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IPTV: What is “Internet Protocol Television” and how can we watch it from any device with IPTV Lists?

IPTV: What is "Internet Protocol Television" and how can we watch it from any device with IPTV Lists?

Television has long been a center of attraction for people , which allows us to enjoy a large number of movies, series, novels and many other things Most people still prefer to watch television than do other recreational activities.

But like everything else, the way of watching television has evolved, allowing us to watch more channels with better video and audio quality. IPTV is one of the new technologies that allows us to watch television in the most comfortable way for us.

Today we are going to teach you all about this technology that is revolutionizing the way you watch television. We will also show you what the advantages are compared to other ways of watching TV.

What is IPTV technology and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

IPTV is one of the most current technologies , whose function is to promote distraction and recreation through audiovisual content , all through subscriptions of pay-TV signals (Although we can also know, how to watch free IPTV channels ). It consists of one of a broadband connection, which is managed under the IP protocol.

We can get it and enjoy IPTV, just by being connected to an Internet service . The first thing we should understand, that this is not an online TV, but is a TV over IP , so we can enjoy high quality content from operators by reserving parts in the width of band, which allows you to provide television services.

Next, we leave you the advantages and disadvantages of IPTV:


  • Its easy configuration is one of the main advantages that we can find with IPTV.
  • We can choose which contents see, with excellent video quality and impeccable audio.
  • Thanks to its different functions we can enjoy content from traditional TV channels as well as others that are typical of this programming.
  • We can also store content to enjoy them whenever we want.

These and more advantages are those we can enjoy when we use IPTV as our television.


  • It is very dependent on bandwidth , fast and large. So we need to hire an extra bandwidth service, which in some countries can be very expensive.
  • High advertising content, although this advertising is always focused on our tastes , because it is customized when we customize IPTV.

For many this is a disadvantage, and they ask for many requirements to enjoy this technology. Such requirements are:

  • Have a bandwidth that offers high speed on the Internet.
  • That our signal / noise is greater than 13 dB and with attenuation less than 40 dB.

We must understand that this technology is in full growth, so if we detail further we can find many more disadvantages . But thanks to its great team of professionals, every day they continue to perfect it for our enjoyment .

What are these IPTV TVs and what are these lists for viewing content? audiovisual online?

The IPTV, comes from the acronym of Internet Protocol Television , whose translation means Television by the Internet protocol. This platform allows us to see the programming we want and when we want , as long as we have an Internet connection, since like satellite TV we need a communication between two points, in this case the programming base that allows us to watch content by streaming , with live streaming or on demand.

This process as we mentioned it, is done under IP, but these are somewhat different from what we are used to seeing commonly. We can define that IPTV is a receiver of television signals that are transmitted over the Internet, with a technologically different system than online TV, oriented more than anything in the transmission of live content.

If we want to benefit from this fabulous service, we just need to have a smart TV, smartphone, tablet or PC in hand, which in turn should be connected to the Internet. Although this platform has paid subscription content, it also allows us to watch some basic channels without any payment.


How IPTV works

Most of us are accustomed to normal television, which transmits a signal through radio waves to its antenna or from the satellite to the antenna we have at home, then the satellite dish converts or interprets such a signal into a signal electric and is decoded into sounds and images by means of the decoder.

Unlike this, IPTV allows the transmission of medium power Internet channels, which we can enjoy two types of programs: live programs , and prerecorded programs . Live programs are those that are transmitted while recording, and pre-recorded programs are those that are stored in a web space, waiting to be played by a user, known as “On Demand”.

To know how IPTV works, we must first understand how the Internet works. The Internet can be compared to a highway whose series data are cars that circulate all over it, so more cars can pass through a wider highway , while otherwise not.


That is, if we do not have the bandwidth, they will not be able to enter the amount of data that this program will request for every second, so it can collapse and not allow us to enjoy what we want. To conclude, we can say that IPTV is not a common television that arrives at home through satellite dishes or cables, but is transmitted on Streaming , whose main characteristic, is that you must have an Internet connection.

