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Instagram Live Badges How to make money from IGTV Live Videos?

Like the Twitch bits or the YouTube SuperChats, the Badges of Instagram They have come to recognize the efforts of the most active content creators and thus obtain a financial reward.

In this article we will explain how to make money with IGTV Live Videos. For this it will be necessary to learn how to use Instagram badges to collaborate with your favorite influencers.

But this is not all, If you want to know the best tips to make your community give you more badges and earn much more money, you will have to read to the end.

What are Instagram Badges and what are they for within the platform?

The first thing you should know is what is a Live on Instagram. This is a tool that belongs to Stories set of users and what allows live video streaming. Every time an influencer is about to do a live broadcast, the platform sends emails to followers to notify them not to miss the content.

Once the direct is accessed it is possible to send messages to be read by all, as long as the owner of the video has this option activated. But these are not the only icons that can be found within the screen of the followers, it is also possible to see functions for share or like the video.

By last, And as with other social networks, it is possible to collaborate economically with the owner of the video through the badges intended for this purpose. In this way it is possible to thank the creator of the video and get the Unlock special features, appear in featured comments, and become a renowned follower transmission. While the most important advantage that the owner of the video has is receiving a economic retribution.

The badges are divided into three levels. These are:

  • Of a heart, which has a cost of € 0.99.
  • Two Hearts Badge, to buy this compensation you must pay € 1.99.
  • Three heartsIf you want to buy this badge, you have to know that its price is € 4.99.

How much money can you earn with Instagram badges? Can you make a living from it?

The Instagram badges They are in a trial implementation period. That means that, at the moment this benefit only reaches about 50 thousand influencers, who will receive 100% of the hearts obtained. But this does not imply that in the future this percentage of distribution will vary and the platform will begin to receive profits from these donations.

Therefore, if you are within the group of 50 thousand users (although this will soon increase) and you have many followers who are willing to collaborate with you, it is likely that you can make a living from this activity. You should not forget that the purchasing power of your audience is related to the age of the audience, the topic of interest and even the geographical location.

Learn step by step how to use Instagram badges to collaborate with your favorite influencers

First of all, it is important that you keep in mind that you can buy a badge for each broadcast which will allow you to be a prominent viewer, but only from that Live. So if you want to continue maintaining that category, you must acquire more hearts for another alive. We will show you below the step by step that you must do to use badges and collaborate with your favorite influencers.

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Enter the Instagram Live that interests you

Enter the Instagram Live that interests you

The first thing you will have to do is access the live that the influencer you are following is doing. For this, you will have to search for the user’s profile when have the caption Live on your profile picture. Once you log in, you will find different icons at the bottom of your screen.

Go, if the user has the option of Live badges enabled, to them by pressing the button once Buy a badge to collaborate with @[nombre del creador vídeo]. You can also find the option Buy, if you have configured the language of the social network in English. You will find this option below the comments.

Buy the badges

Buy the badges

When you have clicked on Buy a badge to collaborate with @[nombre del creador del vídeo] It will open automatically and according to the operating system you have on your mobile, the payment method to purchase the badge. In case you have Android you will enter the Play Store and if you have iOS, you will access the App Store. Once you have registered your card or any enabled virtual wallet you will be able to continue with the steps.

Choose the type of badge

What you should do now is select badge type so that it is credited to your account.

As we told you before, you can choose between three categories:

  • A heart – € 0.99.
  • Two hearts – € 1.99.
  • Three hearts – € 4.99.

When you find the one you like the most the ability to send comments will be automatically activated on your screen as a featured user.

Tips to make your community give you more Instagram badges and earn much more money with them

If your Instagram profile has many followers and you want to earn money through the badges that your community can give you, you should keep these tips in mind:

Know the likes of your followers

The most important thing of all is to know what topics your followers are interested in and what attitudes or actions of yours generate empathy with your community. For this you must carry out a deep analysis of the comments you have received of the direct ones that you have already done before. You will also have to include in your study the stories and any type of publication in which you had positive reactions.

Includes topics of interest in the living

When you already know the preferences of your community, what you will have to do now is adapt all those tastes to the live shows that you will perform on Instagram. It is important at this point that you program the conversation on your computer or on any sheet of paper what will you have in the live and incorporate in the content all the topics that are of interest. This will help you not to forget anything.

Promote the Lives

For you to be successful in this task, it is necessary that you promote in all media, and on other social networks, that you are going to perform a live show at a certain time. Don’t forget the metrics it offers you Instagram to know exactly when your community is most active. Within these promotions you can ask your followers to include topics that interest them, just in case you did not take into account any important point when you made the previous analysis.

Try to be punctual

Try to be punctual

It is important that you be precise when activating Live. This will show the interest you have in interacting with your community and the respect you have for it. The lighting, the order of the place where you will transmit and your presence say many things about you, so you should take these details into account to obtain a positive image of your community. But you do not have to forget that these aspects must be in accordance with the themes you develop.

Try to be as natural as possible

One of the strengths that successful influencers have is the authenticity with which they connect with their community. For this reason, being nervous or wanting to simulate false situations will not help you generate empathy with your followers.

Respect opinions

It is important that you read, as much as possible, all the comments that are coming live. This will help you realize if you are on the right track or need to change course to keep your followers active. Do not answer haters’ comments with aggression that they can do, since all they want is to troll your account.

Call your community to action

This last tips, It is perhaps the most important of all and that is why we put it last. You should not only be active in your living, but you also have to call your followers to action. It is at this point that it is convenient to ask them to thank, in a subtle way, your content through the use of badges.