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How to use Skype with a guest account without creating an account? Step by step guide

At present, Skype continues to be one of the most optimal solutions to communicate online in real time with other people anywhere in the world. Since, for free, allows you to start chats, make calls and make video conferences.

For its part, to provide a solution to users who cannot download the application or want to register on the platform, this service allows use your tools from a guest account. Which is suitable to chat with other users regardless of whether they are on Skype or not.

Given its great utility, it is interesting to know how to use a guest account in Skype to access the platform without creating an official account. Thus, here we will teach you how to do it and we will let you know its most relevant characteristics.

What is a Skype guest account and what are the coolest features of it?

Basically a Skype guest account refers to an option with which this instant messaging service allows you to use the platform without having to download anything or create an account there. Therefore, it is useful to communicate with other people, in an independent way.

Since, it does not matter if they are registered in Skype or not. In this sense, guest accounts are characterized by being temporary accounts in Skype which, by default, are valid for a specific time. In addition to this, they only have the power to enter the conversation to which they have been invited, They can’t add contacts to their phonebook and they can’t keep chats saved.

However, a guest account on Skype allows users to chat freely, share photos and multimedia elements, send emojis or emoticons, as well as make calls and video calls. Reason why, it is considered an excellent way to test the renowned application immediately and without any complications.

Learn step by step how to get a Skype guest account to use the platform without registering

Although it is true, to make use of a guest account of this free calling application, You will have to do it through Skype for the Internet. In view of the fact that, this solution only works through web browsers and thus, guarantees that it is not necessary to download the application on your computer or mobile in order to use the service.

Now, if you are the one who wants to start the chat and / or share the Skype invitation with other people from a guest account, you will need to execute the following step by step in the web version of this service:

Go to

First of all, you have to open your trusted web browser and through it, access the official Skype website. After this, on the main page, select the option that says “Make a free video call”.

Create a new meeting

Create a new meeting

Second, it’s time to create a link to share it with the people you want to join your call, this with just click on “Create a new meeting”. Taking into account that, before that, you can modify the name of the meeting at the top of that button. In such a way, no need to install the Skype app or register on the platform to start a conversion with other people (regardless of whether they are part of the service or not).

Share the invitation with other people

Share the invitation with other people

Then, once the system creates the link for the meeting in question, you have to press the option that says “Share invitation” in order to send it through Facebook, Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp or by email. You can even copy and paste the link, as you wish.

It’s time to start the call

Once you have invited as many people as you want (a maximum of 99), you simply have to press the button that indicates “Start call” and this will redirect you to a new tab in the web browser.

Choose the option “Join as a guest”

Choose the option

Then, from the new window that corresponds to the new conversation generated in Skype, you have to select the option “Join as a guest” in order to obtain a guest account in this instant messaging service.

Start customizing your guest account

Start customizing your guest account

Now, to customize your temporary account in Skype, The service allows you to enter the name with which the other people who join the conversation in question can identify themselves. Which, you have to enter it in the field that says “Write your name”. Once you do this, you must specify the action by clicking on “Join”.

Enjoy Skype as a guest

Enjoy Skype as a guest

Thus, after a few seconds elapse, the system will load the meeting you have created and when you grant the required permissions, will show you the room where all the people you invited will have to congregate. Even at this point, you can also keep invited more users to join.

Added to that, if you want to start a conversation in this meeting, you can do it with just click on the “Chat” button found in the Go to meeting section. Whereas, in said conversation, the message “You have logged in as a guest (Name)” and there, you can send messages, add files, share emojis, record voice notes, schedule a call, create surveys, etc.

And if they send you an invitation link …

On the other hand, it is possible that one of your friends or acquaintances decides to invite you to a chat room and for this, share with you the corresponding invitation link. In that case, it is much easier to start the experience with a guest account on Skype. Because you will simply have to select the link to join and then in the web version of Skype on your desk, click on “Join as Guest”. With this, automatically, you will get your temporary account on the platform.

Frequently asked questions about Skype guest accounts Solve all your doubts here!

Frequently asked questions about Skype guest accounts Solve all your doubts here!

In view of the fact that guest accounts or temporary accounts of Skype They are a slightly new utility and work differently from the standard accounts of this application, There are many people who have certain doubts when using them.

Therefore, in this section of the post, we will emphasize some frequently asked questions about these accounts so that you can solve your doubts about it quickly:

Can I register contacts with a guest account?

Definitely, no. Since, one of the main limitations of this type of account Skype is that do not have the option to add or register other participating users as contact. Reason why, does not allow managing a personalized contact book, unlike common accounts of Skype

Can I make video calls?

Fortunately, if there is the possibility of making video calls completely free through a guest account of Skype and from the web version of the application. Valuing that it even allows activate or deactivate both the video image and its audio, with total freedom.

Can you make group video calls as a Skype guest?

Thanks to these guest accounts from Skype they handle a unique link that allows other people to join the meeting that anyone has created, of course, it allows to make group video calls without any limitation. Which, at most, can have 100 participants or, have a total of 99 guests (without listing you).

How long are the guest conversations?

One of the main peculiarities of this type of account in Skype, is that they are completely temporary. Thus, specifically, its duration is 24 hours, because the link used for each meeting only valid for this amount of time.

As a consequence, once the 24 hours in question, people they will have to create another free guest account again to be able to return to the chat, call any phone number and / or translate a conversation in real time with the help of Skype Translator.