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LinkedIn messages What are they, what are they for and how to get the most out of them?

This social network is mainly dedicated to what it is the professional field, This means that it is oriented for what they are professional and commercial relationships. Therefore, on this platform you can find what they are professional people, companies and brands looking to do any kind of business, find staff, network or promote yourself.

In this way, LinkedIn messages play a very important role in the operation of these accounts, and it is that they allow the different members of the social network may communicate directly no matter what part of the world is. This has allowed this option to become a direct communication medium when wanting to carry out any type of business and professional activity.

Being a platform that allows do business, get a job, open markets and hire staff, especially for what they are B2B companies, that is, those that provide services to other companies or organizations it must be said that the communication is essential. That is why here we are going to explain what they are LinkedIn messages and how can you make the most of itTo do this, follow in detail everything that we will teach you in the post.

What are LinkedIn messages and what are they for on the platform?

What are LinkedIn messages and what are they for on the platform?

The function of LinkedIn messages allows you to communicate face to face with any another user of the social network anywhere in the world, this will allow users of the platform to have the possibility of interact privately with other members when wanting to establish any type of commercial and labor relationship.

This means that platform messages are an ideal tool to keep you in contact with other members of the community, which will allow you get new opportunities. However, this function has some limitations, especially in the free LinkedIn account, and it is that it can only send private messages to the contacts that belong to your network.

It is worth mentioning that these private messages are intended to help users to connect with another member of the network or that can be contacted by other users and at the same time help to protect what is the privacy of the recipient. A function that allows a more interaction between all members and greater ease when wanting establish any kind of relationship.

Who can I send LinkedIn messages to?

Who can I send LinkedIn messages to?

It is important to mention that LinkedIn messages you can only send it to another user that belongs to your network of contacts, this means that you cannot communicate from privately with users who are not part of your network. But for these cases there are other alternatives that you can use to try to communicate with other members of the platform.

One of them and the easiest is try to make the person you want to communicate with become part of your network of contacts, in this way communication between the two will be much simpler and easier, you can also choose to get a presentation of a common contact and use Inmail messages which are only available in the Premium version of LinkedIn.

Tips to get more out of LinkedIn messages

Tips to get more out of LinkedIn messages

The messages have become a tool that will allow you boost your LinkedIn profile in a much more professional way, so you can get to communicate in a very more effective with each of your prospects.

Luckily, this social network allows users to send personalized messages directly to inbox of each of your contacts. It should be mentioned that this system is very similar to that of a email, but this time it is used solely for professional and business issues, so I can getting the most out of it is very important.

That is why here we are going to show you some tips so that you can take better advantage of each of the messages on the LinkedIn social network:

Customize your invitation

This point is quite simple and also it won't take any of your time, it is about writing to the person you love contact and discuss a specific point. In these cases it may be a social encounter or a common contact. In this case, the invitation to connect with another person on the social network must be personal. Therefore, an example of this type of message can be: “Hello Gustavo, I am interested that we can collaborate together on a project.

I am a specialist in social media strategies for the acquisition of new clients, I invite you to be connected. " This type of message will surely help you make a much more professional and safe approach. Once the person I accepted your invitation remember to send a new thank you text thus.

Make sure you create an attractive subject

When you receive a message either on LinkedIn or by the email the first that it is read or in many occasions the only thing that is read is the subject of the message. That is why it is essential write a subject make it quite concise and with as few words as possible, but at the same time generate interest to the reader.

This means that this point is essential for the reader may be interested in the information you want to share, avoid using generic subjects that possibly do not attract attention and by hence your message is never read. In these cases avoid using titles as "Presentation of letter for work", but use issues like the following: "Learn to increase the productivity of your company by 60%".

Get the interest of your audience

Once you have achieved that reader is interested in the subject of your message, the next thing will be to get him interested in read all the content that is there, for this you must create a very comprehensive and engaging introduction, since without a doubt this is the most important section of your email.

In these cases the introduction is intended to attract the attention of the reader, there you must present your interest or relationship that you want to obtain with this contact, in these cases you should talk a little about yourself. Remember that the LinkedIn profile tells a little about you and your career, but it is not advisable to wait for the contact to visit him, for this you must take care of teaching him all this yourself.

Add short and precise information

Note that LinkedIn messages They must be the shortest possible and in turn very precise, for this you must incorporate important information in each of the paragraphs. Ensures that each of paragraphs contain few lines, since otherwise you can create disinterest in the reader.

Try that in the first paragraph mentions your interest and why did you look for it, while in The second paragraph should add your intentions and the relevant questions you have to ask. In these types of communications you must be very precise, while the long explanations should be left for a more face-to-face communication.

Say goodbye correctly

Finally the farewell, This is another very fundamental point for it. Here it is recommended to use the last two lines of your message, at this point you should close your message in a very elegant way. For this, you must thank the person with whom you have communicated while You also motivate him to respond to you and to express his expectations.

For this you can add farewells like the following: "I am grateful for lending me a little of your time and I hope to speak with you again, let me know if you have a concern", and always add at the end of your message "Best regards followed by your full name." In this way you will be saying goodbye in a very elegant way.

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