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Intranet: What is it, what is it for and how does this network technology work?

Intranet: What is it

The Intranet refers to the digital and private space of a company, organization or institution. The objective of this is to share ideas and documents among its employees, as well as to facilitate the fact of performing multiple tasks and functions that benefit it.

It is based on a LAN and is built using the TCP-IP protocol for communication with the Internet, which allows people remote access from anywhere. Undoubtedly, the Intranet helps increase productivity and generate successful communication with each of the departments that make up a company.

As a good company for sure you will ask yourself these questions How does it work? What uses can I give it? If you have made them, here you will find the answer. Look to the future and get the success you need!

What is an Intranet network and how does it work to transmit data ?

red intranet

This network of computers is very similar to the Internet, but with the difference that is designed for the exclusive use of a company, which means that it can only enter it.


In other words, it is a system that allows you to navigate within an organization to which you have access. It is distinguished from other networks because it is private and the information that is handled is to assist its workers.

If you have the way to enter it, you can work from wherever you are, since everything is protected under a security and control system that ensures that only employees can see what corresponds to them from where they are. Reason why it also provides quite good communication, because this type of technology makes it easy for everyone to transmit data smoothly and efficiently.

It works through a web server and uses the hypertext language (HTML), so it leads us to think that it uses something external to maintain it. The Intranet works for the local area network (LAN), that is, it is based on a group of computers interconnected through a communication system, which may well be an exclusive or private line.

However, technological advances have made these servers obsolete. So now everything can be done more easily digitally, thanks to the possibilities offered by the services in the cloud. That certainly provide reliable and adaptable mechanisms to all devices, since the user only You would need a computer connected to the Internet and user data to enter.

What uses are given to Intranet networks in the news?

Qué usos se les da a las redes de Intranet en la actualidad

With what we mentioned earlier, we can say that it is no longer necessary to have a central machine that does this work, because currently only a computer with access to the Internet would be needed and therefore to the platform. Consequence that has led to traditional Intranet to disappear.

Modern Intranet looks very particular, that undoubtedly leads to conceive of a new model and a different way where your employees can work more efficiently. Because over time models have been adopted that consist of applications installed on our mobile, search engines, blog and much more through the same infrastructure.

It is commonly used for the following:

  • Dissemination of information and publications.
  • Generate corporate communications.
  • Supervision of corporate management.
  • Improve communication with a large number of people and organizations at low cost.
  • Improve response times.
  • Increase the efficiency and productivity of the company.

Differences between Intranet, Extranet and Internet Which is better and more sure?

Diferencias entre Intranet Extranet e Internet Cuál es mejor y más segura

Three terms that surely make you noise, but you have to keep in mind that they are very well managed, especially in the business and technology sector. All these have similarities and differences that occur in the type of information they handle and in their access.

The main difference between Intranet and Internet, is that the first one is private and the second one is public. However, the divergence between Intranet and Extranet lies in its operation, since the latter is based on the type of access that is allowed to each of the networks.

If you want to know more about the Extranet network, you can access this link on what is an Extranet to discover the details.

Intranet and Internet

In theory there is not much disparity between them, because you don’t have to be very smart to know that an Intranet is a technology that works through the Internet.

But, we can say that its main discrepancy is in access; The Internet is a public network that we can all access, and the Intranet functions as a private network that is restricted for a group specific to people.

Besides that there is the connection, The Internet needs the link from one computer to another to find the websites. Intranet, although it seems similar, is an environment where there are multiple users connected to share data:

  • Internet provides unlimited information. Intranet circulates exclusive data of interest to the organization.
  • Intranet is a network that belongs to an organization. The Internet is not the sole property.
  • The Intranet is more secure than the Internet.

Intranet and Extranet

The Intranet is part of the internal part of a company, while the Extranet acquires the external part of it. It is very easy to differentiate them and we can use their initials for it how? as follows: ( Int ranet – Int erno) ( Ext ranet – Ext erno).

Read the following details:

  • The Intranet facilitates communication between employees within an organization . The Extranet, allows effective contact with suppliers and customers.
  • They do not work as opposite elements, but in a complementary way.
  • The Intranet needs more security .
  • The types of data that are stored and the way in which each one is accessed is different.
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