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iVoox What is it, what is it for and how to listen and create a podcast?

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When creating a podcast, there are many questions that arise, from the concept of the project you want to develop to the platforms where you are going to publish itit is because of that you should follow the recommendations of people who are already creating content and that they have obtained great results with the methods used.

iVoox has become much more than a platform for podcasters, today it represents a solution to many needs that content creators hadtoasting reliability, speed and good results for the vast majority of users.

In this guide you will know what does this platform consist ofas well as its main functions and features and everything you need to know to monetize your content and upload it to iVoox, and other alternative programs.

What is iVoox?

What Ivoox works for

iVoox is a digital platform where you can listen to your favorite podcasts and upload your own creations through the mobile application, as well as through its website. Over the years, this portal has stood out for being one of the most used platforms by people who usually listen to this type of digital content.

In iVoox you will find a large number of podcasts of practically any category, from comedy, sports, trivia and history to current affairs and health categories, there are many options you have in the grid or grid of available programs.

Whether you are a listener or a content creator, this platform will provide you with a series of very useful tools so that your experience in it is the best. Currently, iVoox has more than 60 million registered users and with an impressive number of 1 million podcasts available to listen towhich speaks of the consolidation that this brand of Spanish origin has achieved.

iVoox functions and features

Ivoox functions

With iVoox you can have a personalized playlist and listen to a lot of podcast for free. The platform has a very friendly and visually appealing user interface and according to reviews from the same users, they have highlighted the speed and ease of playing their favorite programs.

In case you are a content creator and you are starting with a podcast, iVoox can become the great ally you need to upload your content. Among the services it offers is the possibility of uploading your programs for free with limited features, but allow you to test if you really want to dedicate yourself fully with the project and then acquire the paid version without any type of restriction.

iVoox It is not only limited to digital media, since on its platform you will find radio stations available to listen to them at any time tuning in to the one you like the most, which is also an advantage if you have a radio show and want to combine the best of traditional media with the digital world.

Benefits of using iVoox

Advantages of using iVoox

There are many advantages that iVoox offers both for listeners and podcasters, among these are:

for listeners

  • Wide variety of podcasts: iVoxx offers you a range of options within its program grid where you can choose your favorite categories and a wide variety of projects.
  • Completely Free: You do not have to register to enjoy the platform, however it is recommended to do so to access all services at no additional cost.
  • Create custom playlists: listen to your programs of interest and make a playlist to listen to them in the order you want.
  • Download your favorite episodes: A great advantage of using iVoox and what sets them apart from the competition is that you can download the episodes of your favorite podcasts and listen to them at any time, without the need to be connected to the internet. This option is ideal when you are traveling and want to be entertained with your favorite content without connection interruptions.

for podcasters

  • Upload free podcast: iVoox gives you the opportunity to upload your content for free, however this option limits some functions, so it is recommended that if your project is long-term, you purchase the paid version to take advantage of benefits such as complete statistics, no limitation in the number of uploaded episodes or set duration times.
  • Greater range: Beyond being a simple platform to upload podcasts, iVoox has a large community that allows your content to be seen by many people, in addition to offering you different options for your content to be positioned and achieve many reproductions.
  • Monetization: this platform offers you the possibility to make money while creating content on your podcast. iVoox allows your followers to make payments from the platform, which will make the fans themselves finance the project, however it is important to mention that iVoox keeps 5% of what you receive. Another option offered by the portal to be able to monetize your content is associating your project with advertising campaigns, where you will receive money depending on the number of people who listen to your content.

Learn how to register and use iVoox

This is the step by step to create your iVoox account and enjoy all the services it offers:

Sign up

Create an iVoox account

Enter the web portal and click the register button, enter the requested data and once you fill out the form you will receive an email with a validation code, and that’s it, you’ll be registered on the platform.

search for a podcast

Search iVoox

Once you have successfully completed the registration and validation of your account, the platform will show you the different categories of content they have, where you can choose the ones you like best. You will have a maximum of five categories to choose from.

In case you want to change your preferences regarding the type of content that the platform will recommend, you can click on the option “Manage preferences” and you can choose the favorite categories again. If you want to search for a podcast manually, you must enter the search bar at the top of the portal and write the podcast you want to hear.

