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Internet advertising What is it, how does it work and what types are there?

Internet advertising What is it

Today, in today’s information age, Internet advertising has become one of the main and most powerful means to promote any type of business .

In this regard, it should be noted that Internet advertising has managed to break many barriers, taking into account that has put large audiences and / or audiences within reach of all types of companies . Therefore, it is currently necessary for businesses to carry out their promotion in the digital environment, if they wish to have great visibility and success.

Thus, it is valuable to know what the recognized term “ internet advertising ” refers to, specifically; as well as the most notable advantages and disadvantages that it reveals. Knowing, in addition, the types of advertising of this class that exist and if it can be done for free. Indeed, here we inform you all about this.

What is internet advertising?

Basically, Internet advertising is characterized by a type of advertising that, in order to connect with its consumers, makes use of the media offered by the network, such as:

  • Webs
  • Blogs
  • Search engines (Google, Bing, etc.)
  • Social networks
  • Posts electronic
  • Mobile applications

Unlike traditional advertising that, throughout life, has used the main communication tools, that is, radio, television, written press, billboards, etc.

In this sense, it is also necessary to highlight that another of its most relevant particularities, from the point of view of marketing, is its great variety . Thanks to this, it does not reveal the limitations of time, space and formats that conventional advertising does contain. This is why it is so feasible to advertise online to gain greater visibility and obtain a better number of consumers.

It is also worth noting that, in a way, it presents some similarities with respect to the publicity of a lifetime. This, mainly for some formats used ; as, for example, banners in digital media, which are completely similar to those you have usually observed in common advertising.

However, Internet advertising offers many more options and among them, those that bet for interactivity and bidirectionality , mainly. Which, without a doubt, allows companies to create a genuine dialogue with their customers.

Advantages and disadvantages of advertising on the Internet and social networks

Ventajas y desventajas de hacer publicidad en Internet y redes sociales

Once the detailed concept of what online advertising refers to, it is essential to know the main advantages and disadvantages of using this advertising both online, in general, as well as on social platforms that are remarkably used today.

Therefore, below, we highlight the most interesting pros and cons that Internet advertising has shown over the years:


As always, it is better to start by specifying the best aspects of anything and for this reason, we begin with the most important advantages that it reveals using Internet advertising . Which, of course, are totally special, in view of the great use that anyone gives to the Internet, today.

In this way, know here the pros that reveals this type of modern advertising:

  • Economy and budget clearly scalable : Compared to the advertising of a lifetime, Internet advertising costs less than it. Since, this last type of advertising, manages to match the needs and scope of all types of companies, also taking into account its size. Apart from that, there are different payment options to make online advertisements ( CPC, CPM, CPA , etc.).
  • Visibility and accessibility at any time : Luckily, Internet advertising is available on an interrupted basis and, in addition, can potentially be viewed by any user who surfs the web at any time of day. Which does not happen with traditional advertising ads, since these are only available in a specific medium or, for a certain time.
  • A large number of audience : It is no secret to anyone that, every time there are many more people connected to the Internet and this event, guarantees a great opportunity for SMEs to get a huge public flow daily.
  • It’s simple and fast : By any means of the network you want, it is very simple to create an online advertising campaign. This is why, normally, it only takes a day or two to launch, thanks to the amount of tools that exist to point this out effectively.
  • Excellent segmentation capacity : Generally, online advertising uses geographical, demographic and behavioral segmentations to reach a specific network user more quickly. Which allows advertisers a quick reach of the specific audience they require.
  • It is measurable advertising : Another advantage of this type of advertising lies in its optimal tools measurement. Thanks to these, companies or businesses can track the performance of their campaigns on the network. Like, knowing everything that is happening with them and how you can improve the performance of these advertising campaigns, for sure.
  • Greater creative possibilities : This is a Remarkable advantage over usual advertising, since in online advertising there is the possibility of creating display ads of all types and of any size. With this, you can capture the user’s attention more quickly and in the same way, interact with them.


However, as with everything in life, Internet advertising also reveals certain disadvantages that need to be pointed out, in order to be more aware of everything that happens with respect to it, once you decide to use it to boost the success of your SME.

Here, the main cons that brings together such advertisements:

  • Advertiser Reliability : Due to consumers’ difficulties in verifying online identity, many advertisers can take advantage of it to perform scams. In other words, they operate under the name of any company that is certainly false and with it, they generate economic losses to consumers.
  • Fraud to advertisers : In the In the case of companies that make their ads, in some cases they may receive unfair charges for their advertising on the network. Like, for example, the click fraud that happens when an editor clicks on an ad, just to increase your earnings.
  • Distrust of payment methods : Due to payment methods posed by many businesses to sell their products or services on the Internet, users can distrust that and, in effect, completely renounce online purchases.
  • Inability to “touch” you Merchandise : Logically, Internet advertising in conjunction with electronic commerce does not allow customers to see and touch, in real time, the products before buying them and therefore, it is recommended that SMEs provide guarantees to return products.
  • Difficulty browsing through slow Internet connections : If the user has a slow network connection and apart from that, you build very complex web platforms, they it will take a long time to enter and be interested in what you pray For this reason, they can surely get bored and fed up and choose to leave the website.
  • Spam : There may be a lack of trust from users because of promotions that seem or are suspicious, that is, spam. Taking into account that, thanks to the low cost of advertising on the network, this can contribute completely to spam. Which can deteriorate the reputation of a business.
  • Ad blocking or “Ads” : In case the user uses the technology that blocks the ads, known as “ ads filter “, it is impossible that these advertisements are displayed on their search engines and therefore, they can never reach what you offer.

