital marketing, etc.) and to grow faster, it is pertinent attach your content to one of them Or, create videos related to that niche.
  • Create original content: When you feel ready, you can contribute for new content that is totally original for TikTok. Either launching a challenge of their own that goes viral (or semi-viral) and even, subdividing your niche to show more specific videos. This is essential to increase the number of likes received.
  • Post regularly: If you want to create a remarkable presence on TikTok, it is essential have consistency on the platform. This means that it is essential to publish videos regularly in order to retain your followers and get their reactions, as well as to improve the value of your profile in the eyes of the app’s algorithm.

What are the best TikTok tools to create videos?

What are the best TikTok tools to create videos

Fortunately, the Chinese social network has its own video editor that, without the need to resort to third-party tools, allows you to create entertaining, fun and quality clips, just like customize them to the point of acquiring a good result.

Which means that, said TikTok utility offers several tools to create videos worthy of capturing the attention of others. Now, specifically, you will surely wonder what are the best native tools of TikTok to be able to edit your videos in order to make them look just the way you want.

That is why, below, we point out each of them in detail:

  • Filters: On this platform you can find numerous filters that optimize the visual aspect of your videos. Which are grouped into various categories (portrait, landscape, food, intense, etc.) and you can choose for free.
  • stickers: If you want to show a funny video, you can choose to make use of the stickers found from the TikTok editor. which are ideal for animate your video with stickers, emojis and even GIFs.
  • effects: Without a doubt, this is one of the best utilities that TikTok offers for users to edit their clips. Since, it consists of an option that has several categories with which you can add different effects to the content. A) Yes, from speeding up or slowing down playbackeven visual effects, transition, etc.
  • voice effects: As its name indicates, it refers to those effects that are applied to the recordings at audio level. With these, you can get a much more fun and funny result, since the voice of the original audio is changed. Whether as a squirrel, robot, helium, echo, megaphone, etc.
  • sounds: This is a tool that helps you find the perfect background music for your video. Consequently, from this option, you can search for the track by name, by playlists or by trends in the social network.
  • Voice-over: In case you want to add a different audio to your video, you can do it with this utility. Taking into account that it will be possible apply this change to the entire clip or only to a section.
  • Volume: It is a tool that offers the possibility of control the volume, in order to improve the result at the audio level. In case you have added a voice over, you can also modify its volume as the original sound.
  • Cut: If you do not like any part of the created video or you have exceeded the time you want that element to last, you must make use of this option. With this, you can cut out some section of it easily.
  • Text: To add text to your video, you can use this tool. Fortunately, there are several fonts available that you can select without limitationlike different colors.

How does the TikTok algorithm work? Get it to go viral

How does the TikTok algorithm work?  Get it to go viral

As we mentioned before, one of the main elements that influences the virality of a certain content within TikTok, is your algorithm. which is known as “search and recommendation algorithm” and he is the one who takes care of define the videos that will be most relevant on the social network at a given time. In other words, this element has the ability to choose posts worth going viral and that, determines it based on several factors.

In this way, the algorithm TikTok is the one who achieves cause the discovery of new content for other users and, in effect, allows a connection to be made between the different users of the platform. Considering that, in order to do it optimally, said algorithm assess the preferences of each profile and the contacts you have therein order to intuit their requirements and/or tastes.

However, beyond knowing that it is a fundamental element that influences the user experience of all tiktokers, the truth is that it is not so easy to know how it works to be able to stand out among the other people active in the apps and get your attention. But, to create a presence on the platform and gain recognition, it is valuable analyze how the TikTok algorithm works and thus benefit from it.

For that reason, first of all, we emphasize that this algorithm focuses mainly on the search engines of each user to be able to discover your preferences regarding the content you consume and the interactions you carry out.

Reason why, consider different factors and the most relevant of all, are:

  • The comments you post: They are an essential factor for the TikTok algorithm when it comes to knowing each user. Since, based on these, it achieves determine what type of content you like and which videos you prefer to watch.
  • The likes on the videos: The videos that each person likes also influence. Being this, the most important interaction for check what kind of content you are inclined to watch. Well, if you have decided to describe it in this way, it means that it is to your satisfaction.
  • The content that the user shares: The videos that are published in each profile, also allows this algorithm to know what kind of clips you may like more than anything. This, based mainly on the design and style of your shared videos. In addition, it also takes into account the hashtags that you use in them, the subtitles and the sounds that you choose.
  • Account settings: Another way to point out the interests of each individual is through the general configuration of the user profile. Above all, based on their language, their country and the device they use, in addition to the security and privacy that you have established.
  • repeating patterns: Based on this factor, the TikTok algorithm also displays content to its users. Well, this way you avoid presenting videos that diminish the user experience by repeating themselves. Therefore, it deals with insert various content that you know will be to your liking in order to guarantee the greatest possible diversity.

