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iPod Touch: What is it, what is it for and is it really worth buying today?

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Apple is an American company based on the design and production of electronic equipment, as well as software and online services for its billions of users. Thus, in addition to the iPhone and iPad, ipod touch Major devices developed by Apple are also considered.

In this sense, since its first generation officially launched in 2007, the iPod Touch gained great recognition and power worldwide. In such a way that it became one of the most important multimedia players and, therefore, it developed various generations that presented notable improvements to provide excellent assistance.

However, since 2015, Apple has not released a new version of the iPod Touch, so it was rumored that it was a line that was already dead in Apple development. But, this company surprised its followers because featured a major revamp of the iPod during the present 2019. Next, we mention all the interesting details of the iPod Touch so far.

What is an iPod Touch and what are these Apple devices for?

First of all, it is very important to know what an iPod Touch consists of. Given this, we note that it is a portable device created by Apple that Works as a media player, PDA, handheld game console and WiFi mobile platform. Which was presented to the public on September 5, 2007, that is, 12 years ago.

It is known that Apple has sold more than 130 million iPod Touch worldwide. Which means that, it was a device widely accepted by people of all ages thanks to its excellent features. Taking into account that, mainly, these devices used to play music; which you can host in their 32GB or 128GB of storage (depending on your variant).

In that sense, an iPod Touch allows you to use Bluetooth headsets or headphones such as AirPods, so you can enjoy your music wherever you want. Likewise, can be used as remote control and thanks to this, they allow you to control your Apple TV through the TV Remote app and also HomeKit compatible devices.

Among other utilities that are given to Apple’s iPod Touch, we find the following:

  • Works like An ideal replacement for your car radio. Since its storage capacity will allow you to load all your music without problems and due to the loss of radio coverage or mobile signal while traveling, you will not be affected to listen to music.
  • It is a perfect device for listen to music when you exercise or are in your workouts. Since, thanks to its lightness, it is easy to hold it on the arm by means of a bracelet or carry it in your pocket.

Top 10 best-selling iPod Touches

We know that when buy your ipod touch it is difficult to choose one, that is why we will show you below a list with the 10 best-selling iPod Touch of the moment.

What are all the generations of iPod that Apple has developed?

On the other hand, in order to learn a little about the history and evolution of the Apple iPod, it is very useful know what all your generations are so faras well as in which each of them are characterized and the aspects of greatest interest.

For that reason, we present a list mentioning and detailing the existing generations of the iPod Touch:

What are all the generations of iPod that Apple has developed?

First generation

Its official launch was held on September 14, 2007, starting with its 8 and 16 GB variants. However, there was also a first-generation 32 GB iPod Touch that was launched a year later, that is, during 2008. It should be noted that this generation was characterized by belonging to the initial operating system iPod OS 1.1 and its maximum supported version was iOS 3.1.3. Currently, it is discontinued.

Main features:

  • A screen of 5 inches or 89mmGlossy, glass-covered LCD type with LED backlight.
  • It had a Samsung chip S5L8900.
  • His GPU was PowerVR MBX Lite.
  • Your RAM was 128MBDRAM.
  • Does not include camera.
  • audio processor Wolfson Microelectronics WM8758BG.

Second generation

Its initial operating system corresponds to iPod iOS 2.1.1 and it was launched on the market on September 09, 2008. Which also had versions of 8, 16 and 32 GB. However, all these were discontinued in 2009 (16 and 32 GB) and during 2010 the 8 GB. On the other hand, it had a net weight of 115 grams and its maximum supported version was iOS 4.2.1.

Main features:

  • Displays a screen of 5 inches or 89mmGlossy, glass-covered LCD type with LED backlight.
  • It has a Samsung chip S5L8720.
  • Just like the previous generation, this one has a GPU PowerVR MBX Lite.
  • a RAM memory 128MBDRAM.
  • another version that does not contain camera.
  • Your audio processor is Cirrus Logic CS4398.

Third generation

We have reached the third generation of Apple’s media player, in which its initial system was iPod OS 3.1.1 and regarding its maximum supported version, we emphasize that it was iOS 5.1.1. Now, the official launch of the third generation iPod Touch, occurred exactly on September 09, 2009 and was discontinued on September 12, 2010.

Main features:

  • It also showed a screen 5 inches or 89mmGlossy, glass-covered LCD type with LED backlight.
  • The chip was Samsung S5L8920.
  • In the third generation of the iPod there was the change of the GPU, for PowerVR SGX535.
  • Its RAM memory was already 256MBDRAM.
  • Apple’s iPod Touch was still without adding camera.
  • Just like its predecessor generation, this one also had an audio processor Cirrus Logic CS4398.

Fourth generation

Regarding the fourth generation of the iPod, we detail that its operating system was initially iOS 4/iOS 5/ iOS 6 and the maximum supported version was up to iOS 6.1.6. In this sense, the launch of said music player was divided into two parts: on September 6, 2010 (WWDC 2010) the iPod Touch of this generation of 8 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB black and white; later on December 08, 2010, the one of 16 GB. Which were discontinued between 2012 and 2013.

