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LinkedIn feed What is it, what is it for and how to make the most of it?

This social network is currently one of the most popular around the world, especially in the labor and commercial sphere, and it is that it stands out for being a platform completely professional where millions of users come with the aim of get prospects for your companies, business negotiations with other companies or simply to get a job.

LinkedIn stands out for offering a very interesting feed or also known as homepage. There, users will have the opportunity to receive a large amount of information regarding all the contacts associated with your account, as more contacts are added the greater the information that will appear there.

All the information that appears there is generated by itself, so it can be considered as a page full of relevant and important data for the user. In accordance with all this, here we are going to explain a little more about what it is the LinkedIn feed, what it is for and how you can start making the most of it, For this, follow in detail everything that we will teach you next in the post.

What is the LinkedIn feed and what is this section of the platform for?

What is the LinkedIn feed and what is this section of the platform for?

The LinkedIn feed or as it is also known home page or timeline, is a information collection site that is directly related to your network of contacts and interestsIn the event that information appears that you do not consider relevant, you can indicate it so that it does not appear there again. It is worth mentioning that the amount of content that appears there is going to be proportional to your network of contacts, that is, if this increase the amount of content that will appear on the home page will be greater.

This means that the most information appearing in the feed it's found directly related to activities that carries out each of your contacts. But not only data will appear in relation to these users, but also the social network adds other types of content that is of interest to the user, this according to the activities of the same within the platform.

And is that this homepage It is created in order to carry out interesting activities where members of the social network are encouraged to interact with other people and in turn to participate in those issues that are important to them.

In this way, in this LinkedIn section the user has the opportunity to get content related to the companies you follow, sponsored content and many other publications that the system considers to be of interest to you. Luckily, this section can be customize and control, so that you yourself can indicate that it generates interest and what does not.

What are all the sections of the LinkedIn Feed and what can be done in them?

What are all the sections of the LinkedIn Feed and what can be done in them?

In this LinkedIn section users have the opportunity to find three types of content, which can customize and enhance so that each of them is very much more according to the needs and tastes of each of the users.

To do this, follow in detail each of the sections that you can find on your home page of the social network:

The section related to your contacts

Most of the information that appears in the LinkedIn feed is directly related to the user's network of contacts, this is how you can see the activities that they carry out, the updates of the contacts, their publications, if they have received comments, have not shared any information, recommended a contact, among many others.

All this content allows members of this community to interact with each other and that way they can communicate with your contacts in an easy, fast and interactive way. As the network of contacts is growing the content in your feed is increasing, since all of them will appear there the activities of all the members that you are following in your account.

Recommended content

LinkedIn count with one algorithm will be responsible for displaying content that will be reflected on your home page, it usually shows what are the latest updates from your contacts. These algorithms also take care of study your interests according to the activities you are doing within the platform.

According to these studies, the system is responsible for providing a certain type of content that think it might be interesting for you. Therefore, being able to know how it works the LinkedIn algorithm can help you get a greater variability of interesting content in your feed, where you will surely find important and relevant information.

In this section you can find content of the following types:

  • Content recommended for you according to the previous study of algorithm from LinkedIn.
  • The sector trend.
  • What you owe know in the moment.
  • The most popular.

All this information that is generated there is done in accordance with the previous analysis carried out by the algorithm, in this way you can get to get Job offers of your interest, potential prospects and even other professionals who can help you add some additional value to your contact list.

The promoted section

Finally you have to mention the promotions section offered by this social network and which allows companies may appear on users' home pages. These types of company content they usually look like an advertisement type.

All these business updates that appear in the feed are offered by accounts of companies, organizations and brands. However, the type of company or brand that will appear in your feed will depend on the segmentation criteria that have been established by the advertiser through campaign manager, so the appearance of these ads may vary.

Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your LinkedIn Feed

Taking into account that it is already known how the LinkedIn feed works and the importance of the content that may appear there, the following will be to do some tricks that allow you to get the most out of this social network tool. This will allow you to select only the content that you really care and above all avoid the appearance of information that is not of any importance to you.

To do this, follow each of the tips and tricks that we are going to teach you below:

Apply Recent and Top Filters

Luckily, users have the ability to have two filters that will allow them modify the information that will appear on the home page.

Which are the following:

  • Recent: By applying this filter users they will be able to see the content according to the updates according to the date of the publications, that is, in this case they will appear the most recent and successively the oldest.
  • Main: With this filter updates They are organized according to the importance they have for you, this means that the content that appears there will not be of random way, but the updates that appear first will be because they are related to your daily activities, so they are considered important to you.

This option so you can order the timeline you will find it on your own between the text box to create your own updates, there you simply select the filter "Recent" or "Major". It should also be mentioned that by default the feed will always be sorted according to the relevance of the updates that appear there.

Apply Recent and Top Filters

This section will be updated every time you change the section in your account, that is, you go from the home page to your profile and again to the homepage or how much exists a period of inactivity of at least 4 hours. It is worth mentioning that all the data that appears there are taken through the analysis of the algorithm and your daily activities.

Select the content you want to appear on your home page

As has been mentioned in the post, LinkedIn gives its users the opportunity to indFind what type of content you want to see in the Home section. In this way here they can find new content of interest and as you see, customize it so that it appears within feed preferences. Every time a update in home section you will find three dots located at the top right of your screen and which ones you are going to select.

Then a dropdown menu where you will find several options, as you can see here you can customize all content that will appear on that page. As you can see in the following image you will find the item of "Improve my feed" through this option you will have the opportunity to select all the information that you want to see on your home page.

Select the content you want to appear on your home page

When you have entered this option, a new window will appear where you will find three tabs at the top:

  • Following: Here you will find the list of all the people you follow. In case you want the content of some of these people no longer appear on your timeline, then you must click on said tab and here turn off updates for that contact.
  • Follow new perspectives: In this tab you can find a list of profiles, either of accounts of companies, brands or professionals than LinkedIn recommends for you based on your daily activities, here you simply have to see if some of those accounts seem to you interest and add them to your feed.
  • Followers: Now in this third tab you have the opportunity to find all those people who follow your activity, that is, to those who They are interested in the content you share or because you are part of their network of contacts. Keep in mind that every time you add a new person to your contact network, they automatically become followers mutually.

And finally, it should be mentioned that there is another way to be able manage all this, for this you must enter the section that you will find at right side of your home page and there you select the option of "See all updates" and then you will be sent to the window that we have explained to you previously.

Select the content you want to appear on your home page

What to do with those updates that you consider spam

If you have already done the previous step and have indicated which profiles you want to follow, as well as the updates you want to appear on your timeline, it is possible that some type of content that do not find it interesting, on many occasions you can try spam content. If this is the case, then it will be necessary for you to go back to the three-point icon located in the upper right part of your screen and there select the option "Improve my feed ”.

There you can make use of some of the following options that are available to you in the drop-down menu:

  • Stop following: This is another of the ways you have available to indicate that you do not want see any type of content that is published by some of your contacts.
  • Hide this post: Let you can delete any post from the home section, but you should keep in mind that only the publication you have selected will be deleted, the rest of updates of that contact will continue to appear in the timeline.
  • Report this post: Finally you can make use of this option in the case that you consider that the content that appears there is offensive or spam. By applying this type of complaint will be reviewed for said publication to consider if it really is a inappropriate content.

What to do with those updates that you consider spam

Finally, it must be mentioned that apply each of these tips or tricks will help you have a best personal brand on your LinkedIn social network, especially since you can start focus your feed towards your main objectives, allowing you to only see the content that really interests you and gives you value.

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