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Memes: What are they and how to make them easily and free to go viral?

Memes: What are they and how to make them easily and free to go viral?

Memes have gradually become one of the most important tools for most users when it comes to using their social networks or text messaging, especially because They have become a way to interact with friends and family in a more fun way.

In this way, they have managed to position themselves as one of the most commonly used images, since they are specially designed to express or convey a feeling, ideas, behaviors or any cultural style among people .

Therefore, they are images that are viralized and that are massively replicated by millions of users worldwide through social networks and text messaging. Because of this, here we show you a little more about what they are and how to create them yourself.

What is a Meme?

Que es un Meme Definicion

The importance that memes have taken in the population today. We will explain in detail a little more about what this type of images replicated through Internet applications around the world is all about.


They have become an essential part for most people today, this is how they can be a phrase, an image or a video that conveys something specific with what the Most people can identify. Usually, they are usually humorous and in many things representing abstract or absurd things .

Accordingly, it can be said that they not only represent jokes, but are capable of representing any event or action that occurs in human culture. They can also be created through different basic programs such as Paint or advanced programs such as Photoshop, taking into account that aesthetics do not prevail much in these cases.


To begin with the history of memes it is important to keep in mind where the name of “meme” comes from, it has been created by Richard Dawkins , a Zoologist and scientist who reviewed in his book published in 1976 and called “The selfish gene” where he exposes the mechanical hypothesis of cultural transmission.

It proposes two different information processors in humans, the first one is gene replication across generations , while the second is that act at brain level, thus replicating the cultural information of each individual, which is received by a teaching or imitation.

In this case, Dawkins has called the minimum unit of information that can be transmitted as “meme”. In this way they are considered to make up The mental basis of human culture.

Therefore, thanks to the Internet and all its advances and ideas for sharing information among users, it has contributed to the dissemination of memes. Where we can highlight that the The first meme to be transmitted over the Internet was the animated gif known as “Ooga-Chaka Baby” published in 1996 and represented a baby dancing.

As of the years 2000 and 2002 they begin to appear on the Internet as an image accompanied by text expressing a topic of interest or humor for society.



They have been established before society as a form of interaction, parody or to add new content in different programs and websites through the Internet . They have emerged as a way to describe those real-life situations of some individuals .

In addition, they can expand at great speed on global scale , achieving a great impact on society in just a few minutes.

According to some studies that have been carried out, it has been concluded that they compete with each other for their adaptation to the public. In some cases, a single meme can be replicated in thousands of memes by adding any additional text or images.

According to the great success of this type of images, it has been concluded that have become one of the fastest growing tools in recent years on the Internet , increasing greatly more since 2015 and 2016 , where they are increasingly replicated with more force reaching millions of users worldwide.

But what is the use and what are the uses they have the memes?

Its main function is to convey a specific message that are usually funny in order to make all those who receive it laugh. In addition, they are often used to publicize any type of viral news thus reaching millions of users in just a few seconds.

It should be noted that they have become one of the most important tools of digital marketing , especially because they help in the growth of social networks, this being the place where they constantly move. Therefore, they can help you attract the audience you need at a low price and in a very simple and fun way.

Steps to create an online meme with funny, funny photos and also free

By becoming one of the most popular and used tools worldwide you will most likely want to create your own memes in order to share them with your friends and family. In addition, you can create them through your own images or simply those downloaded from the Internet.

In this case we will use the online Imgflip generator, to do this follow these steps:

  • Enter the browser of your choice and there go to the Imagflip website.
  • There you will find different options available where you can upload your own images or the most popular memes of the last days.
  • Now we select “Create” located in the upper left of your screen.

Pasos para crear un meme online con fotos divertidas, graciosas y además gratis

  • A drop-down menu will appear where we select “Caption a Meme or Image” then a new page with different templates will open.

Pasos para crear un meme online con fotos divertidas, graciosas y además gratis

  • Here you can slide the different templates offered by the program and select the one you like best to start your creation.

