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How to use WhatsApp Business Web on multiple computers and multiple devices at the same time? Step by step guide

The technical and business potential of social networks like WhatsApp is vast and very promising, so it is almost a requirement for any small business to have a WhatsApp Business profile with which to promote your products or services and make sales.

In this sense, it is always useful to be able to access your social networks from any device to have constant access and control of all your customers, so at a certain point you should be able to access your WhatsApp Business account from a computer or even from another phone.

So here you are surely wondering Is it possible to access the same WhatsApp on 2 or more devices? The answer is yes, and if you want to know how, we will explain it below.

How many WhatsApp Business Web sessions can be opened at the same time?

Considering the fact that the web servers for both WhatsApp in its normal version and for WhatsApp Business are the same, it is feasible to say that there is no difference in the number of computers on which a single WhatsApp account can be logged into.

Very recently WhatsApp updated its application for Android devices and introduced several very useful functions, including the long-awaited multi-device mode that allows the user to activate up to 4 WhatsApp sessions on different devices, be they computers, phones or tablets.

Keep in mind, however, that this feature is in beta testing, so unless you are a beta user, you will not be able to use this function, and you will be limited to using WhatsApp Web to access your account on more than one device and with the limitation of only having your account active on your phone and on a single computer.

Learn step by step how to log into WhatsApp Business Web on multiple devices at the same time

Regardless of whether the WhatsApp multi-device function is available or not, WhatsApp still offers a native option to log into a computer, in addition to the phone application. We are talking about the WhatsApp web client known as WhatsApp Web. It is an access method that allows you to link a single WhatsApp account to a computer to use it in conjunction with the phone application.

Next, and regardless of whether or not you are a beta user for the new multi-device function, we present the steps to link your mobile WhatsApp account to its web client:

Enter your WhatsApp Business application

Log in to WhatsApp web from your computer

The first step is to open the application, once inside we select the options button in the upper right corner and press the option “Linked Devices”. This will place us in the menu of devices that we have previously accessed if they exist, and the button “Pair device”.

Open your computer’s browser

The next step is enter the url in your computer’s browser This will open the page which, after a short loading screen It will display a QR code that you must scan.

Scan the QR code

Enter the WhatsApp Web page

Pressing the Pair Device option on your phone a request for your password or security pattern will appear, all in order to keep user data safe, after which you will allow you to scan the QR code of the page. Clever! Now your WhatsApp conversations are temporarily hosted on the WhatsApp web client, allowing you to reply to conversations on both devices simultaneously.

WhatsApp Desktop What is and how does this application work for desktop devices?

If you are looking for more alternatives to open WhatsApp on more than one device, we have one more option for you: WhatsApp Desktop. Is about a program for PC compatible with Windows and MacOS that appears as an alternative for WhatsApp Web, in case you prefer to save the memory consumed by keeping a browser tab permanently open.

This application can be obtained directly from the WhatsApp page and It has a process exactly the same as WhatsApp Web has to link the accounts. When installing and opening the application on the PC, the same QR code will appear as in the web version, and the process on the phone to link it is the same.

Although it is certainly a solid alternative, the desktop version of the application has the same shortcomings, as well as the same virtuesSince you need the QR scan to enter, you need the phone to be close to the PC and that it has a constant Internet connection.

If, on the other hand, you are one of the lucky ones who qualify as beta users of the new feature, the only addition is that You must repeat the process on the devices you want to log in to, and remember that they cannot be more than 4.

What are CRM programs as they can be an alternative to using WB on multiple devices?

How many WhatsApp Web sessions can I start with my WhatsApp Business account?

Having established the fact that, with the exception of beta users, the WhatsApp Business app has no native means of logging in on more than two devices, Let us now mention an alternative that will allow you to do so. It is a platform called Callbell that provides a multi-agent external service that provides a platform for a large work team, up to a maximum of 100 agents.

The website of allows you to create a free account and integrate your WhatsApp Business account to enjoy benefits like automatic assignment of conversations, where each agent is provided with a certain number of conversations to manage, in addition to the remote management of conversations, access to internal notes and reassignment of conversations in the event that one of the agents is not available.