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How to watch HBO Spain and Latin America online and free from any device? Step by step guide

How to watch HBO Spain and Latin America online and free from any device? Step by step guide

HBO is an international television network , in which you can watch movies and series, among the best known is GOT (Game Of Thrones) the most popular series of the company so far.

And not only can you watch movies and series , the television network has an extensive catalog where you can see shows, documentaries , etc. So if you want to enjoy HBO for free on some of your devices in this tutorial we will explain step by step, how you can achieve it.

Remember that the best thing you can do to enjoy all the content without inconvenience is to pay a monthly subscription.

Methods to watch all HBO channels online and free from your computer or phone

There are different methods, some recommended since they come from legal methods, and others that are not recommended, because they are illegal. However, the information is also provided, and the user is responsible for how he uses and manages all the information provided by each of the methods .

Get a free trial month

HBO prueba gratis

In this way you can enjoy all the services that HBO has for free, its duration has a maximum of one month, and after that time is fulfilled, you only have two options. You cancel the subscription or renew it by canceling the monthly payment indicated.

Another option you have is once the subscription is canceled, you re-create a new account to get a trial month.

The process to do this is very simple:

Download HBO App (Spain) for Android

Download HBO Go App for Android (Latin America)

Download HBO App (Spain) for iOS

Download HBO Go App for iOS (Latin America)

  • You have to download the application for either Android or IOS and register your new account on HBO . This process can be done through your cable provider or the app itself.

HBO Android e IOS descarga

  • Keep in mind that when you sign up for the free trial you have to enter your credit card details. So be alert to unsubscribe or you will be charged the next month automatically . During the free trial month, the subscriber has access to the complete catalog of series and movies of the channel.

Use promotional codes

Streaming services are now becoming increasingly popular. There are websites dedicated to the promotion of offers by giving promotional codes of up to two months. There may even be draws for these codes .

But before participating or using these codes, make sure that the website or person who distributes them is trustworthy, since there may be cases where fraud exists, causing very serious inconveniences.

Tell a friend to share your account

The HBO Go service, allows its users, that only one account can be used, on 5 devices. Once you have access to the account you just have to download the application to your computer and enjoy the series.

Use applications like Ace stream media or Wiseplay

  • Ace Stream media is a streaming application, which allows its users to view a wide variety of content on their platform, as long as it is available. It works in a simple way, you can directly search for the content you are interested in seeing , or observe in the list the content that is currently being viewed and view it too.

Ace Stream media

  • Wiseplay This app has the same functionality as previously named. The content provided on the platform, depends solely on the users, that is, if you want to see a content and it is not found, it is because there is no person who is streaming the same .


It is a great service in those cases where the content you want to view is available. As well as other apps of this type, the same account has ads, but can be removed by paying .

Is the content included in the services of your TV payment?

If your digital TV provider has HBO services included in your packages, it is recommended that you purchase them, this may be much cheaper than paying directly for the HBO Now service and even with greater advantage, since you will not only have HBO but also all the channels that your satellite TV service has for you. In addition to this, you can use HBO Go, with your paid TV provider.

HBO con proveedor de tv satelital

Just do the following:

  • Choose the country where you are.
  • Now you choose the provider of the digital TV service.
  • You put the details of your provider
  • Complete the form with all the information requested.
  • And you can enjoy the service on the device you want.



This is another streaming application, Mobdro allows its users to watch exclusive content, that is to say content that is paid for example HBO. This is possible as long as it is available within the platform .



IPTV is an app that allows its users to watch a wide variety of television programming once downloaded. The available television programs will be downloaded to our device. We’ll just have to look at them and see if the one that doesn’t interest is available.

Kodi Tv

kodi tv

Another stream service application, this allows you to view a wide variety of content directly from your app, you can search it and see if the content you are interested in is available and view it. Kodi TV is available in the Play store or Apple store. It is available in a wide variety of operating systems. So you can enjoy it on the devices you want.

How to use streaming apps?

As we have indicated before, there is a wide variety of streaming applications to watch HBO for free . The operation of each of these is very similar. In each app you have to download or search the channel or programming before you can view it. It is important to spell the name correctly.

The availability of the content depends, if it is on the platform, since none at any time stores the programming. Remember that under no circumstances will you be able to change the programming , so if you are interested in watching other channel content you watch, just try to search within the same platform, that content and hopefully you can find it.


Legal methods

The legal methods to visualize HBO for free , are very few, so if you have done the trial month and you have mostly liked the content of the platform, we recommend that you will acquire a monthly subscription, either through a cable operator, internet or directly from HBO .

This in order to avoid any legal inconvenience, with the author’s rights and that the content that you have visualized or are interested in viewing, is totally legal. Remember that piracy or illegal and unauthorized distribution of content is punishable by law (This depends on each country).

Illegal methods

Illegal methods are all those that are used to distribute content without the consent of the author or the company that distributes them , these services are not recommended due to the legal problems that it brings, not However, the legal problem is mainly received by the person or company that distributes this content.

So if you know a person who performs this activity, you should keep in mind that you may suffer infractions or reprimands for performing this activity.

And a reminder, remember that there are no free account services for life or if there are people who sell accounts for services like HBO, Sky or Netflix and the cost of these accounts is very low and There are monthly account changes, you are falling for fraud and it is best to acquire the service legally.

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