Main features:

  • At this point, the iPod’s display was upgraded to a 3.5-inch 2:3 aspect ratio, glossy glass cover with LED backlight and 24-bit color.
  • Now the chip was A45 (S5L8930).
  • Like the previous generation, its GPU was PowerVR SGX535.
  • It had a characteristic RAM memory of 256MBDRAM.
  • It was the first generation with camera, both rear (CMOS sensor with video) as well as front (VGA quality photos and video at 30 fps). Thanks to this, the fourth generation was classified as one of the most transcendental of the iPod Touch.
  • Regarding the audio processor, this was Cirrus Logic CS42L61.

Fifth generation

Basically, your initial operating system was iOS 6.1.3 and the maximum version supported was the iOS 9.3.5. Being an Apple device released between the years 2012 and 2013; since the September 12, 2012 the 32 and 64 GB fifth-generation iPod Touch was unveiled to the public, while the May 30th, 2013, the official launch of the 16 GB iPod was celebrated. But, they were all discontinued on July 15, 2015specifically.

Main features:

  • Now the screen is enlarged to 4 inches or 100mmGlossy glass-covered, LCD-type IPS technology with LED backlighting, 24-bit color, and a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • The chip of this generation was A5 (S5L8942).
  • It contained a GPU PowerVR SGX543MP2.
  • Your RAM was 512MB.
  • Camera rear (less 16 GB model), camera lead and camera iSight 5 megapixel with autofocus. Thus, it offered a five-element lens, back lighting, easy detection, an HDR function, 1080p video recording.
  • an audio processor Cirrus Logic 338S1077.

sixth generation

Before the launch of a new version of iPod Touch 2019 was known, this has been the current model of said multimedia player. which was officially launched on July 15, 2015 (all its versions: 16, 32, 64 and 128GB), its initial operating system was based on iOS 8.4 and the maximum version supported is iOS 12.4.2. It is appropriate to note that it has been the iPod generation that lasted the longest, compared to the previous ones.

Main features:

  • The same screen of the fifth generation: 4-inch or 100 mm, glossy glass-covered IPS-type LCD with LED backlighting, 24-bit color, and a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • your chip is A8.
  • Regarding its GPU, it is characterized by being PowerVR G6430 (quad-core) GPU.
  • RAM memory of 1 GiB.
  • exhibit a much more advanced camera. Basically, it stands out for containing: autofocus, enhanced face detection, panoramic photos, burst mode, one-touch focus, backside illumination sensor, auto HDR for photos and videos, photo geotagging, slow-motion video, etc.
  • The audio processor of this generation is Cirrus Logic 338S1116.

iPod 2019 What news does this new model bring?

iPod 2019 What news does this new model bring?

As we have mentioned from the beginning of the post, after 4 years, Steve Jobs’ company decided to renew itself with your iPod Touch 7th generation or, that of 2019. Which, specifically, was announced in May of that year.

Now, you will surely wonder what features this new model exhibits and of course, what are its most interesting novelties.

So then we highlight its main features:

chip or processor

Among its biggest improvements, we find that the 2019 iPod has A10 Fusion processor; which is the same one that was released with the famous iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Thanks to this, the seventh generation iPod is considered to be an extremely powerful device compared to the vast majority of media players that exist today.

It is worth noting that, due to this feature, said iPhone is the most complete and versatile. Apart from the fact that, with this great optimization, it will allow you to exploit the augmented reality on which the famous Cupertino company has worked so hard.

Physical appearance

Physically, Apple’s new iPod Touch looks like a copy of the previous generation, that is, of the sixth generation that was still in force. Since, it still has very large frames and for that reason, it does not exhibit interesting improvements with respect to its physical structure.

Other features:

  • It contains an 8 MP camera and FaceTime HD camera.
  • Its capacity has been categorized into three specific models, which are: 32, 128 and 256GB.
  • Their prices, depending on their capacity, are:
    • From 32GB: €239.
    • From 128GB: €349.
    • From 256GB: €459.
  • Regarding its navigation, it is characterized by being multi touch screen.
  • 4 inch screen It has the same format as the iPhone 5. So it has been classified as an iPhone from a few generations ago, but without the ability to call and install apps.

Is it worth buying an iPod these days? Aspects to consider

On the other hand, noting that the improvements of the iPod Touch 2019 are remarkable, but not the most incredible and apart from this, that its price is really high; you will ask yourself: “Is an iPod worth buying today?”.

Well, many users had completely forgotten about the evolution of the iPod, because the developer company had already gone 4 years without updating said device. Therefore, although a large number of people eagerly awaited this 2019 launch, the truth is that their expectations were very broad for what Apple showed.

Since, although it improved certain aspects, the vast majority of its functions can be found in the sixth generation iPod.

Added to that, the question is not only whether it is necessary to upgrade from an old iPod Touch to the new one, but also based on the sense that it may or may not make sense to buy such a device. when, today, you can manage all these functions directly from your smartphone.

For that reason, if you only want to use the new iPod Touch to listen to music from there, it doesn’t make much sense to buy it. Since, you can do this easily from your mobile phone and even on it you have more options to get music thanks to the various apps that you can download for it.

On the other hand, if you are a fanatic user of iPods and you are determined to try Apple’s new proposal for being a faithful follower of technological advances, Why not try said product? Taking into account that, it can serve you perfectly as an independent music player for when you exercise and want to disconnect from your mobile.


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