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How to use my landline number in WhatsApp Business fast and easy? Step by step guide

Depending on the size of the company or undertaking, to facilitate communication it is opted for have an office or landline phone number, which allows customers to associate the brand with a certain place and call in case of a complaint, suggestion or request.

It is true that some have stopped using the landline number or have placed it in the background due to the facilities of mobile communication. But you should know before making any decision that you can take advantage of this infrastructure to connect your business with the WhatsApp Business digital application. This facility is available for the business version, as the traditional one continues to ask for a mobile number.

We are going to teach you in a simple and practical way the steps you must follow to have a landline number in WhatsApp Business as well as the advantages of choosing this option.

What are the benefits of using a landline for WhatsApp Business?

One of the main reasons this landline functionality was added is because safety reasons. Some employers preferred not to give their personal number for customer service. This problem is eliminated by using the office number. On the other hand, with the landline it is possible separate personal contacts and activities from commercial ones, using a previously acquired equipment and structure, an element that increases the performance of resources.

Too, opens the possibility of having personal and business accounts operational on the same device working together, action that is not possible with two mobile numbers. If the person likes it, you can migrate the personal chats to the new business account and have them in both places. Another advantage is that no calls are missed during the day. When a client needs to communicate, they will do so through the direct line with the establishment.

You’ll have direct and effective communication with customers, which creates a closer relationship, giving greater possibilities for growth. Having a direct number to call helps increase sales levels.

A unified communication channel is created by having the messaging system and direct telephone service with the same number, which gives a better image of the company, increasing credibility, seriousness and presence in the market. They are organized and optimized internal marketing processes, which allows correcting the faults and better projecting the virtues.

Learn step by step how to create a WhatsApp Business account with a landline number.

With what was seen above, we are clear that using a fixed number in the company it has its many advantages.

If you already have it, we will show you how to configure it to start using the WhatsApp Business application now:

  • If you don’t have it yet, download the WhatsApp Business application and then accept the terms and service conditions.
  • Now is the time to enter the number to be used, asks if you want to continue with the one you are using or if you prefer another number, choose the second option.
  • This will direct you to the next screen where you must enter the company or business number, with its respective country code.


  • When the number is entered, you must give it “Next” and it will ask you for a six digit verification.
  • To get verified gives you the option of texting or calling, as it is a fixed number, you must place the option “Call me”.
  • In the call they will dictate a code that you must place in the application and give it “SIG” (next), and voila, you will have your profile verified with a fixed number.

There is no doubt that to use the application WhatsApp Business will strengthen the levels of interaction between the company and customers, automating functions and integrating resources that will turn communication into a more agile process.

Secondly, having a business account allows the profile to be identified in this way, being visible to current customers and also to potential buyers. And finally it must be emphasized that the application is free, with the possibility of reaching hundreds of people with a single message and thus take advantage of consumer habits in real time, which change very frequently and quickly.