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How to use Skype on Xbox or Sony PlayStation console to talk to your friends while playing games? Step by step guide

The provider of the Skype communication service,It has caught on very well with netizens in recent years. This It is certified by its more than 600 million users.

The multiplatform application is most used to make video calls, although it allows other functions such as: voice calls, instant messages and file sharing. But nevertheless, is best known for communicating with people face-to-face in real time.

Microsoft has integrated this free program for both computers and mobile versions, and other devices such as video game consoles; We will deal with the latter in this post. So if you are a regular console gamer, We will be revealing to you how you can use Skype while you play.

What should I keep in mind when using Skype on my console? Can I talk while I play?

It is more common for users of Skype use this App Voice Over IP (VoIP) on your computer and Smartphone, But with confinement due to the pandemic, many people want to feel closer to their families through video calls. That is why they look for other tools that give them a better experience.

Most users in group chat search amplify the dimensions of the screen using the television, for example. And yes, this medium is one of the ways to be able to make video calls, also taking advantage of your video game console or video game console. Maybe you had not thought about using this option, but congratulations, you already know. You are curious about that now you may be wondering What should I consider to use Skype with my game console?

First of all, you must have Internet access, as well as:

  • A console Xbox One, Series S, or Series X connected to your Smart TV.
  • A USB webcam (Kinect).

USB webcam (Kinect).

  • Have the application and an account in it.

We recommend that you start the app every time you use your Xbox to stay active with your contacts. On the other hand, you may be wondering If I do this and receive a call while I am in the middle of the game, can I take the video call? Enable silent setup or “Silent mode” that brings Skype in its Xbox version. This will help you not be interrupted while using the app or playing games. It should be noted that you can answer the call at “Background” but this will only be for audio.

Now, if you want to play and use Skype at the same time you can use the service “Snap”, you may know him as “Snap calls.” To activate it you just have to say “Xbox Snap Skype” and a window will pop up on the right side of the screen.

This is where you will see all the options to make video calls or voice calls, as you prefer. As you will see, it is not necessary to interrupt or leave the game to answer a call. In fact this is great for fans of group games, because they can communicate with each other whenever they need to.

Learn step by step how to use Skype on my Xbox or Sony PlayStation console quickly and easily

It is not difficult to use Skype from Microsoft on your video game console, you can do it without major complications. And if you have already done it on your computer, you can handle it in the same way. Take into account the requirements that we have mentioned throughout this article to be able to log into your console and enjoy video calls or voice calls.

Now, not all have the same brand of consoles, below we will explain the step by step to use Skype from Skype compatible equipment:

On PlayStation

On the page of we can confirm all supported platforms for download and install Skype. In it he indicates the following list: Chromebook, Tablet, Android, Skype lite, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac, Skype, Linux, Windows 10, Amazon Kindle, Fire HD / HDX, and for consoles: Xbox Series X | S or Xbox One. So it has not yet been confirmed that Skype can be used officially by Sony’s PlayStation.

On Xbox

For now, Xbox only supports Skype to make video calls and There is no other platform that can be installed on this type of console for this purpose. Using it on this type of device is very easy. If you have Xbox Series X | S or Xbox One you must already have the application installed.

If not, then open the Xbox start menu, go to “Applications”, search for “Skype”, and “Install”:

  • Log in on the Xbox | S X series or Xbox One console.
  • Go to “My games and applications”.

 xbox games and apps

  • Open Skype” to log in.

skype on xbox

  • Locate the menu button “Xbox one menu button” and select “Contacts”.

Xbox menu button

  • Should appear all the contacts you have added, now select who you want to call.
  • Then tap the “X” button on the controller to launch the video call or call, And that’s it so you’ll be chatting with your friends or family in minutes.

For video calls to be made automatically you must have Kinect, otherwise you will achieve audio calls by having only headphones. Keep in mind that you must authorize the app to use your Xbox’s camera and microphone, you do this from the “Skype Settings”.