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LinkedIn Privacy Settings What are they, what are they for and how do I configure them to make my account more secure?

The security settings from your LinkedIn account you can configure them in a simple way. But for this task to be effective, you will need to know What is each element for and how does it affect your data?.

For this reason, We have prepared this post so that you can know in detail all the elements that surround the privacy settings. You can also find the most important tips to strengthen your account.

If you want to know why it is useful set up your account and make it more secure, you will have to continue reading. You will find all the information you need to have a consolidated profile on LinkedIn.

What are LinkedIn privacy settings and what are they for?

The privacy settings are a set of elements that are used to configure the visibility of the profile of the account of a member of LinkedIn.

In this way, a change in:

  • Password.
  • Email.
  • Visibility of the contact telephone number.
  • Email notifications.
  • Visibility in profile changes.
  • Tool summary "Who's viewed your profile".
  • Two-step verification.
  • Automatic notifications.
  • Groups
  • Advertisements.
  • Preferences in third party communications.
  • Who can see your contacts.

Why is it important to strengthen the privacy of my profile?

When you strengthen privacy on LinkedIn you are limiting the use of your data to intruders malicious. In this way, you will have in your profile the information you want to share with others, since you consider this useful to generate business or find jobs. In addition, you will have the possibility to establish who can contact you through the platform and to whom LinkedIn may show changes on your profile according to your interests.

Finally, you will know which member has visited your profile in the last 90 days. To make an adjustment to your privacy you will have to log into your account and choose the option Me. When you click on the dropdown, choose the tool Privacy settings and later select the different options offered by the platform.

Tips to configure the privacy of your account and make it more secure

If you want to strengthen your privacy on LinkedIn, pay attention to the following tips:

Correctly configure the public profile

You should be aware that the platform offers the option that third parties can see your profile without logging in LinkedIn. For this reason, You should modify this element so that only users who are registered on the social network can access your information.

Change the password frequently

It is necessary that you frequently change the password to access the platform. Do not use the same one you use on other social networks or in emails. You must be careful at this point, because hackers can decrypt a password in another account you have on some website and then relate it to LinkedIn. This is why it is convenient that change the password frequently, since it will also help you that your acquaintances cannot access.

Activate two-factor authentication

LinkedIn offers the option that every time you enter the platform you must write your access password and then a code that will help you protect your privacy every time you access through a new device.

Incorporates a recovery phone number

If for some reason you cannot log in by entering your passwordLinkedIn offers you the possibility that retrieve it through a phone number. For this reason, it is useful to incorporate this safety factor, which will not be visible to third parties.

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