For all this, to take advantage of the algorithm of TikTok In order to gain relevance within the social network, it is necessary to take into account numerous aspects that are just as essential for that element.

Which, in summary, refer to the following points:

  • Gather a large number of likes in all your published videos (or at least, in the majority).
  • To have multiple comments on your posts (of course, better if they are positive).
  • Count on a large list of followers (The more followers you have, the more important you are to the TikTok algorithm.)
  • Post content that be a trend within the platform (or have the necessary ingredients to gain virality).
  • Produce a good number of videos constantly (if you share content on a regular basis, its positioning will be more marked).
  • Share viral videos before everyone else (The day of publication is valuable to have a higher position than others who publish similar content).

Learn step by step how to create videos and upload them to TikTok

Make videos and share them on TikTok with all your followers, requires a prior process that is important to assess when managing your publications on this social network correctly.

Therefore, depending on whether you use an Android or iOS device, we recommend that you take into account the following procedures:

on Android

on Android

First of all, of course, you must have the mobile app of the social network in question installed. Which, you can download it through the Google Play Store for free.

Thus, once you access said app and create your TikTok account, you can enter it to create your first video and publish it by doing the following:

  • Directly from your feed, go to the More section selecting the “+” icon which is located at the bottom and allows you to open the video editor of TikTok.
  • Next, by pressing the red button located in the center, you can start recording your clip directly from the social network. For this, it will be necessary to grant the necessary permissions to the platform.
  • If, on the other hand, you prefer to upload a video that is stored on your mobile device, what you should do is press where it says “Gallery” from the bottom right corner to search for that item.
  • Once you specify the video to share, you can start editing it using the different tools provided by the Chinese social network (effects, filters, sounds, volume, stickers, text, etc.).
  • When you have the content just the way you want, tap the “Next” button located in the lower right corner to be able to access the Publish screen.
  • Now, it’s time to enter the title of your video in the part of “Describe your video”where you can also add hashtags and tag other users. In addition, they allow you to establish who can see your video, accept comments or not, allow duos or not, allow Paste videos or not, save to device and share to other social networks automatically.
  • Finally, it only remains press the button that says “Publish” on the bottom. Thus, your content will be shared.

on iOS

on iOS

Luckily, on an iPhone or iPad it’s also very easy create and post a video on TikTok. Unlike, in this case, you will have to obtain the service’s mobile app through the recognized app store.

So, once you download and install it, you can start the social network and create your account, to enter it and carry out the following procedure in order to publish a clip on your profile:

  • Directly from your account feed, tap the “+” icon at the bottom to access the More section, which is the one that allows you to record and manage your videos.
  • Now to start the video, press the “Record” button which is at the bottom. There, you have a total of 15 to 60 seconds to record your new video. Once the recording is finished, stop pressing the button to conclude.
  • In case you need to present a video that is saved in the camera of your device, you will have to press the “Load” button to be able to choose the video you want to upload from the gallery and so on, click on “Next”.
  • Next, it’s time to edit the video. Be it changing its speed, cropping it, applying filters and effects, adding stickers and text, etc.
  • done the above, click on “Next” and finish optimizing your publication based on the description of the video, the hashtags and labels, its privacy and its different particularities. for so, select the “Publish” option and that’s it.

Learn the best tips to go viral on TikTok and grow your brand

If you want grow your personal brand on TikTokgain recognition and, ultimately, be able to go viral on this social network; It is important that you follow a series of tips. Well, through these, the platform’s algorithm will be able to classify you as a reference profile in the app and will increase your fame there.

Without further ado, we mention the best recommendations for it:

Exhibits an optimized profile

Without a doubt, the profile of any user in TikTok is a must-have aspect to get the attention of others and thus, stand out from the rest of tiktokers. Therefore, if you want to cause a sensation within this social network, the most appropriate thing to do would be to start with improve your profile to the highest possible level and to the point that it looks perfect for your target audience. When you do it, keep in mind that this section of TikTok is in charge of make a good or bad first impression of who you are and what you can contribute to the platform.

In addition to that, try to do the following to engage your audience:

  • Create a good username: If you want to be remembered easily and indefinitely, it is important to have a username that be easy for others to learn, both to say it and also to write it. By following these guidelines, you can also choose to use the same username you have on Instagram, for example. Well, so they will find you easier.
  • Post an interesting profile picture: The profile picture is also an important element to grow on TikTok, increasing your number of followers. As, if it is of quality and strikingit will be faster to captivate your target audience through their eyes and even other users will be motivated to visit your profile because of it.
  • Add valuable information: It is also recommended that you use the description section of your profile to capture the attention of all the people who enter it. In that case, it would be best indicate what your tastes and preferences are, what you do, what type of content you can constantly get there, etc..

