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IsoHunt closes What alternatives to download Torrents files are still open? 2022 list

IsoHunt closes What alternatives to download Torrents files are still open? 2020 list

IsoHunt, was considered by the community as the best P2P torrent finder , with an enviable database, which stands out above its competitors. It was characterized as a download site with good speed and had a vast archive of movies.

Laws in favor of copyright are gaining ground in governments, and laws are being developed to punish this practice considered illegal , increasing the amounts of money in compensation to companies that They offer download services for games, series and movies. It was time for IsoHunt, unfortunately he lost the legal battle in court with the monster of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) who watches over the interests of the greats of film studios in the US.

However, we will calm your sadness with a list of websites that are still open and represent an alternative to ISoHunt , so you can continue downloading your files, from your office, work or home. You will also know some security tips that you should consider for the protection and integrity of your personal information.

What happened to IsoHunt? Doesn’t work or have they closed?

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These last years have been hard for the P2P download pages . There is a fight to the death against these portals; Governments are making increasingly punitive laws to try to persuade the closure and prevent the birth of new pages that make it easier for Internet users to access paid content without paying. This has created a whole war on the internet and in the courts of the countries to end this practice.

Every day, it increases, the list of websites closed by judicial opinions, to name one, is the case of IsoHunt . He was accused that his portal had been inducing flagrant copyright infringement for months, its closure was considered a victory for the cause of copyright, but a very painful defeat for the company and its fans.

Consequently, the owners of the company through the media published the closure of the space on the network on October 23 . According to sources, managers had to pay more than 100 million dollars to get out of the dispute. Now, do not worry, here I have other options for you to continue downloading any content on the network for free.

List of the best Torrent websites (P2P) alternatives to IsoHunt


I bring to you, the best alternatives for downloading torrents files that are currently operational , and I’m sure they will meet your entertainment needs.

One of the historic torrent metasearch engines! He has managed to stay in the torrent market for several years. The world’s best known tracker features one of the largest libraries of movies, music, software, series, etc. Several closures and blockades escaped, although today its name remains a priority for the authorities.

VIP users can leave tags to let you know which torrents are verified and protected , a system that has brought multiple benefits. It offers millions of downloadables classified in several categories, as well as support for magnetic links and a very simple interface, which will not be a problem, excellent for beginners.

The TPB domain changes quite frequently (at this time, it is again .org), so it is not certain that this new URL will be maintained for a long time , although so far it has been of the most stable since they closed the original.

It has an excellent choice of movies, series, games and music, with a fairly simple navigation . From this portal you can access updated content and have an excellent library.

A winning combination of great variety and an easy to use interface. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, 1337x can help you find what you need thanks to its simple and organized interface . This website has recently undergone a complete remodeling, which has improved the design and eliminated the main security risks. He is now one of the most popular crawlers in the world, to the point that Google masks the search results in which his name is included. The average download speed: 1.9MB / s .

You get the new episodes of your favorite series just in time, as they are added daily. A very active community considered a true paradise for fans of the series. EZTV has had many twists, but it is a thing of the past. Today, is known to be one of the best sites and is reliable .

You’ll find everything related to television : the latest series, talk shows, reality shows and NASCAR races. Its old interface may seem dated, but it’s very easy to use, and that’s the main thing. The average download speed is 2.0MB / s.

Second most visited French-speaking site and one of the best sites on the planet . Specializing in movies, series, music, games for consoles and electronic books, it has one of the most complete databases that exist.

This portal uses a special VPN to ensure secure and anonymous downloads to the thousands of users who download content daily. Its speed is good, its categories are updated and everything you download has subtitles in several languages.

This portal specializes in downloadable P2P music , being considered the Spotify of torrents. If you want to download all the music on the planet, I invite you to visit it as soon as possible. What makes it special is the wide variety of files you’ll find, as well as being extremely easy to use and always available.

The audio files are top quality and their database is kept up to date. I recommend you to implement a VPN as a protection measure before navigating the site. Torrentz2 is the new version of the Torrentz website and still has the same minimalist interface focused primarily on music ; It is not uncommon to see torrents of more than ten years with more than 20 sowers.

While the way magnetic links work has changed , Torrentz2 remains an excellent choice for music fans and remains one of the most reliable trackers on the market. Its average download speed is 2.0 MB / s.

This portal exists since 2009 , being loved by the community for being easy to handle when downloading files. Here the only thing the user should do is select the file after searching for it by browsing its categories or using the search bar.

Like all quality portals, it is persecuted by the authorities, forcing it to change IP, proxies, hosting and others to continue operating. While online it has good speed and a database with periodically updated files . It is safe, however, the company recommends using one of the best VPNs .

A leader in torrent downloads was the well-known, this because since its inception the founders decided that they would not include any type of advertising , nor would they undermine cryptocurrencies on users’ computers ( as most of these platforms usually do to stay afloat). Here you can download videos, games, documents, e-book, movies, applications and music, being one of the best niche.

The cost of maintaining the web without profit has made them close at the beginning of 2018. However, published all the files on a site and several clones have been created , among which we recommend Skytorrents .lol for being the closest in operation to the original. Due to their change of platform, and for the speed they do, I advise you to use a VPN, for the protection of your data.

It is very basic, intuitive, easy to use and registration is simple. As for its speed, the hosting responds well, allowing everything to be quite fast. This website has a fairly simple and minimalist style that attracts more than 6 million users every month .

This popularity has been gained thanks to the large amount of quality content they offer. In Monova it is possible to find not only videos or series, but also movies, softwares, e-books and more. The only drawback with this platform is the amount of advertising , which also cannot be blocked with apps. If you want to use it, keep in mind that you will have to support this every time you download.

This platform is a P2P system that is inspired and based on the Google search engine . Upon entering the site, you will find a similar search engine, to the Google interface, there you can search for the content you want.

What Toorgle will do for you, is to search and provide you with information about the content you want . It should be noted that among the results you can find fake pages or viruses, so before downloading anything you must install a VPN, accompanying it with a good antivirus to avoid bad times. It is usually always active and the download is good. It is an excellent option that remains open.

This company, in 2015 faced threats and blockages by several countries by offering more than 22,000 albums of songs for users to download for free. However, today it is possible to continue enjoying all that content in a simple way through the interface of , with an intuitive and easy-to-use design.

The download of the music is fast and has many followers that attest to the quality of the albums. As a rare thing, he is still persecuted by law. So as a precaution I invite you to browse the site using a VPN .

Is it dangerous to download Torrent series from these websites?

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Downloading downloadable content via P2P is not safe at all . In fact, one of the reasons they began to be persecuted is because it was discovered that many used user networks to illegally undermine cryptocurrencies or steal information about community members to usurp their identities or scam them.

That is why you should always be aware that every time you make a download you are exposing yourself to risks such as those we expose below :

  • Malwares . In any situation in which a file is downloaded from the internet you run the risk of contracting viruses. This risk increases considerably when it comes to P2P downloads.
  • Information theft . A person with sufficient knowledge can easily steal information from users who download content from a torrent network and use it at their convenience without anyone knowing.