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Kindle Unlimited What is it, how does it work and what is this platform for?

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Currently, most people choose to read electronic books for the benefits that this offers. Since they provide greater comfort in reading, they guarantee a remarkable variety, they provide ease of taking them anywhere and they are cheaper.

One of the best utilities to enjoy a large catalog of books online, is Kindle Unlimited. Well this service created and designed by Amazon It operates as a kind of quality online bookstore.

if you want to know what kindle unlimited is about, what are its main characteristics, how much does it cost, what advantages and disadvantages does it reveal, we invite you to read this post. In addition, we will provide you the best alternatives to said service.

What is Kindle Unlimited?

What is Kindle Unlimited

Also know as “the Netflix of books”Kindle Unlimited is an online library created by Amazon, where users can enjoy various ebooks, audiobooks and comics. Thus, a monthly subscription plan that offers millions of titles in eBook format, for a flat fee.

In this way, through the Kindle reader or through mobile apps compatible with Android and iOS, this service provides a trial period of 30 days to users. After this period of time has expired, they must pay a subscription to access the extensive catalog of titles and download the one you want to read. Afterwards, they will have to return each book to free up your library and get more content.

Kindle Unlimited Features and Functions

Kindle Unlimited Features and Functions

Through the Amazon website, literature lovers can find an option through which try Kindle Unlimited for a month at no cost. Once this time elapses, they will have to pay a subscription or a monthly fee to read as many books as they want directly from the devices linked to their account. For its part, Regarding the Kindle Unlimited platformNote that it is very simple.

Since, once you are in the trial phase or you are subscribed, you just have to enter from the website, with the mobile app compatible with Android and iOS, through the app for Windows and MacOS or through the Kindle themselves. They will then view one of the largest libraries in the world with millions of books of all kinds (both text and audiobooks). So, it only remains to search for a specific title or review the variety that Amazon recommends based on its most read eBooks.

However, regarding its main characteristics, it is necessary to highlight the following:

  • The catalog that Kindle Unlimited owns is segmented into various types of titles which are: eBooks, audiobooks, electronic magazines and comics. Which, are updated and increase day by day.
  • By default, the service only allows downloading a maximum of 10 books at the same time. So, it does not reveal limitations regarding the delivery time of each book, but rather the number of titles downloaded at the same time.
  • It is only possible to see the extensive catalog of Kindle Unlimited if you are subscribed to the service. Otherwise, Amazon does not allow you to access it as a regular user.
  • The books you get through Kindle Unlimited, they never become yours. Well, Amazon lends them to you as a kind of public library and, therefore, if you cancel your account, all the titles of the program will automatically be removed from your devices.
  • Although Kindle Unlimited handles different formats in its books, the most famous of all in the service is the MOBI for its optimal visual quality on any computer.
  • In the case of audiobooks, not all have compatibility with Kindle readers. However, they can be consumed perfectly from an Android, iOS, Windows or MacOS device.
  • Once the first subscription period is over (as well as any subsequent period), the contract will be renewed automatically. Therefore, if you do not want to continue using it, you must notify Amazon to cancel the service.

How much does it cost to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited?

How much does it cost to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited

Specifically, Amazon’s subscription fee for the book lending service from Kindle Unlimited it is 9.99 dollars (or, failing that, 7.99 euros) for each month. To make the payment, the user you can use your credit card on file with Amazon and after renewing the contract monthly, Amazon will automatically deduct the payment.

Thus, it qualifies as a really cheap price for the wide variety of titles offered by this Amazon service. Especially if you like a specific series of books or are a fan of a certain author.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Kindle Unlimited

Advantages and Disadvantages of Kindle Unlimited

Beyond knowing what it consists of, what its main characteristics are and what price it has; it is important to detail its most interesting pros and cons. Since, these points are ideal to help users make their choice between paying and not paying for a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Go for it:


To begin, we will point out the main benefits of making use of “the Netflix of books”:

  • It is a solution that reveals a very affordable price (less than 10 dollars) and as a result, it allows you to save money.
  • Offers a 30-day free trial and thanks to this, users can proceed to pay the subscription with greater certainty.
  • Based on your reading habits, this Amazon library provides you with personalized recommendations to optimize your user experience.
  • It is an online service very easy to useSo you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy Kindle Unlimited.
  • Guarantees a complete variety through its extensive catalog which includes more than a million books in digital format and around 2,000 audiobooks.


As not everything can be perfect, Kindle Unlimited also exhibits some cons that we specify below:

  • It is only possible to read the eBooks from a Kindle device or through its app.
  • It shows a limitation regarding the number of books downloaded simultaneously. Well, does not allow you to have more than 10 titles in your library at the same time.
  • Even if you don’t read any books hosted on Kindle Unlimited in a month, in the same way you will have to pay the monthly payment.
  • By its operation, it is likely that only you end up focusing on the books in the catalog and stop taking a look at the rest of the news it offers.
  • In this service they give prominence to new authors and smaller publishers. Thus, It’s rare to find the latest bestsellers.

Alternatives to Kindle Unlimited to read ebooks

As well as kindle unlimited, exist other online solutions to read and download ebooks of various genres.

Therefore, here we present 5 of the best alternatives to Amazon’s “Netflix of books”:

Amazon Prime Reading

Amazon Prime Reading

It is another option amazon that specifically Prime Video users can enjoy. Thus, it consists of an eBooks platform that exceeds 1,000 titles, displays a dynamic catalog and is constantly updated. But, this service cannot be contracted for months, since it is part of the Prime Video package.


Since 24Symbols you can access a vast world of books and choose from over 500,000 options that are compatible with all your digital devices. To enter this catalog, users must select between two options: do it for free (with certain limitations and added advertising) or pay a monthly flat rate of 8.99 euros (no ads, no restrictions and no internet connection).


It is identified as another of the most optimal alternatives to access numerous Unlimited e-books, magazines, newspapers and audiobooks. This, after paying a subscription of 8.99 euros each month, with which it will also be possible to download the titles and print them. However, it only supports the simultaneous reading of 3 books.

Nubian Premium

Nubian Premium

Created by Movistaris a mobile book app that, through a monthly fee of 8.99 euros, allows its users enjoy a catalog with more than 500,000 books and 80 magazines. One of its best advantages is that it offers the option of synchronizing the titles you are reading on 5 devices (maximum).

Nubico - Your app to read books
Nubico - Your app to read books


It refers to a company of Swedish origin present in several countries that, online, provides an optimal streaming service for eBooks, audiobooks and podcasts. To do this, it manages a subscription system based on 3 types of flat rates that vary according to the number of accounts to be managed (the cheapest has a monthly cost of 8.99 euros).