Participate in popular TikTok challenges

Participate in popular TikTok challenges

It is no secret to anyone that challenges are the content that is most widely spread on this social network. Well, because of its fun format, They quickly go viral; Besides that, there are many influential people who carry out these types of challenges. Thus, they encourage others to do so. To do this, through hashtags or through the section “Trends” of the platform, you can study and analyze what are the challenges that have the most fame instantly.

For later, record your video and show it to your audience, thus having many more opportunities to appear in that section. Added to that, it is interesting give your own stamp to these challenges to capture the attention of the audience. Well, most people get bored of seeing the same audio and the same dynamics when these videos are shown.

Which means that by putting your own spin on them, you’ll be more likely to users are encouraged to watch your full video, easily remember you and even decide to follow you. Therefore, in addition to studying which are the most powerful challenges, it is also appropriate that you try to find a second meaning to these. In this way, you will be able to use them in a different way from the others and stand out from the rest of tiktokers.

Upload content frequently

Another trick that will help you go viral and gain popularity on TikTok is based on consistently produce content to keep your target audience entertained. In such a case, you should focus on sharing new content several days a week (at least three) in order to add value to your followers in an unwavering way and apart from that, have more opportunities that one of your clips becomes semi-viral so that later it reaches absolute virality.

In addition to frequently sharing videos, you also it pays to do it in a planned way. This means that you can take specific days of the week to upload your videos so your audience will know what to expect from your TikTok account and when to expect it. this technique, will manage to encourage people and even generate greater coveragebecause many will invite their friends to follow your content.

So once you start take rhythm within the social network and your videos manage to be weighted as a semi-viral content, it will be more likely that one of them will be a resounding success. Taking into account that the more you publish, the more reactions you can receive and this will help you with the platform algorithm.

Post during magic hours

Post during magic hours

To be viral and grow on this social network, it is also worth taking into account the time in which you make your TikTok publications. Since, beyond publishing constantly and several times a week, it is also essential do it during certain hours so they can gain more visibility and get a good amount of likes. Otherwise, your content will go unnoticed by many users and may even be invisible.

Therefore, if you choose to share your clips at the right time, it will be easier to influence the experience of other tiktokers who may be attracted to the content you create. Now you might wonder what are the magic hours on TikTok and, in general terms, it has been stated that the range between 11 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon offers a better ostentation to the videos.

That is why, to begin with, you can publish your videos in one of those hours. However, after knowing your audience better, studying their behavior on the social network and intuiting when they are most active on TikTok, you can improve this aspect and share your videos at those specific times. With this, the chances of getting reactions and virality will increase significantly.

Interact with the influencers of the platform

Another effective way to set trends in the social network is based on interact with the most influential tiktokers of all. You can do this by commenting on their recent posts, leaving likes on their videos and well, becoming one of the most active followers of their list.

In this way, you will be able to capture the attention of the other followers of said users (especially, if they belong to your same niche) and if you choose to leave original and exclusive comments, these people they will be interested in knowing who you are and will enter your profile. With this, you will have another opportunity to increase your followers in order to stimulate the growth of your brand on TikTok.

Use the power of hashtags

Use the power of hashtags

In most social networks, hashtags are considered essential to get better visibility and attract new followers. For this reason, the same thing happens on TikTok and to be viral, it is efficient to publish videos accompanied by hashtags that match the type of content to be displayed. As a consequence, if you want to cause a stir on TikTok and be a trend, another useful technique consists of studying and checking which are the most used hashtags within the social network and which ones have a greater number of views.

In this way, you can motivate the platform’s algorithm to expose yourself through the “For you” section. Now, so that it is not so complicated to know what are the hashtags that have the most power in the appwe recommend you verify which are the most influential influencers and celebrities on TikTok in order to start using them.

Apart from this, you can take into account the following elements that have a large number of views on the social network, to use them in your posts:

  • #foryoupage: It has 3287.7B views.
  • #fyp: It has 4861.5B views, so far.
  • #duet: It has 1506.6B views in total.
  • #viral: Another of the most popular hashtags that gathers 1571.8B views.
  • #trending: This has 868.3B views.
  • #funny: Shows 536.9B views and is usually used to post funny videos.
  • #comedy: It stands out for its 328.6M views and is ideal for creators of humorous content.

Use popular audio

Just as it is efficient to make challenges or challenges that have virality within the social media app, it is also pertinent participate in TikTok trends using the most popular audios of the moment. Taking into account that, to know which ones have the most views among all, you simply have to study or explore it through the section “For you”checking which audios are the most repeated.

Through these, you will have a basis for create new content and entertain your audience. Also, if you become a good content creator using certain audios before they become very competitive, you will be able to transform your TikTok profile into a referent of the platform by becoming a trend. In this way, you will make your video semi-viral or viral.


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