Which allows us to see different contents, and if such are very demanded at the same time, the multicast protocol is used (known as IGMP protocol), while those contents that are only requested by a user is transmitted by a protocol known as unicast .

What are the advantages of using IPTV instead of traditional television?

Traditional television even today is widely used , however many people are already migrating to IPTV . Your migration is due to the amount of advantages it offers us, as we see them below:

  • There are different traditional television services and not all of them offer good video quality, so if we want to enjoy better quality we must pay more, while IPTV always offers affordable channels with all kinds of programming at excellent quality.
  • As users we can adapt the content we want to see, according to our preferences. This option is pitifully not obtained on a traditional TV .
  • If we are companies, or small businesses, we can invest in IPTV advertising since every day has a greater amount of users which allows a rapid expansion of the business. Meanwhile, traditional television is losing more and more users.
  • You don’t need any other equipment to work, just like you don’t need cables or anything like that.
  • Lastly on this list , is the ease in configuring parental control options, and their filter applications in relation to the contents.

What are the IPTV lists M3u or M3u8 and what are they for?

Many people have doubts about the IPTV lists M3u or M3u8 . In this section we will explain some of these lists:

Lists m3u

This type of list is a type of file format , whose function is to store media playlist , so logically it does not play anything more than a list.

At the beginning this type of format was very complicated (not because of its structure, but because of its poor compatibility with the programs), which could only be opened or created through an application called Winnap . But due to their need, many programs achieved compatibility with these types of files.

The format as such is very simple, since it is only structured by a set of texts, which specifies the addresses of the multimedia files that will be reproduced. This file must be encoded in UTF-8 using the M3u8 extension. Each of the entries in the file indicates the path of the multimedia files that are in it.

lista de canales IPTV

These types of files can be seen on our computers, but thanks to their great utility we can see them on online sites as well as the case of IPTV, which uses it to create their programming lists.

Files m3u8

As we already mentioned, is an audio playlist file whose encoding is under UTF-8, these types of plain text files are used by audio and video players, which dictates the exact location of each of the multimedia files.

The M3u8 files are used as absolute , relative and URL paths to be able to refer to specific multimedia files, where you can also find comments embedded in them or in the contents that they list. These files are the extension of the M3u files, so their encodings are similar.

Steps to view IPTV content from your computer or smartphone easily and quickly

Now we proceed to show you everything you need to do to enjoy IPTV from your computer or your Android smartphone completely free and without problems.

View IPTV from the computer

In order to enjoy IPTV from the computer, you need a streaming application, which must be downloaded to the computer. Mostly people use VCL to enjoy IPTV channels, but today we bring you a very interesting method that allows you to watch all IPTV channels.

There is currently an application for Android and Smartphone that can be found in virtual stores, such as Play Store. Many of the users prefer to download this application through an Android emulator.

As we are going to download an application that is only allowed for mobile devices, we should only have software capable of supporting all applications on our computer. We recommend using Bluestacks, which you can proceed to download using the link below:


Download Bluestack Free

The last step we are going to do is download the IPTV application, for this we previously had to correctly install the emulator and synchronize it with the email.

For this we search in the Google Play store “IPTV” and select the first option that appears. After having downloaded and installed the application, we will have to configure IPTV and then enjoy all its channels.

View IPTV from Smartphone

To enjoy this way of watching television through Smartphone we will have to follow the same steps as the previous case, but as follows .

First we go to the Google store and we look for IPTV , as in the previous method we select the first option. After downloading the application and installing it, we set up the channel list and enjoy everything we want to see.

Update: Better IPTV lists to watch audiovisual content from any free device

In this last section we will show you a list of channels that we can use to enjoy excellent content:

  • Documentaries:
  • Anime:
  • Sports:
  • TV Latino:
  • TV Mexico :
  • TV Argentina: / Argentina_tv
  • Movies:
  • Various: / _latinovariado
  • HD Movies:
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