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Instagram tips: become an expert with these secret tips and advice – 2022 list

Instagram tips: become an expert with these secret tips and advice - 2020 list

Instagram is one of the social networks with more users currently in the world. As for 2018 alone, it had a total of 800 million users actively daily, and to this day the number of people who join it continues to rise.

For this reason it becomes an excellent option to publicize your person, business, brand or any other activity you wish to perform and show to the public. That is why you need to know the best tricks for this application and know how to increase the reach of your publications and cover more public. Interesting right?

In this tutorial we have done for you we will explain what tips and advice you can apply to your account to promote the influence of your publications and improve positioning.

What features make Instagram a unique social network?

Today, Instagram is very close to Facebook and Twitter in terms of the number of active users on social networks. But it has different characteristics that make it unique and attractive to experienced or new people.

Among those we can name the following:

  • The dynamism: This social network is currently the favorite for millions of people, either for its catalogs of photo filters, frames and the option that allows you to transmit live what you’re doing.
  • Connectivity: has a very easy way to connect with other users, see, react and comment on their stories and posts. And even better the use of the well-known hashtag (#) links you with people from any part of the world according to their interest. On the other hand, these help increase, reach and connect the publications.
  • Interactive: allows your netizens to interact with a wide variety of content, whether videos of Short duration or images. In turn, you can also chat with others through direct messaging, and also make video calls.
  • It is accessible: You can access the interface from any mobile device or computer that allows connection to the network.
  • Hashtags: is one of the best features and the one that has helped its consumers to grow. Its operation is similar to those of Twitter, which allows other people interested in this topic to observe your content without directly sending it to you or following you previously. It is one of the best alternatives to reach new users and increase the reach of what you publish.

4 Data about IG that you probably did not know about this platform

Instagram is a great platform and therefore you probably don’t know different curious facts that can be very interesting. Here are some of them:

Social network most used by young people

According to Statista, by 2018 on Instagram, 31% of active users on the social network were in a age range between 18 and 24 years.

And by the fall of the same year he managed to beat Snapchat. This could be seen in a survey conducted by the instigation company Piper Jaffray. Which indicated that 85% of the adolescents surveyed have used it at least once. Unlike the 84% who said they used Snapchat at least once.

Although the difference is minimal, only 1%, it is a sign of the constant growth and acceptance it has had in young people. What day by day they are using more such means.

Which means that the teenage public accounts for a large percentage of netizens for both platforms. It may be that this growth is due to the popularity it is gaining, or also to the great ease it has to connect different people and achieve greater popularity.

Most used by women

According to data obtained in April of 2016, women are the ones who use Instagram to a greater extent than men. ComScore, is a company that is responsible for measuring Internet traffic and calculated that 42% of users were men. While 58% were women.

It should be noted that the predominance of women in this social network over men has remained constant over the years.

This is why? There may be several reasons, but among which we can indicate are:

  • The community: has a wide network of users and mainly it is dedicated to like and comment on photos or videos. In addition to allowing people to meet easily.
  • Acknowledgments: It is undeniable that women have a higher rate of growth in social media than men assume. This in turn is mixed with the creation of quality content and creativity, which translates into obtaining great recognition from the followers. Something in which this genre is expert.
  • Tips: In an unquestionable way we can say that women like to take care of certain details more than men. And on Instagram there are many different accounts that offer many tips for a wide variety of content.

IGTV; third most audited video platform on mobile

Instagram Tv is one of the latest innovations that the social network has brought to its users. It allows you to publish videos of long duration, something very similar to YouTube but without so many inconveniences.

The intention of this functionality is to have more users in the same account you use and where you publish to consume the content uploaded in that place. To date it seems that IGTV is increasing in the number of users watching its audiovisual. So this may be due to the large number of people using the network.

For this year (2019) the platform has approximately one billion users. This amount has been increasing over the years, and with its innovations it seems to promise even more. For this reason, IGTV may soon become the most used video medium on the network.

Favorite Social Media Agencies social network

It is undeniable that this is the favorite and the most used by marketing agencies, but this has several reasons and reasons. Among them are:

  • Connectivity: As with users, brands use it to publish their content and promotions more effectively. So be it for the use of the appropriate hashtags or paying advertising. The scope of the publications is greater in regard to other media.
  • Disclosure: As with Facebook or Twitter, users can easily share the content of other accounts with His own followers. This helps the content reach faster and more people easily.
  • Creativity: Creativity is essential to position a brand and to attract the attention of future customers, so that in this you can get inspirations from other publications. As well as you can have the opportunity to try new techniques that attract the attention of the public.

