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How to use old versions of Skype on any device? Is it advisable to do it? Step by step guide

Skype is a platform that was created in 2003, and that today has approximately 40 million users per day, which makes this social network one of the most important today.

Since its inception, this application has had several updates achieving a significant improvement in its functions, as well as the inclusion of tools that make communication in this way one of the best that can exist. But the question is: Can we use old versions on all devices?

In the next article we will know how to use an old version of Skype, instead of updating the app, as well as the risks of executing this procedure and that this action does not generate any kind of problems.

Learn step by step how to use an old version of Skype before an update

Use old versions of Skype

Previous versions of Skype contain some aspects that a new update may not includeSuch is the case of the low weight of the application, where the old versions require less space, we also find the case of users who prefer the light mode for a matter of taste.

For this reason, we are going to show you what you can do to continue using old versions of Skype, without the need for a mandatory update or on a recent operating system and here are the steps to follow:

Make a backup of the old version Skype.exe

The backup is a procedure that must be performed not only in the case of Skype, also in other functions that make your equipment work properly. It is a very simple procedure but you must pay attention since skipping one of the steps may imply failures in what you want to execute.

The steps are the following:

  • For Start, you can keep this copy either on a portable hard drive or any USB stick.
  • You must create the backup copy of the executable file with the old version of Skype you want to use.
  • Install the latest version of Skype available for him operating system you are using.

Skype for Linux download site

  • Then you must log in to Skype making sure to check the option “Automatic login”, By checking the box that gives access to this alternative in the application.
  • Then you must close Skype on the device.
  • Now direct to your partition on the local disk “C /” and then locate the folder “Program files”, And you enter it by double-clicking on the left.
  • Already within “Program files“, You must locate the folder”Skype”And double-click on it.

Locate program files in Windows

  • There you must perform the replacement of the executable file What are you going to find for the one you had from the version of Skype above, and what you need to use.
  • After this, you must double click with the left button in the file you just replaced with the old version.
  • Run the file, and You can now have the previous version of Skype, with all your data available, since all that information was saved as indicated at the beginning of this procedure.

Use the Skype confing.xml file

This is another method that you can also use, It is a similar procedure to the previous one, but where we will use other elements.

They are simple steps and you can do it in the following way:

  • Install the latest version of Skype and then log in with your password and username.
  • Then you must close the Skype version.

Sign out of Skype

  • You must open the application again and press the buttons “Window + R” on the keyboard.
  • Just below it will appear the pop-up window of “RunWhere you should enter the following: %APPDATA%sKYPE and you press “Accept
  • Now you must go to the folder “Program files”And locate another folder called“xml”, All the information in your account is stored there.

Run applications with Win R

  • Double click with the left button on the file “xml “ for the older version of Skype to run.
  • Said version will be registered automatically, and so you can enjoy in the way you want.

What are the risks of using an outdated version of Skype?

How to get support on Skype

Skype is one of the applications that, according to recent studies, many users keep without updating on their different computers. We are talking about 55% of people who use this application without its most recent version, This can cause certain inconveniences that, if not taken care of properly, would bring you quite uncomfortable problems.

Now, and just to name some of these complications, the security element always comes out, since updates always have their focus on this aspect, so if you are not up to date, your account can be easily compromised.

Let’s know some risks of using an outdated version of Skype on your computer:

  • High risk of vulnerability: hackers have a better chance of committing a wrongdoing, if the application does not contain the necessary security tools to prevent it. In this sense, updates always contain patches that are used for this, having new tools that will prevent these people from stealing your information or accessing the content that you may have in your Skype account.
  • Hardware and software incompatibility: As is often the case, new versions of Skype tend to have problems with outdated operating systems, which is why they can present failures in their operation such as problems when logging in, unexpected closing of the application, difficulty in viewing and sending images and impediments to make video calls, among others.
  • Loss of all types of media: By having Skype out of date, you will not have the benefit of having the notifications sent by the system indicating a new update, also this makes you more vulnerable to hacking or loss of information.
  • Problems in operation: With an outdated version of Skype, the chances of its performance being slow or having problems working properly increase, for this reason, using an outdated mode does not ensure that you can fully enjoy this application.