Subscribe to a podcast

Subscribe to iVoox

Subscribing to a podcast is very simple, once you have found it in the search engine or it has been recommended by the same platform, You must click the button that says “Subscribe”. You can also follow the author of the podcast within iVoox, you just have to open author profile in podcast description and click the button “To follow”.

download a podcast

Download podcast on iVoox

As we mentioned before, iVoox offers you the possibility of download episodes of your favorite shows so you can listen to them without having connection problems. You just have to enter the podcast profile and choose the episode you want to download. Once you have the option, you will go to the playback settings where you will see that the options for “Download”, “Share” Y “I like it”.

How much can you earn with a program at iVoox?

Monetizing doing what you are most passionate about is a reality, there are various methods to earn money through your programs on the platform. You can charge subscriptions for exclusive content on a monthly basisallow advertising campaigns with brands associated with iVoox, as well as sell your additional products and services in your programs. There is no exact figure of how much you can generate in iVoox.

Because this amount Depends on how many subscribers you have. and the strategies you use to generate income through your podcast, however, you can make a basic estimate using the paid subscriptions methodif you sell a subscription for five dollars a month and you manage to have a thousand subscribers, then a month you could earn up to five thousand dollars. Everything will depend on the intelligent use that you give to the different options of monetization available.

Find out how to start your first podcast on iVoox

The steps to start your first podcast on iVoox are very simple and easy to apply:

Sign up

ivoox website

Go to the website and click “Check in”, remember that you can use your Google or Facebook profiles to complete your registration automatically.

Complete your podcaster profile

Once you have successfully registered on the platform, you must complete your profile as a podcaster where You will choose the type of content that you will upload and the title of the projects that you will be working on, as well as the cover image that you will use in the project.

Upload your first podcast

Upload podcast on Ivoox

Having the entire profile completed, you can upload the first episode of your podcastwhich should be no more than 300MB (if you’re using the free version) and the format can be wav, mp3 or m4a. If the file is online and you don’t have it on your computer, you can share the url and it will load anyway in your profile.

It is important that you add a brief description about each episode and that this is creative and explain a little about the topics that will be developed in the program. Finally, you can share your iVoox link on social networks so that your friends, followers and new audience they can hear you.

The best alternatives to iVoox to listen and create a podcast

In case you do not feel comfortable using iVoox or you want to use other platforms to increase the scope of your project, you can choose between these options:

Soundcloud website

Soundcloud is one of the first platforms that gave people the opportunity that make content for the internet to be able to upload their material to new audiences in a simple and fast way. Many Spanish-speaking content creators use this platform for the ease of uploading material and the scope of the samehowever, it is important that you know that the services it offers are limited if you only have a free subscription.

Anchor's website

This platform has positioned itself among the most voted by people who listen to podcasts in both Spanish and English. The creators of this platform they are the same owners of the giant of multimedia services Spotifyan application that millions of people in the world use daily and where the most famous international music artists publish their works.

This makes Anchor a solid platform that generates a lot of trust for podcasters and to users looking to listen to their favorite podcasts with the highest quality and comfort.

Spreaker's website

Widely used by content creators looking for interact live with your audiences. spreader allows record live from your platform and upload it immediatelyas well as offers different methods to monetize your podcast.

In case you use the platform to listen to podcasts, it will also be a great option for you, since you will be able to interact closely with your favorite content creators asking them questions in public chats and listen to the episodes before anyone else from other platforms, since you will be able to connect live while the podcast is being recorded.

Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcast website

Manzana is one of the pioneers in offering podcast services for both listeners and content creators, it has a great platform, very varied and of high quality. In it you can subscribe to completely exclusive programs and you can contribute financially to your favorite content creators, paying monthly fees in the different plans offered by podcasters.

Google Podcast

Download Google Podcast

If we already talk about Apple Podcasts we cannot ignore your most important competition, Google Podcast, a platform created by the technology giant Google that seeks to offer its users the possibility of upload content and be able to monetize with itas well as giving listeners a high-quality platform where they can consume their favorite content using a nice modern user interface to enhance the experience for both listener and creator.

In case you have doubts about which platform is better, the recommendation is that you try each of them and that way choose the one that best suits your needs.


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