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How to use Spotify Premium for free to listen to music without limits or ads? Step by step guide

What are the best applications to listen to and download music without an internet connection on iPhone? 2020

Listening to music is the pleasure of every human being so if you are a lover of it, you will also want to download Spofity, as it is the best application to listen and download these types of files .

Today you will learn how to use Spofity Premium for free to listen to music without any ads. Although if you are not convinced by this option, you can also use the list of alternatives that we leave here .

These alternatives are the best applications after Spofity to listen and download music for free and without any advertising that hinders the experience of consuming those songs that we like so much.

Can you have Spotify Premium without paying? Advantages and benefits

Tener cuenta Spotify Premium sin pagar

Many of us know Spotify, which offers us a huge amount of good quality music to listen to, but what you didn’t know is that you could get a Premium version without paying anything. Can you imagine enjoying unlimited music without being charged nothing?

The benefits of creating a Spotify Premium account , is that we have an excellent experience without any ads, and we can also download all those music we like. But this is not all, with it you can also benefit as follows:

  • Listen to music in high quality .
  • Be able to listen to music without internet connection .
  • Download all the music you want.
  • Access to the largest archive of files with the most up-to-date themes of all musical genres .

Of course, getting Spotify Premium for free will take you on unconventional roads, so you must take your security measures to be 100% protected. In fact, Spotify is one of the best Apps to Download Music according to .

Steps to have free Spotify Premium to listen to music without limits or advertising

Since you are eager to receive all the benefits mentioned above, we proceed to teach you all the existing methods so far to have Spotify Premium completely free and without advertising.

Spotify Beta (APK)

What you should do in this case is simply download an APK that is an exact copy of the original Spotify. With it you will get all the benefits mentioned above, except the song download feature.

Before starting you will need to remove any Spotify application that you have installed on your Android. In addition, you will have to activate the “Unknown origins” in order to install the app mentioned above. Once you have all this you can proceed with the next process to execute.

The first thing you should do is obviously to download the APK of the aforementioned application. In order to download, we must click here:

Download APK Spotify Free

Once we enter the page we will see that a notice appears that says “There is no preview available”, but despite this we click on “Download”, we hope it ends and we continue.

Once the APK is downloaded, we proceed to install and open the application and log in with your user account. If you do not have an account we invite you to register and create one, so that you can enjoy with us all the music content available on Spofity for free .

Changing the ID of your device

If the previous step does not convince you at all because the APKs can be dangerous, then we have a method more attached to the legality than the previous ones. With this if you can have the official Spotify app so that there is no risk, how is this possible? Well, simple .

When you create an account and install Spotify for the first time on your Android, the company gives you a free trial period where you can use all the features of the service. Once this happens your mobile ID is registered so you can not ask for another test . What this method does is cheat the app by modifying your ID code, so that with it you can simply get more free trials.

This method is by far the safest of all we are going to teach you, but it cannot be applied by everyone, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Access root user of your Android device.
  • Download the app Device ID Changer .

Once you have both, you can proceed with the steps below:

  • The first thing is that you download the application of Spotify and also that of Device ID Changer, you both have them up here.
  • When the trial period ends, you must use the second tool that we indicate to change your ID. You must open it and tap “Random” to choose a new ID at random.

Pasos para tener una cuenta de Spotify Premium gratis e ilimitada ¿Realmente merece la pena?

  • Now you just have to restart your mobile and proceed to create a new account in the Spotify app .

For the creation of each account you will have to use a different email. On the other hand, if you are worried about the original ID of your device, the application will always remember it and you can set it again without any problem from it.

With Spotify Downdloader

Well, assuming that neither of the two options that we propose to you seems prudent, what you can do is use a client to download directly music from Spotify servers. This is something that many people do since it is very easy to use. This is also an APK that you can download from the following link:

Download APK Spotify Downdloader

You will also need to have the Spotify application installed. What you should do is simply create a playlist with all the songs you want to download.