Pasos para crear un meme online con fotos divertidas, graciosas y además gratis

  • If you want to upload your own image simply click on “Upload your own image” located in the upper right corner of your screen.

Pasos para crear un meme online con fotos divertidas, graciosas y además gratis

  • If you just want to search for a specific image, simply click on the “Search all the memes” text box right next to the image upload option and type the name there you want to find and press “Enter” to start the search.

Pasos para crear un meme online con fotos divertidas, graciosas y además gratis

  • Once the image has been selected, the following will be to fill in the text boxes . In each of them you must enter the titles that you want to appear in the image, keep in mind that this text fits the photo.
  • When the titles are finished we simply select the option of “Generate Meme”, in this way your image will be created with text so you can start sharing it through your social networks or instant messaging. >

Pasos para crear un meme online con fotos divertidas, graciosas y además gratis

What are the best apps to make memes on Android and iPhone ?

There is currently a large number of mobile applications to create memes and able to fully customize this type of funny images in a very simple and fast way so you can start sharing them with other users of your social networks.

To do this, here we present the best five Android and iPhone apps to carry out this :

Meme Generator – Create Funny Memes Meme Generator

Generator is a mobile application that is available for Android devices , which has a lot of options and features to help you create your own funny images. In addition, it is characterized by having a simple and very comfortable interface to use.

Among its main features we find that it has personalized photos, allows you to upload your own photos, add the text you want, adjust the color and size of the text , different sources to select, bubbles of messages, editing and storage function, allows deleting and sharing and has more than 500 stickers available.

Meme Generator

Meme Generator

This app is available for both the Android operating system and iPhone . It is mainly characterized by allowing you to easily and quickly share each of your creations to your different social networks such as Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp , through Dropbox, Drive, mail electronic, among many other platforms.

In addition, it has different categories, text examples, options for sharing and saving , allows you to insert up to 10 texts per image, adjust the size of the letter and color , add black buttons, has more than 700 memes ready to use and above all has great speed.



Mematic has become the most popular generator in the iOS operating system, currently has more than 10 million download and It is a completely free application. It has been improving over time, making your interface one of the best in this area.

With Mematic you have the possibility to add subtitles to photos and videos , use your own images or those downloaded from the web, you can access the library of photos of the app, create quotes, joke in each of the images, among many other tools available.



On many occasions a special meme is being sought for a specific occasion, but it happens that it is very difficult to find, in these cases it is recommended to use an application that helps you create your own images with text strong> in a very simple and fast way.

Memasik has a large database that is updated from time to time to offer completely new content to its users, allows you to eliminate the elements that you do not use, make arrangements and modifications of texts in those photographs already created and a high-speed download to the most popular social networks on the market.

Make a Meme +

Make a Meme+

To finish the list of mobile applications we bring you Make a Meme , an app available for iOS devices and with which you can start With each of your creations. You can download it from the app store for free.

Make a Meme + presents a lot of features that have led it to be among one of the best applications of the iOS operating system, where we find that it allows Easily change the text of the photo , save the image in the terminal, publish directly on social networks like Instagram, share them by email, use your own photos, among many others.

List of the top 10 most famous and viral memes in history Internet

The memes have begun to exist for many years ago and very surely they have obtained them in some social network like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or they have simply sent it to you through WhatsApp or other instant messaging app. According to this, we must take into account that throughout all these years there have been memes that have become really famous and have managed to last a long time.

In this way, here we show you what have been the 10 best most famous and viral memes in the history of the Internet :

Neil DeGrasse

Neil DeGrasse

Neil is a famous American astrophysicist and scientist, who has gone viral for his well-known phrase of “Oh yes! Oh yes! ” which happened during an online interview of the Big Think forum in 2011.

Keisha Johnson

Keisha Johnson

In this case it is an unknown girl who went very viral through social networks due to her photo. It should be noted that Keisha Johnson sued Instagram for improperly using her photo. However, he currently takes advantage of the rise of his photo to make himself known throughout the world.

Confused Travolta