List of the best Instagram tricks to get the most out of it

There are different tricks or tips that you can use to improve your experience in this great social network, among them are:

Save data

It is important to be able to save data if you are one of those users who are constantly connected from mobile data. To reduce consumption you just have to go to “Settings”, then choose “Account”> “Uses of mobile data (cellular)” and activate the option “Use less data.”


Protect your Instagram account

If you are a popular user or you want to keep your account safe, it is important that you always have it protected. To do this you can use the two-step identification, which will send a security code to a mobile number or email you have linked.

In this way to be able to control that outsiders enter it without authorization from any other device. To do this, just go to “Settings”> “Two-step authentication” and activate “Request security code”.


Instagram lite

This is an official app that takes up little space and is ideal for those users who have this constant problem on their mobile devices. Instagram Lite is available directly from the Play Store. Although it is not enabled for all countries. If that happens to you, you can install the apk that is available on different websites.


Share Instagram stories directly on Facebook

Perhaps something you did not know is that you can publish your stories directly on Facebook, this way you can save some time in republishing your content on different social networks.

To do this you just have to do the following: Enter your profile “Settings”> “Story settings” , and then activate the function that says “Share stories on Facebook”.

Comment filter

This is an excellent option to keep clean your community and post bad comments or to avoid creating a negative environment in them.

To activate it you must do the following: go to “Settings”, then choose “Privacy and security” , in this section you will look for the one that says “Comment controls” . There you will write the words or phrases you wish to remove or block from the comments.


The Hashtags (#)

The correct use of hashtags is very important, apart from the fact that should not be abused. Since the application can penalize you and cross out your account as spam, which will reduce the visualizations of your publications or will void them.

The amount of # you should use is 30, avoid passing this limit. Added to this if you are a user who makes several daily publications, it is best to use different ones to prevent them from taking your posts as spam.

So take some time to investigate which ones are useful for your account content and what kind of audience you want to reach.

You can use the # section that Instagram has to see which ones are the most popular and find out what is useful for the type of content you make. Ideally, you should use between 5 # and 15 # per publication.

Interact with your followers

Interacting with your community will generate a more social and friendly environment, and help them to share and be more attentive to your post.

Creating stories where you ask simple questions, wishing good morning or showing simple things in your daily life are quite useful for improving those bonds.

Avoid using apps or bot at all costs increase followers

This practice of using bots or apps that claim to increase the number of followers is a very bad practice in the community , apart from the fact that it is punished by the company. The punishment is the closing or deactivation of your account. Even if you don’t receive a penalty over time you can lose followers, since these fake accounts are deleted.

Avoid using these types of dishonest applications which will harm your image and make your real followers doubt your products and your person.

Use filters or stickers

When uploading images or videos in your stories you can use filters, stickers or emojis to improve the display of your publications and make them more striking for your users.

Try to use the right ones depending on your target audience, as well as keep in mind the theme or theme of the post you are doing.

Switch to a business or creator profile

By changing your profile from personal to business or content creator, you will have other options available that will help you to better work your application profile.

For example, you can advertise your own content, obviously paying what you consider necessary to improve the positioning and display of your product or brand.

In the statistics section you will see the number of users that follow you and have stopped following you. The age range of your followers, the places where they live, the busiest days, etc. This way you can create a better strategy to increase the display of your content.

To do this you just have to do the following: go to “Settings”> “Account” , here at the bottom you will see different options: “Switch to business account ”,“ Switch to creator account ”,“ Switch to personal account ”. Each of them has a different utility, everything will depend on whether you are a company or a content creator, you can choose the one that suits you best.


Add and manage multiple accounts

This is very useful for those people who work as administrator of different accounts, or for those who have so many who do not want to be constantly entering their data every time they want to access.

To do this you just have to do something very simple. Go to your profile, at the top where your Instagram ID is displayed click on it and a small menu will open. Note that at the bottom you will have the “+” symbol and next to it says “Add account”.

Select this option and add the accounts you want to manage. Once you have done this, to switch between different users you just have to select the profile you want.