Once this is done you must go to “My library” so you can see all the lists you have saved. Select the one you just created and touch the three points that appear in the corner of the interface and select «Share»> »Copy link».

Then you simply have to enter the Spotify Downdloader app, paste the link you just copied and download all the files. Easy and fast.

This method has a disadvantage and that is the APK that we download if it has a lot of publicity, but you will get the free files in the best quality of all.

What other alternatives to listen to and download music without advertising free is there?

Are you not convinced by the “trick” application? We have an opportunity for you that we know you will like, as it is a list of 6 apps that can be used as alternatives to, listen to or download music without paying anything . If you are a music lover you will not miss this great opportunity that we offer you here.


Musicall is an excellent alternative to listen to music without paying and without resorting to piracy. This application adapts to your needs and has the YouTube music database, and as you know YouTube has it all , so there you can find what you want. Besides that if you want you can select the quality of the music in streaming, as well as the one that you are going to download.

So you don’t recharge your phone’s memory, Musicall gives you the opportunity to save all the music files you download in a compressed folder . Unfortunately this application was removed from Google Play, so if you want to download it you can do it from the official website.



If what you want is to listen to new music that is not so commercial and repetitive, this app is what you need. Bloom.Fm allows you to discover new talents, and also has a catalog with more than 22 million songs and its own radio station with more than 150 different genres .

Microsoft Groove


This application was previously called only “Groove”, but as recently I bought it Microsoft is now called “Microsoft Groove”, so it is currently available for Windows Phone Microsoft made several design and feature changes but still has the same goal ; give you the best experience with the best music offline and online.

This application is what you are looking for. Although previously it was only available for iPhone thanks to Microsoft it is also available for Android . When we talk about use, it is completely simple, so in just seconds you will learn how to use it completely.

One of the features added to Groove is to study your musical habits and tastes in order to propose you a list of music from different playlists, functions such as the use of intelligent gestures while driving to be able to climb or turn down volume whenever you want . And if that were not enough, if you want to share the music on your social networks, with just one click you can do it.

Mp3 Music Download


Well known among music lovers, Mp3 Music Download has a huge amount of downloadable music content that makes it much more attractive than any of its competitors, and has the feature of being able to use it as Spotify to listen to streaming content .

If you ask about performances and performances, we will tell you that it is really efficient and effective, but if you are looking for a disadvantage we would tell you that it has only one , and it only allows you to download music one by one , so if you don’t have some patience you won’t want to have it. If we talk about weight, it is also one of the best options since it occupies a maximum of 1.32 MB, so it makes it the number one if we talk about lightness.

To download the application click here:

Download MP3 Music Android

4shared Music


This application is not very striking for many of the users, since its appearance is extremely obsolete , but it has very important features as well as a catalog of 10 million downloads and its positive reviews .

Like Spofity you have to open an account to use it. It gives you in the free mode 15 GB of storage for your own songs , and a list of themes that although it is somewhat limited compared to the applications mentioned above, are really good.

Click here if you want to download it:

Download 4shared Music APK

Invenio Carmen


This is the last alternative that we present to you. It is an application that many have known for a few years, since it was available for a long time on Google Play, but is no longer in the internet giant’s application store , so To download it you must click:

Download Invenio Carmen APK

This application not only allows you to listen and download music, you can also download videos, movies and series . So if you give this wonderful app a chance, you’ll be hooked on them.

Is it safe to download paid music? Risks and how to avoid them

Theoretically download free music when it is paid is not illegal, but that does not mean that you cannot do it. If we talk about security because all pages offer total security to download paid music for free, so the ones we left in the previous section will surely serve you a lot. However, the risks are still there .

What are the risks?

Returning again to the issue of legality. The truth is that we want you to get out of here knowing not only the advantages but also the disadvantages, and that you know everything since the purpose of our page is to show you all the faces of the cyber world .

When you download free music, you are robbing that artist or musical group of their money, and this is so illegal that many people can be reported and taken to jail. Of course, that you as a simple user are certainly protected. For now …