What types and formats of Internet advertising are there? Examples

While it is true, the possibilities offered by Internet advertising is very varied, thanks to the different types and / or online advertising formats that exist today .

Bearing in mind that, for greater advantage, these are constantly evolving and because of this, they are able to adjust to the requirements of any kind of business that wishes to enter the digital environment, gain visibility and ensure success.

However, it is not easy to provide a single classification of online advertising, since it can be sectioned in several ways and, in addition, these categories can be similar and different at the same time, that is, very confusing. But, despite this, there is the possibility of offering the main ad formats currently available for advertising on the Internet , according to your location and these are:

Advertising on social networks

Also known as “ Social Ads “, this type of advertising is based on ads published on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , etc. Being that way, a very beneficial channel for companies, since users invest a remarkable time, day by day, in these social networks and this time, can be used to provide personalized ads, even; to get your attention.

Display advertising

Certainly, it is estimated as the most classic or usual format in online advertising. Which, is based on occupying spaces placed in strategic websites, with banners, images or videos. In a way, it is considered effective advertising, but it can be threatened by the significant number of users who use ad blockers during their web browsing.

Mobile phone advertising

As the device most used today by most people are mobile phones, this is becoming the center of online advertising campaigns. Therefore, the same mobile apps can be used to carry out text and display campaigns.

Search engines / Pay per click or SEM

It is an advertising format that refers to placing text ads in the main search engines used worldwide . That way, they only appear when the user searches for a related term. That is to say, they are formats of commercials that are based on giving support to the requirements of the clients and, likewise, to foment the conversions.

Email marketing

This communication channel consists of maintaining contact through email, using a list of subscribers. At present, it remains one of the most effective Internet advertising tools to retain consumers and guide them on their way through the conversion funnel.

Among its main advantages, we highlight that all results can be measured in detail. A common example of email marketing lies in those ads that create a sense of urgency for users and encourage them to buy products or services on offer .

Email marketing

Video advertising

Today, this is one of the online advertising techniques that show the greatest growth. Since, in general, the video is estimated as the format that captures the attention of the client in an efficient and simple way. Basically, it is a content that displays advertisements inserted as a television sports and with that, they reach a very wide audience and bring them closer to the brand in question.


This is an excellent way to locate banners and in addition, they are a preferred location for content marketing campaigns, as well as marketing with influencers.

In this way, it is estimated as a completely effective type of Internet advertising, thanks to the great boom that blogs have taken in the world of Internet. For this type of advertising formats, the most obvious example is that of any WordPress blog where they show you various ads .



Mainly, this type of format is based on making use of the information that the users themselves leave on the Internet , in order to send them advertisements that fit their previous behaviors.

In this sense, if any client has visited your website , you can use the advertising formats that you have observed so far and from there, have a reference to show you an ad in another medium. Thus, you can impact the individual consecutively.

As for the example of this type of format, it is very common to see it in some posts on Instagram that operate under the “ Advertising ” section and appear continuously in the feed.


How much does it cost to do an internet advertising campaign? Can it be free?

¿Cuanto cuesta hacer una campaña publicitaria en internet? ¿Puede ser gratis?

Now, surely you will wonder the costs between which advertising campaigns fluctuate on the Internet, to know if it is profitable to do one of them and to this we answer that, there is no single rate that exemplifies the real price to publish advertisements on the network.

Since, basically depend on the type of online advertising you decide to do , the kind of business you run and what you want to offer your potential customers.

For this, there are different services on the Internet that provide you with a wide range of paid plans with which you can offer your products or services and customize the strategy you want to implement according to the requirements and tastes of your potential consumers.

Therefore, the specific price could be known only when contacting this type of services. In short, they can be so expensive or economical, depending on what you want to do .

However, there is the possibility of conducting an advertising campaign through the network without spending absolutely no money . This being a great help if you are starting a venture in the digital environment, because it is very likely that you do not have the necessary budget to invest in paid advertisements.

Thus, it is possible to carry out such campaigns completely free and thus, increase sales, get more traffic on your web platform and of course, win a large number of consumers.

In general, the free Internet advertising campaign is based on designing and carrying out a marketing strategy known as “ content marketing ” and also using SEO . In reference to content marketing, it seeks and manages to influence a specific market niche, by providing useful content at no cost to its audience. Which, is developed through the famous social networks, blogs, newsletters and videos .

Now, as for the strategy known as SEO , it consists of a set of techniques and tools that are used in a content marketing strategy. Which allow your website to be displayed among the first results of Google when a user performs a specific search. Luckily, there are many guides for excellent SEO.

In this sense, unpaid Internet advertising reveals significant advantages for entrepreneurs and small or medium-sized businesses that want to boost their network business for free. These advantages lie in achieving a good web positioning , having the opportunity to become a reference on the Internet, creating lasting links with your customers and without a doubt maximizing your personal brand .

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